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Summing up tests "activating" and "deactivating" @[Mentioned people only] on #mastodon. Apparently there have been some changes.
(from v3 to v4?)

You can't add more people into already existing posts. They won't be able to display it nore get notifications.
(if that ever existed)

You can deactivate/delete mentions, the profile won't get notifications of updates but still can see or search those toots.
still awaiting confirmation of behaviour on #friendica


Tomorrow some news orgs on the #Fediverse will share our best stories of the week using the hashtag #Newstodon!

Follow the hashtag and boost the publications involved and support great reporting. If you're a journalist or pub, share some stories of your own. We'll be boosting widely too.

@gbhnews@TucsonSentinel@damemagazine@thexylom@msfreepress@STAT@themarkup@brooklynmarie #journalism #news #mastodon #feditips #media

Das #Fediverse gilt als datenschutzfreundliche Alternative zu anderen Social-Media-Angeboten. Wir haben #Mastodon 🐘 genauer untersucht und einen #Datenschutz-Leitfaden für den Betrieb von #Instanzen veröffentlicht 🎉

„Datenschutz bei Mastodon. Leitfaden für den Instanz-Betrieb im dezentralen Netzwerk“

➡️ Gern an die Admins eurer Instanzen weitergeben.

Vielen Dank an die Autorinnen @qbi, @malteengeler und @resieguen!

#MastodonDatenschutz #FediTips

#PeerTube is a type of Fediverse server for hosting video and audio. It's free open source software, so anyone can set up their own server (just like Mastodon).

Because anyone can start their own server, it's extra-important that there are safe ways to discover and search nice videos on PeerTube.

I've tried to create a safe PeerTube search/discovery service at:


If you want to know more about how to use PeerTube see here:



If you are annoyed by people who boost too much (like me 😁 ), you need not mute them! Just go to their profile and choose behind the 3 dots "hide boosts from @ xy". This is also the easiest way to get only original posts by a followee.

#Mastodon #feditips #boost #boosts #share #mute #followee #timeline

You can customise your Mastodon profile page to include text, images, animations and links to websites, other accounts etc. Links can also be verified as belonging to you, which makes them handy in verifying your identity.

More info on doing all of these at:


You can also expand your introductory material by creating a post about yourself using the hashtag #Introduction, and then pinning it to your profile. (More info on pinning:


Do you want your posts to be as easy to discover as possible? You might want to opt into the "full text search" system.

By default, posts on here are only searched by hashtag. However, if you opt into full text search, all the words in your entire posts will become searchable by other people.

Instructions on how to opt in are here:


(If you don't want this to happen, don't worry, it's off by default.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

Can't publish public when mentioning forum pages

Ver. 05 | install and/or move friendica to ubuntu 22.04 LTS VPS server

Are you unsure how to find people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

There are lots of ways you can discover interesting people, I've done a complete list of all the methods at:


If there are other methods you think should be added to the list, let me know.

(Sorry if you've seen this before, but I have been tagged in a lot of threads recently asking how to discover people, so seemed worth posting about the list again.)

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

If you share any comic, PLEASE, quote the author, don't edit it, don't delete the signature, and share the source if possible.

Respect the authors, and their work. This is a respectful network.

#FediTips #Comics #Tips #Respect #NoTheft

normalize sending pictures of cabbages everyday until revolver is released
#feditips #revolver #n

friendly tip for new users!

mastodon has no algorithm or shadow bans, so you do not need to worry about censoring words like patreon, essay, javascript, shirt, etc. #FediTip #FediTips

edit 2: you can still do it if you want (i'm not in charge of you) but for those doing it out of habit or fear of being silenced, know that you are safe from The Algorithm!

edit: this post originally also talked about how only hashtags are searchable, but i learned new versions of masto allow full text search (opt-in; check settings) so never mind on that part!

Hello new people, welcome! 👋

You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon!

All links in Mastodon posts count as 23 characters towards your limit, no matter how long they actually are.

