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:boost_ok: Hey #Fediverse :fediverse: : What’s your browser’s default search engine?

  • Google (44%, 345 votes)
  • DuckDuckGo (44%, 344 votes)
  • Other by reply below (9%, 72 votes)
  • Abstain (1%, 10 votes)
771 voters. Poll end: 13 hours ago

Hello folks!

We'd like to announce the opening of for new accounts.

What is Pixelfed? It is a decentralized, federated photo/short video sharing platform akin to #instagram and #tikok

It uses the ActivityPub protocol which means that it works with Mastodon, Peertube and others.

It is also good for folks who make use of ephemeral posting services.

Like everything else on the growing #fediverse there is no algorithm, advertising or promoted / featured posts.

Twitter was never a healthy "public square" for most of us. Let's not rewrite history while eulogizing the hellsite.
Twitter was a frightening battleground where we managed barely to claw out an uneasy existence amidst the worst violent neo-Nazi extremists who constantly published our home addresses, threatened our kids' lives, and sent hordes of racist trolls into our mentions.
The same principles that allowed us to survive uneasily on Twitter will be required here in the #fediverse. Community defense, thoughtful pressure on moderation policies, and eternal vigilance.
There are no safe spaces but those we make safe through constant effort. We keep us safe.

Legitimate #mastoadmin / #fediblock question: why are 99.9% of the darkest, most offensive corners of the #fediverse running on pleroma?

If you’re setting up your own fediverse presence at your own domain, don’t make the same mistake I did and call it Give it a generic name like,, or something similar. You don’t want to tie an endpoint for an open protocol to a single implementation or perpetuate the myth that #Mastodon is the #fediverse.

(Yes, you can migrate to a different subdomain later but it’s not a one-click process.)

#fediTips #instance #admin

Da ich so gut wie alle #PeerTube Instanzen, die mir bisher in die Timeline gespült wurden nach einem kurzem Check Instanzweit blockiert habe, sollte man für Peertube vielleicht mal über ein #Whitelist Konzept nachdenken.

Wird auf Peertube eigentlich überhaupt nicht moderiert? Es kommt mir so vor, als ob Peertube das #Fediverse Projekt für #Querdenker und #Schwurbler ist.

Hier ist wieder so eine Schwurbel-Insanz: a . metube . ch

#KannWeg #fediblock #FakeNews

Ein Blogpost zu der interessanten Idee mit Mastodon unsere tatsächliche lokalen sozialen Netzwerke nachzumodellieren. Der Artikel bezieht sich auf Mastodon, aber natürlich ginge das mit dem #Fediverse allgemein.

Ein digitaler öffentlicher Raum für alle

I NEED more Material You apps.

Like really, a fediverse client would be nice.

#MaterialYou #fediverse :fediverse: #android :android:


Signed up on Bookrastinating, which is a site that is part of BookWyrm, a network of independent communities for book readers. It is a good decentralized alternative to the popular GoodReads site.

To import your GoodReads data:

At Goodreads site, click the "Export Library" button at:

To import on Bookrastinating, go to

Then that's it! Your GoodReads books have been imported to your Bookrastinating account. Happy reading!

I like reading Mystery and Thriller books. If you like, we can follow each other on Bookrastinating:

Guppe Groups

Guppe lets you connect and meet new people with the same shared interests. On Mastodon, you follow the specific "" group to join. Then to share a post, mention the "" group; this will reach everyone following the group.

Example groups:

bookstodon, plants, mastobikes, houseplants

Just do a "" search on the Mastodon Search bar, and look for the ones that interest you.

NOTE: "" is being erroneously interpreted as a blog link here. DO NOT click it please.

Articles tagged "groups" ⋅ Plume

It has come to my attention that there is a grave problem with the #fediverse - specifically #mastodon #instances

The #admin has zero accountability for their actions. Who admins the admin?

Instances are little #autocracies. Some will have despots in control.

The only difference - we can leave the instance (as the owner of #scicomm likes to remind me)

We need instances that are #democratically #accountable The #citizens should be making collective decisions how to manage the instance.

Creo que cada uno debe presentarce de nuevo en el fediverso.
Digo...para que los nuevos nos conozcan.

#nuevo #hola #fediverse

I wish Mastodon let you create polls with more items than 4.

