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Agradezco a @pthenq haberme puesto a hacer b煤squedas hoy a la ma帽ana que me condujeron a esta gr谩fica que resume la composici贸n de la industria global de semiconductores (fuente:

#electronics #electronica #geopolitics #geopol铆tica #semiconductors #industry

Set of stacked bar charts showing value added by activity and region in the semiconductor industry at the end of 2021.

Activities are, top to bottom:

* Electronic design automation and core intellectual property

* Three grouped into "design":

1. Logic (mostly fabless)

2. Memory (mostly integrated device manufacturers)

3. Discrete, analog and other (hybrid, fab-lite)

, with a subtotal for design.

* Equipment

* Materials

* Wafer fabrication

* Packaging, assembly and test

Finally, a summary ("overall") of value added.

Regions are the United States, Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and rest of the world ("other").

I don't know how to present tabulated numbers equivalent to this graph in a screen reader-friendly way, sorry.


驴Me vas a hacer reescribir de memoria la misma queja que las 煤ltimas diez veces, porque esta poronga no tiene b煤squeda?

Claro que lo vas a hacer. Y ahora es la versi贸n can贸nica, con todo y hashtags.

Lo bueno de haber laburado en electr贸nica es que odiamos el verano y el invierno por igual.

En verano, los equipos fallan porque calientan.

En invierno, los equipos fallan porque condensan humedad.

Ambos casos catalizados por la acumulaci贸n de polvo que causan los ventiladores.

Y no, no hay NING脷N entorno natural en el planeta libre de esas agresiones. O de otras m谩s sutiles, porque atenci贸n que mi gente se las ingenia para que falle a煤n lo que no debiera fallar.

#electronica #electronics
#computing #computacion
#informatica #techsupport
#teamverano #teaminvierno
#veranismo #veranistas #primaveranismo
#inviernismo #inviernistas #oto帽inviernistas
#misantrop铆a #misanthropy

Se vienen muchas cositas... Hello fediverse! #introduction

I'm a Spanish researcher working on:
馃憙Sensores olfativos #olfaction #sensors
馃椇锔廍xploraci贸n aleatoria #randomness
鈿lectrost谩tica #electrostatics #electronics
馃殽M贸dulos RGB #modular #lighting
馃彋锔廠ism贸metros #diy #seismometers
馃y m谩s #science

Tambi茅n en

Now for a few quiet months until I finish my #phd 馃か 隆nos leemos! 馃槈
Electric arcs between two metal spheres

A nice old rheostat, with a broken off wire 馃檭


The transformer looks a bit dodgy 馃槵


I published a new release of #schemdraw today, the #Python library for drawing electrical schematics, flowcharts, and state diagrams via code. This update is mostly little bug fixes and enhancements that have been collecting for a few months.

Happy circuit drawing!

#schematic #electricalengineering #diagram #flowchart #circuit #electronics
Schematic diagram drawn using the Schemdraw Python package. The schematic depicts a 555 timer IC driving a 4026 decade-counter with 7-segment display output. If constructed, this circuit would count from 0-9 on the single digit display.

Wall wort collectors... What's your go-to for labelling them? How many of you have these in a bin, a no idea what they go to? I've started writing on them with a sharpie. I found paper comes off and tape gets nasty after years of sticking to plastic... #electronics

Hey, all back together! And it even works, despite that weird spot which I鈥檝e realised could very much be my cheap little $60 oscilloscope being weird at me.

#electronics #restoration #eico
Left three-quarters view, restored EICO 379 signal/function generator. Right front three-quarters view, with power (and power light) on.
Front view, same machine. The frequency selector knob still has its scarring as I can鈥檛 remove it non-destructively. Rear view with re-created back panel label and cord wrapped on factory cord-holder.

I鈥檝e got the signal generator calibrated to two digits up and down the dial in most frequency ranges now and everything is good


now I鈥檓 seeing _this_ bullshit in the 1k range from roughly 12KHz and up the entire range, which stops at 20KHz.

At the same time, if I go down from the 10k range below 20KHz (which I can, down to 18Khz) I can get down to range end without seeing it.

Frequency is stable. Power isn鈥檛.

#diy #electronics
pocket oscilloscope showing a waveform with highly variable voltage but constant frequency

#Electronics #PCB #SMD



So I've been building a 100% analog polyphonic synthesizer with an unique twist. To use only vacuum tube era technology from the 1930s.

Over 300 neon gas diodes create the sound you hear. Pretty awesome for technology from 100 years ago.

Still a work-in-progress, but I wanted to post a video of it with the innards spread out across the workbench. : }

I call it the "Neon String Machine"

#synthesizers #music #electronics #audio #synthwave

At #Fairphone, we鈥檙e working hard to raise the bar for human rights and sustainability in our products, and motivating the industry to do the same. 馃挋 We're looking for colleagues to disrupt the #electronics industry with us! 馃挜
Apply or spread the word:

The 8086 has huge historical importance.

If you're interested in the evolution of microprocessors, maybe start from classic 8-bit architectures such as the Z80 and the 6502, then 8086 and 68k (16/32-bit CISC), then ARM and RISCV (contemporary, 32/64-bit RISC).
#programming #electronics #asm #retrocomputing #riscv

Simple ayuda para el #soldador de #electronica #electronics
Un poco de esta帽o, viruta de bronce y esponja vegetal para limpiar la punta y flux casero bien espeso!

#TIL M枚bius resistor. Take a double-sided copper tape (with its top insulated from the bottom), and join the tape onto itself as a M枚bius strip. Now you get an ideal current-sensing resistor with almost no parasitic inductance. The resistor behaves like two short-circuited microstrip transmission lines with continuous ground planes, with an input port always at the center. An extreme form of the "folding back the wire" technique for making non-inductive wire-wound resistors... Cool idea, but practically it probably isn't too useful...
A diagram of a M枚bius resistor showing the current flow.

#Introduction, I'm a self-employed #electronics #hardware developer working on #fiberoptic #communications, #optical networking, #sensors, #power #converters, and #undersea systems. I have a #graphene #patent, & study #nanotech, FOSS IC design, & C++.

I'm the vice-chair of the #IEEE #Consultants Network of Northern New Jersey (CNNNJ) & a tech coach at #Entrepreneurs University.

I build PCs & #maker projects with #ROG #Arduino & #RaspberryPi. I'm ham #radio operator & an amateur #photographer.

New Video: After seeing the magic blue smoke from my #ZXSpectrum I fault find and repair it in this week's video.
Watch here and enjoy:

Digital electronics be like:
* legendary chip design, begin of a new era
* millions of transistors
* obsolete within 5 years

Analog electronics be like:
* legendary chip design, begin of a new era
* 2 transistors, literally
* still one of the best chips ever invented in the industry 40 years later.

Real physics is hard. #electronics

Block diagram

A special buried-Zener diode, a heater, and two compensating transistors. That's all.

#introductions Vance, N3VEM here. Into #hamradio, #electronics, and all things #maker. Heavily involved in #POTA (parks on the air) as a volunteer dev and running the helpdesk. #bigfamily and #gardening take most of my outside of work hours that aren鈥檛 radio related. I have a day job but it鈥檚 the least interesting thing about me馃榾. #UnitarianUniversalist I.e. love is love and justice is for everyone.

Howdy fediverse,

I'm Kenneth, a nerd with too short of an attention span to limit myself to one engineering field, so I keep myself entertained with #electronics #hamradio #Ethernet #embedded #devops #linux and the #maker scene.

Let's make this thing awesome.

The most powerful computers you've never heard of 鈥 Veritasium

#vulgarisation #curiosit茅 #electronics

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