Also, the links are preserved in their original form. Unlike commercial social networks, there are no trackers of any kind inserted.

More info about this and many questions answered at:


#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

If you have a WordPress-powered blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server and people will be able to follow the blog from Mastodon etc.

More info on how to do this here:


This works through the AcitvityPub for WordPress plug-in, which has just been updated to version 1.0.0:


The plug-in is by @pfefferle in association with #Automattic, one of the major players behind WordPress itself.

#WordPress #Fediverse #FediTips #ActivityPub

Another nice thing from the Mastodon 4.2.0 update:

You can now export and import Lists, and take your Lists with you when you transfer accounts to another server! 🎉

There are instructions for the export and import process in steps 5 and 6 of the full account transfer process:


(The Lists import feature is only on servers running 4.2.0 or above, so you can't do this if you're transferring to a server running an older version.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Lists

Review time again! Here's a concise look at the third party app Fedilab:


You can use it with Mastodon accounts (including forks like Glitch), PeerTube accounts, Pixelfed accounts and many other types of Fediverse account.

It's got a really nice array of options if you dig down into the settings menus, it does a lot of things that the official apps don't do. I've tried to summarise the good stuff in the review.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Fedilab #Apps #Mastodon #PeerTube

How NOT to promote Mastodon! :blobugh:

Lesson 1:

Trying to get people to use Mastodon (or stop using other social media platforms) by scolding them does not work.


#mastodon #FediTips

Four panel stick figure comic…

Person 1: so are you still using that fascist social media platform?

Person 2: wut?

Person 1: you know, the one run by the billionaire tech bro that gives a platform to right-wing extremists...

Person 2: I mean, some of my friends are on it...

Person 1: well if you’re on there you’re basically supporting the fascists because you’re signaling that you’re okay with the hate speech plus your attention is being monetized to keep the platform operating... 

Person 2: i guess kinda, but that doesn’t mean... 

Person 1: so you and your friends may as well be _faSCIStS are you okay with that, Fascist McFashypants?

Person 2 (walks away): ugh. whatever. $&@! off...

If you have ever worked with Deluxe Paint or heard about it, be sure to check out PyDPainter, a great and free resurrection of the legendary DPaint pixel editor.

#pixel #PixelArt #graphics #GameDev #RetroComputing #tool #editor #tip #FediTips #Commodore #Amiga #MSDOS #retro

Screenshot of PyDPainter, a reincarnation of the legendary Deluxe Paint pixel editor.

(Someone just asked about this, so in case you missed it😀

You can leave conversations on Mastodon by using the "Mute Conversation" feature. More info and instructions at:


This works for any conversation thread you've been mentioned in. You can also unmute the conversation if you change your mind.

#FediTips #Mastodon #MastoTips

If you are keen on moving across to #Pixelfed from #Instagram, but wish that you could bring your history of photos across with you, I am happy to say that this is now possible!

Pixelfed has just rolled out the ability to import your old insta images into Pixelfed whilst maintaining information around dates etc. This makes moving over easier than ever!

Keep in mind that you may need to do the import a few times as you can only do 100 images in at a time and there is a cap of 1000 images, but it is pretty fluid and easy to do.

#PixelfedTips #MastodonTips #FediTips

As many of you know, the third party iPhone/iPad app Metatext is no longer being maintained as the lead developer had health issues. However, there is now a community-maintained version of the app called Feditext. You can follow the latest news about it at:

➡️ @Feditext

It's not yet in the Apple app store, but it is currently being tested through Test Flight.

Techy people can see the source code of the project at

#MetaText #FediText #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

If you haven't already, it's a good idea to pin posts on your profile.

Pinned posts let you explain a bit more about yourself, including attaching images, video or audio. You can pin up to five posts on a single account.

Pinned posts also have the advantage that they're "backfilled". This means that everyone who browses your profile will see them, even if their server hasn't noticed your account before.