I know other #Fediverse solutions do, because I remember seeing a poll with a TON of options just a few days ago.

🕸️ 📘 Hi, I'm a scholar* who wrote a book about #FLOSS & #hacking cultures holding "diversity" conversations 🖥️ 🌈

One take-home from that work is that EuroAm #FOSS communities' frameworks for thinking abt #gender inclusion were far more sophisticated than their analysis of positioning wrt #race & Global North-South relations. Sharing bc some may need reading on hegemonic #whiteness in #fediverse :

*white settler cis woman #HackingDiversity #Mastodon #racism #commodon #STS

Interessanter Artikel zum Fediverse, der auch seine Komplexität sehr anschaulich darstellt. Hat jemand in einem Thread auf #Lemmy gepostet und ich geb das jetzt mal weiter. 😎


Totalmente de acuerdo, de hecho nuestra base de la que partidos en este carrucel llamado #fediverse debería ser ese, es su razón de ser.

For more than a decade I'm active in the #fediverse and I'm doing crosspostings since then. I have got postings that go well on the one side but not on the other and vice versa. However, I have got the impression that the discussion on the Fediverse are more to the point and not just some oneliner replies from multiple accounts I never seen before or had seen after.

Augenscheinlich ist der dezentrale Ansatz des #Fediverse erklärungsbedürftig - oder die Leute suchen einfach nach einem Grund, nicht zu wechseln.
Tweet mit dem Text 'So wird das aber nichts mit uns🧐🤨 Loserverein🤣' über einem Bild von, wo darauf hingewiesen wird, sich bitte einen anderen Server zu suchen, da dieser gerade dicht ist.

eres nuevo en esta instancia/nodo?... bienvenido.
puedes seguir el hashtag #hola #nuevo #fediverse para seguir a personas.

O bien ir a la comunidad global, seria el fediverso

Buenos días al #fediverse Y hoy podemos hablar sobre esas cosas que hay que hacer aunque no se quiera. De esos días de invierno donde por narices hay que subir la ventana. De esas mañanas que no te permiten volverte a dormir. ¿Por qué tanto ensañamiento? 😂

German public Mastodon instance currently hosts at least 52 public institutions

I've seen it mentioned in other places, but I'd like to make aware of a success story in the #Fediverse:

The German #BfDI (Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) had started quite a while ago a public Fediverse (Mastodon) instance for himself, and for other public institutions: For a longer while, there were only few institutions joining, but he kept on advertizing it, appearently: During the past weeks, especially the last few days, I've seen more and more familiar institutions go online. So I looked at their channel page and counted 52 ministries, offices, institutions, and associations tooting there as per today.

I'd call this a movement :slight_smile:

@Frank-Thorsten Moll
Hallo Frank, schön dass Du hier in die #Fediverse gefunden hast.
Interessanten Themen hast Du.
Wenn Du fragen hast, dann einfach stellen. 😉

An Introduction

I used to have a blog some years back. It was like talking on the phone with nobody on the line LOL. And here I am again, starting a new blog. I guess I never learn.

Add me on Mastodon, if you like.

nada nada, es una metida de pata mia, solo sirves cafe? jejej, el trabajo que teneis loa admins no esta pagado, os quiero.

me encanta que ne mastodon hablando la gente se entiende con respeto y amabilidad.

lasrga vida al #fediverse, a #mastodon y alos #admin que lo sustentan.

Gracias a todos , os quiero.

#fediverse alive servers stats

alive servers: 7,793 (-20)
max: 8,494
total MAU: 2,414,255 (-1,771)
max: 2,434,383

top ten (MAU / servers):

<img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> 2,340,426 / 3,632
😛eertube: 28,583 / 1,052
<img class=" title=":pleroma:"/> 16,038 / 998
<img class=" title=":misskey:"/> 8,708 / 300
<img class=" title=":diaspora:"/> 4,041 / 11
:hometown: 3,270 / 52
<img class=" title=":friendica:"/> 2,698 / 106
:activity-relay: 1,428 / 11
:bookwyrm: 1,407 / 23
<img class=" title=":pixelfeed:"/> 1,353 / 30
MAU graph
servers graph
global graph

Alive servers: 7833

Best #fediverse's server uptime:
38 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours

Best uptime servers:
3464 (44.22%)

