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Long to be (Iceland)

A late summer evening in the Icelandic highlands. It was cold and windy. The light was somewhat promising but from my angle it was hard to get a good photograph. So I started my drone to get a different perspective. And oh boy did that work.

#highlands #mountains #iceland #sunset #nature #landscape #landscapephotography #drone #dronephotography #aerialphotography #glacier #river #photography #naturephotography
An aerial photograph of a volcanic landscape. Rivers wind their way through the moss covered mountains. The last light of day breaks through the thick clouds and throws rays of light from the right side onto a large, pyramid shaped mountain in the center of the image. In the back on the left side a glacier can be seen.

in the spirit of the season, my way of thanks for the support shown year-round, i am giving away 10 codes for each of my longform singles i released earlier this year!

this first set is for my #ambient #drone post-breakup piece "wearing our wounds like stars". a little bit maudlin, but... hopeful. as i know some of us need this time of year


redeem on #bandcamp @

How would you do it if Github 'gratis' (as in free beer, not as in freedom ) service is not available anymore ? 🙂

i'm trying to do #hugo #CI #CD ... too, myself.

Maybe combining #gitea and #drone ? or maybe a simple webhook or git hook kind of... ?

Anyone... more thoughts on this ?
are more than welcomed

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