More info about how to pin posts at

#FediTips #Mastodon

Siguiendo con herramientas interesantes para utilizar en Mastodon, en el siguiente sitio web hay varias que valen la pena revisar:

Entre las herramientas a destacar, están:

Fediview (

Feedseer (

Feditrends (

#feditips #fediverse

Two offsite tools you might find useful:

#fediTips #mastoTips

:bowie_stardust: An Artist's Intro to Mastodon! :capybutt:

This was filmed in a couple of hours and then edited for like a day to get it out as fast as possible, but I hope it proves useful to anyone who might want help getting to grips with Mastodon!

[ #FediTips #NewHere #Newbie #Introduction #InstagramMigration #TwitterMigration #Fediverse #Migration #Mastodon ]

A reminder for all newcomers that are also bookworms - ​:ablobbonebeacon:
If you're still using #goodreads (Amazon-owned, ewww) to track your book reading, then you're not one of the cool kids 🤓.

Have a look at #bookwyrm, which is a decentralised, friendly, anti-corporate social network for tracking your reading, talking about books, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next. And since it's part of the #Fediverse, you can still interact with every part of it, like (you've guessed right) Mastodon, etc..

Go, go, gooooooo ​:blobbonebook:

Mientras mejoran la funcionalidad de buscar perfiles, os recomiendo que viene muy bien para ver perfiles sugeridos en base a quién sigue tus contactos.

Y, sí, sigue funcionando para buscar entre tus contactos, seguidos, seguidores y en listas, de #Twitter en #Mastodon. Además ahora han añadido búsqueda en #Bluesky.

En Bluesky estoy por aquí, pero lo uso cero, ya os aviso.



Remember, while this can be addictive, you don't really need to give other people your money in order to feel good about yourself. Next time you're about to open NetFlix in your browser, how about you type in or any other torrent tracker address instead? Cancel that subscription too! Buy a girl you like cofe with that money instead! :comfycofepeek:

P.S. don't forget to stay and seed the torrent you downloaded. :comfyfingerguns:

If you're transferring your Mastodon account to another server, don't use the "Archive Request" button for transfers.

This button is not used in the transfer process, it's only there for you to download a copy of your data for personal use. The archive produced by this button cannot be uploaded to Mastodon.

There's a step-by-step guide to the full transfer process (including transferring followers, follows, mutes, blocks and bookmarks) at

#FediTips #Mastodon

THREAD: I made a series of images for an Instagram post I made about migrating to the fediverse. I figured I'd share with anyone else who wants to use, so I included some blank template versions too. DM if you'd like the Adobe Illustrator file so you can make your own edits. And please,comment if I got anything wrong so I can correct it.


#InstagramMigration #TwitterMigration #Fediverse #feditips #RedditMigration #Migration #Decentralization #Instagram #Mastodon

I'm moving to the fediverse! Simple icon graphic of pictures being packed into a moving box

#3GoodThings for #newcomers:

1️⃣ Variety of third-party apps to extend your Mastodon experience:

2️⃣ Great tools to discover users to follow:

3️⃣ Many other #ActivityPub projects to join:

#MastodonTips #FediTips @3goodthings

Did you know that you can lock down your account and DM's to protect from spam bots?

The DM option is under notifications.

You can also put filters to block out crypto words and any other shitty thing that you wish didn't exist!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Feditips

Notifications menu of Mastodon

Grupos en FediverseEn fediverse se pueden hacer una especie de grupos con
¿Cómo funciona Guppe?Los grupos Guppe se parecen a los usuarios normales con los que puedes interactuar utilizando tu cuenta existente en cualquier servicio de ActivityPub, pero comparten automáticamente cualquier cosa que les envíes con todos sus seguidores.

- Sigue a un grupo en para unirte a él.
- Menciona a un grupo en para compartir una publicación con todos los miembros del grupo.
- Los nuevos grupos se crean bajo demanda, sólo tienes que buscar o mencionar y aparecerá
- Visita el perfil de un grupo de para ver su historial.

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