Best uptime softwares & servers:
<img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> 1838 (50.4%)
😛eertube: 448 (42.2%)
<img class=" title=":pleroma:"/> 433 (43.4%)
:writefreely: 228 (55.9%)
:wordpress: 130 (32.3%)
<img class=" title=":misskey:"/> 66 (21.8%)
:mobilizon: 55 (56.1%)
<img class=" title=":friendica:"/> 50 (47.2%)
:funkwhale: 47 (40.9%)
<img class=" title=":hubzilla:"/> 31 (62.0%)
:hometown: 25 (49.0%)
:lemmy: 19 (26.8%)
😛lume: 18 (39.1%)
<img class=" title=":pixelfeed:"/> 17 (51.5%)
:akkoma: 10 (14.1%)

the excellent #fediverse web client is looking for #python developers to help move the project forward! the new maintainer is @djsundog and the repo is at

These days I cannot keep up with my #fediverse timeline anymore, just so many messages, so many people...

And that makes me so very happy 😄

Mastodon im taz-Profil

hi, hier eine nachricht vom taz - diaspora* - maintainer an die mastodon-user: wenn ihr einen taz-account habt, könnt ihr nun auch eure mastodon-ID angeben. in eurem taz-profil wird dann automatisch auf eure mastodon-profilseite verlinkt.

vielleicht mag das ja eine friendicanerin weiterleiten 😀

viel spaß!

#taz #diaspora #friendica #fediverse

The beauty of #Fediverse is that you can do organic #SocialNetworking which is much different than what #Twitter allows you to do.

Twitter is broadcast-type #SocialMedia. It's algorithms 'sell' your engagement with goal to maximize no. of eyeballs glued online, watching #Ads.

Fedi OTOH does none of that. It enables a #Peopleverse to emerge. A social graph of those folks you'd like to hang out with.

Wanna be a broadcaster here? Go ahead. But pls don't be an 'influencer' 🤢 be a person instead!

Hola #fediverse, haz tu magia! Algún mago WOTLK en Mandokir me hace un portalito a Dalaran? Soy druida ali cariñoso y te espero en Templo del Reposo Del Dragón.
#WorldofWorcraft #WOTLK

Week in Fediverse 2022-11-25


- PeerTube v4.3.1
- Mobilizon v3.0.1
- Mitra v1.5.0.
- Sengi v1.1.6
- Fedilab v3.7.4
- Pinafore v2.3.0


- FEP-c390: Identity Proofs. Forum thread.


- Tumblr to add support for ActivityPub.
- Towards End-to-End Encryption for Direct Messages in the Fediverse.


#WeekInFediverse #Fediverse #ActivityPub

Previous edition:

If you see a surveillance capitalist affiliation proudly displayed on someone’s profile here on the fediverse, ask “are you proud to work for them and why?” “Do you realise this space exists in reaction to the toxic, exploitative, and extractive spaces created by surveillance capitalists like your employer?”

#surveillanceCapitalism #fediverse #corporateCapture #activism


Mastodon im taz-Profil

hi, hier eine nachricht vom taz - diaspora* - maintainer an die mastodon-user: wenn ihr einen taz-account habt, könnt ihr nun auch eure mastodon-ID angeben. in eurem taz-profil wird dann automatisch auf eure mastodon-profilseite verlinkt.

vielleicht mag das ja eine friendicanerin weiterleiten 😀

viel spaß!

#taz #diaspora #friendica #fediverse

With the recent Fediverse drama going on, this image came to mind. Be careful about who you think to push over the edge, because you just might make it worse.
#Mastodon #Fediverse #ShitHappens
Panel 1: 
3 people with pie charts for heads.
Two have yellow and orange slices. One's got a little bit of red slice along with it.
One yellow/orange tells the red person: 'You're a terrible person...'

Panel 2:
That one keeps on telling how bad the red person is. The red slice is growing.

Panel 3:
That one person still keeps on badmouting. The red person has a huge red slice now. The yellow/orange person accompanying the badmouther is starting to show a red slice too.

Seeing Big Tech folks jump into the fediverse and – without so much as a “how do you do, fellow kids?” – roll up their sleeves to write the rules, dream up commercial services, and pontificate about how advertising should run on it. 👀

#fediverse #BigTech #corporateCapture #warning