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Mal eine Frage: Warum ist das Updaten in #FDroid immer so umständlich?
  • Shop aktualisieren (swipe runter) - OK
  • Klicken, um alle Aktualisierungen anzuzeigen - OK
  • Klicken, um alle Aktualisierungen runter zu laden - OK
  • Apps müssen einzeln installiert werden - Warum?
  • App installieren klicken - OK
  • App "Willst du wirklich updaten" - Warum??
  • App 2tes Mal "Willst du wirklich updaten" - WARUM?
Wie wäre es mit :
  • Shop Aktualisieren
  • Übersicht aller zu aktualisierenden Apps automatisch anzeigen
  • Auswahl "Alle Apps aktualiseren" oder einzelne Apps auswählen und als Batch aktualiseren" ohne Rückfrage

Android-x86, #FDroid and Laptop for Everyone • 𝖳𝗎𝗑 𝖬𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖾𝗌 ⇨ #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines

🎉 EnRecipes is now available on the official F-droid repo 🎉

EnRecipes is an open source, privacy-friendly digital cookbook that lets you create, manage and share your recipes.

#recipe #recipes #manager #free #cookbook #cook #foodie #android #app #opensource #foods #foss #playstore #google #privacy​ #chef #restaurant #fdroid #IzzySoft #android #nativescript #vuejs #offline #oss
Thank you @IzzyOnDroid@gregggi

Minor #AndroidAppRain in my repo, summing up the past 2 days – 7 updates and 3 new apps:

* WifiProbe: scan for nearby WiFi networks and show details on them
* LibreTranslater: online translation supporting ~16 languages
* Fall Detector: when your device is in free fall (possibly with you attached to it), act – e.g. send an SMS. And more, kind of an emergency app

Enjoy free #Android #apps with your #fdroid client :awesome:

Hat schon mal wer von dem #Mousai Projekt gehört? Ist wohl eine #opensource Alternative zu Shazam, aber bisher noch nicht auf #Fdroid zu finden.

Hi guys,

Can anyone suggest me a good alternative to #AnySoftKeyboard for #Fdroid.

ASK is good but has some annoying issues like for instance: wrong language package name and malformed vocabularies.

#android #opensource #freesoftware

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg again: 85 (!) updates, 6 new:

* eduVPN: connect securely to your institution or Internet
* Ghost Commander - SMB plugin
* VolumeLockr: control and lock the volume of your device
* WeeklyBudget: minimalistic budget app
* XClipper: clipboard manager
* Offline Puzzle Solver: Sudoku a.o.

Too many updates to skim, but GhostCommander is there.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:


acaba de ser liberado hace unas horas, cambios significantes en la interfaz y mejor soporte de #Autocrypt por lo que tiene mejor compatibilidad con #DeltaChat

Obviamente aún no está en #fdroid pero los desesperados pueden bajar la apk directamente de


I am thinking about installing #LineageOS for #MicroG instead of the original LineageOS.

If I understand it good, it has the #fdroid privileged extension enabled by default, which has the advantage that I wouldn't need to root my device.

Do you know anyone using this system ?

#AndroidAppRain 🌧️ at @fdroidorg from July 22 has 60 updates and 5 new apps:

* Crypto Prices: price watch for crypto currencies
* Did I Take My Meds?: pill reminder
* SafeDot: get alarmed when an app accessed microphone, camera or location
* Snapdrop: exchange files directly between devices
* RaumBaller: shoot 'em up game

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Next #app 🌧️ on @fdroidorg – 48 updates and 5 new apps:

* Auxio: Music player
* BlueWallet: Bitcoin Wallet
* Unstoppable Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi
* DékaDico: spoken number trainer
* Privacy Indicators: know when an app accesses your camera or microphon

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Serious #app 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again today: 50 updates and 9 new apps:

* SagerNet: a modular proxy toolchain with 5 of its modules
* DeepL: a client for the translation service of the same name
* QuickWeather: Wheather at a glance, world-wide
* SMS Import / Export: Backup & Restore your short messages

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

bai, ni zure egoera berdinean nengoen, ezin deituta! Sistemarekin oso gustora, #Fdroid @fdroidorg instalatu eta behar dudan guztia hortik hartzen dut. Badago gainera aukera beste lekuetatik ere instalatzeko. Nik duten merkeena, Gigaset bat hartu dut, eta bateriak hiru lau egun irauten dit, berria izanda.
Ni orain arte, oso pozik!

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