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APOD from 2023-11-01

Title: Annular Solar #Eclipse over Utah

MaryBeth Kiczenski

See explanation and HD image at

#space #astronomy #moon

Annular Solar Eclipse Over Utah

APOD from 2023-10-29

Title: A Partial #Lunar #Eclipse

Orazio Mezzio

See explanation and HD image at

#space #astronomy #moon #earth

A Partial Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday’s annular eclipse as viewed from a city park on the outskirts of Hondo, #Texas. There was a broad layer of high clouds when we arrived but luckily they broke up & blew away just in time for the main event. Had to get up in the wee hours and drive 225 miles (362 km) west to get right in the center of the path but it was well worth it.

#Eclipse #Eclipse2023 #EclipseSolar #Sun #Moon #photography #astrophotography

Composite color photo with a sequence of images going from upper left to lower right showing the progression of the moon across the face of the sun, getting larger in size, resulting in the largest image in the center showing the complete annular eclipse with the sun forming a ring of light around the black moon in the center, and then in subsequent images the moon progressively retreating from the sun’s face and the images getting smaller.

transición del #eclipse de este 14 de octubre. así se vio desde la zona de @En_laDelValle @_Narvarte en @BJAlcaldia.
en el vínculo hay un pequeño video y otra imagen.

#eclipse 2023 from #mexicocity. in the link more images.

#eclipse2023 #suneclipse2023

These are the kind of clouds we were facing at annularity. #eclipse #annulareclipse I'll try to curate some of the better ones later.

A stunning view of the Earth during today’s annular solar eclipse 🌙 Processed by @simon_sat #Eclipse #Eclipse2023 #SolarEclipse

Esta imagen no es mía, es de Andrés (IG: andres_b52) un aficionado con el que tuve oportunidad de convivir un momento, justo estaba junto a mi observado el eclipse con su equipo y la comparto porque creo que es muy hermosa y capturó perfectamente el momento. 🔭

#cancun #mexico #rivieramaya #quintanaroo #eclipse #eclipse2023 #eclipsesolar #eclipsecancun

Annular eclipse as seen from UNM in Albuquerque, NM, this morning. You can see sunspots in the first photo. It was very exciting getting to the ring of fire moment, and everybody applauded and cheered, but after the climax finished, everybody got bored and skedaddled. I swear I didn't just Photoshop a white circle onto a black background for that last shot.

#Eclipse #eclipse2023 #AnnularSolarEclipse

Annular solar eclipse at an early stage, with the moon taking a bite out of the sun. Two big sunspots are visible. Annular solar eclipse just as the ring of fire emerges completely as the moon passes in front of the sun.
Annular solar eclipse with a nearly symmetrical ring of fire as the moon blocks most of the sun.

So we’re experiencing our typical east coast eclipse…
Peanuts comic strip. First panel, Lucy walks out of her house in the pouring rain. Second panel, Lucy is walking in the pouring rain. Third panel, Lucy approaches a skyward looking Linus in the pouring rain. Fourth panel, Lucy asks Linus, “So how’s the eclipse?”

A pesar de no ser #eclipse total, fue una experiencia muy bonita 😊❤️
Foto mía viendo el eclipse con lentes especiales.
Foto del eclipse anular visto desde los lentes especiales.

My view of the #annular #eclipse from Winnemucca, NV. Clouds thinned at just the right moment.
A grey cloudy sky with the thin glowing ring of the annular eclipse.

#eclipse neste momento em são benedito - ceará - brasil
projeção do sol parcialmente eclipsado vinda de uma árvore sobre uma parede sem reboco

Quite spectacular. If you missed it, you can still rewind the live stream.

#eclipse #CostaRica #AnnularSolarEclipse #astronomy #ObservatorioLimon #LimonObservatory

Annular solar eclipse as seen from Observatory Limón, Costa Rica.

Live video:

#eclipse #CostaRica #AnnularSolarEclipse #astronomy #ObservatorioLimon #LimonObservatory

#eclipse #eclipse2023 view from Brasilia from the Brasil livestream

am listening to the livestream from #Brasil and you can see the #eclipse happening in reverse.

they all broke into cheers when the moon finally breached the sun's circumference. so now am waiting for the full anularity.

they also said that #eclipse2023 is visible everywhere in #Brasil

em direito do Brasil, o #eclipse #eclipse2023

A picture with a Galaxy smartphone looking through an H-Alpha scope at the eclipse. I have a bunch of video taken with a proper camera I'll process later. We called this gigantic prominence the "Lobster"! #Astrophotography #AmateurAstronomy #Eclipse #Sun
A view of a prominence on the edge of the sun that looks like a lobster.

Además de la cámara oscura en cualquier sombra pueden ver la forma del sol, acá una lona vieja llena de agujeros que nos cubre del sol en el patio, hace un juego de rayitos de luz bastante peculiar 🌙

#eclipse #eclipse2023 #México

Pequeños rayos de luz proyectados sobre hojas blancas de un cuaderno, en lugar de los típicos circulos de luz tienen forma de luna por efecto del eclipse
Foto del fondo de una cámara oscura hecho con una caja de zapatos, es un pequeño haz de luz en forma de cuarto de luna 🌙

The Annular Solar Eclipse, taken from Junction, Texas.

80mm refractor, Nikon D750, home-made solar filter.

#astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography #solareclipse #eclipse #annulareclipse #eclipse2023

The moon in front of the sun durong today's annular solar eclipse, forming a ring of gold.

The #eclipse as viewed through a colander in North Texas.

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