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En #hackfun empezamos a jugar con #assembler en #dos

Yo no tuve mucho tiempo de estudiar estos días, pero un colega tiene bastante fresco el tema y me mostró como se hacía un hola mundo, cómo esperar input del usuario en un loop hasta que se recibe algo, cómo comparar ese input para ver si es una tecla específica, y en caso de serlo, salir del loop y terminar el programa, entre otras cosas.

Ya dijimos que el año que viene presentamos una demo en la #flashparty 😂

Ayer en #hackfun enpezamos a preparar el entorno para lanzar el club de #retroprogramación.
Nos pintó aprender (lease: "enseñarnos") a programar en #DOS en #assembler y #C a ver qué sale...

#rosario #retrocomputacion #programacion

Btw, to format a 720k floppy disk under windows XP, has to be done at the command line:

Format a: /t:80 /n:9

Then files can be copied and the disk is readable on your vintage PC with 720k 3.5 drive

#retrocomputing #winxp #DOS #floppy

Output of the format command on a Dell D610

I did have the original boot disk but it was not recognised as a system disk. So I imaged it in case I wanted to get back the files, then wrote the proper Amstrad disk image on it. I used a Windows Xp laptop with a floppy drive and used roadkil imager (1.6)

#Amstrad #ppc512 #msdos #DOS #retrocomputing #windowsxp

MSDOS floppy disk, Amstrad version from 1987. 3.5" disk

In a sense, it is a bit like a laptop. Built in LCD monitor with MDA and CGA modes, but no backlight. No colors either. This model is the PPC512S, with a single double density 3.5 floppy (720KB). It has the nicest keyboard you've ever used on a laptop. Full size. It has 512KB ram but I plan on adding some chips to get it to 640KB (This is for DOS, so fine).

#retrocomputing #retrogaming #pc #DOS #portable #Amstrad #ppc512 #floppy

Amstrad with keyboard opened and monitor propped. Up

It is an Amstrad PPC512. It was not booting and didn't display the error message on the screen. I knew it was a dip switch issue and got it booting and running DOS programs. It was an unusual machine for 1987 (although quite heavy).

#Amstrad #ppc512 #retrocomputing #DOS #pc #retrogaming #portable #floppy

Amstrad PPC512 clamshell, closed, with the logo and model showing, with the handle on the right side

Catastrophe averted!

That was close. The C sized batteries looked bad but didn't leak acid, fortunately. So, what is it anyway? Not my usual Casio music keyboard post. 10 x 1.5v makes for 15V. It is a portable computer that can be powered by C sized batteries... at least for a short while. It came in a nice bag too, to carry it. Seen this before?

#retrocomputing #retrogaming #DOS #pc

A bunch of batteries about to leak badly. In fact, they look like they leaked, but no trace of it inside.

Used to love playing Soko-Ban back in the day (in glorious 4-colour CGA). It has held up remarkably well for a game that’s turning 40 next year 😀

You can play it online here:

#dos #cga #retroGaming #sokoBan #puzzle #game

Screenshot of the game: warehouse with magenta walls and six cyan boxes littered around. The goal is for your hard-hatted wearhouse worker to push the boxes to the six destinations on one side of the room without getting stuck. At the bottom is a status line showing the level (1), moves (0), pushes: (0), and time (00:09).

Finally finished another game of Lords of the Realm on #DOS. A game I always come back to, but only the first one. And this time, I conquered medieval Germany. Funny how you type in "lordsddr" for that map instead of just "lords" for the UK 😂.
#dosgaming #retrogaming #vintagegaming #gaming

Washington Post: Russia has been working in recent years to undermine confidence in election integrity around the world, according to a declassified State Department cable, which said that the U.S. intelligence community assessed that Russian actors made a concerted effort to attack confidence in election integrity in at least 11 elections across nine democracies between 2020 and 2022.

#russia #intelligence #espionage #election #usa #dos #USStateDept

Someone uploaded The Return of Traxtor for #DOS to @internetarchive so now it can be played in a browser:

No need to buy an IBM PC/XT! (I mean, run an emulator).


Vintage IBM PC / clones pinboard. Mindset-heavy at the top. I'd never seen a Mindset II before this recent eBay auction.

#IBM #PC #DOS #IBMPC #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #vintagecomputers #MSDOS #PCDOS #8088 #photos #pics #album #pinterest

💾💾 We aspire to collect, preserve, and showcase as much Slovenian software for the DOS environment as possible. Many of these treasures have been unearthed from aging hard drives, while others have been graciously contributed by generous donors.😍

#computermuseum #computerhistory #slovenia #ljubljana #softwareheritage #digitalheritage #nostalgia #nostalgie #nostalgi #sloveniancomputerhistory #vintagecomputer #vintagecomputing #retro #europee #MundoRetro #dos #msdos #dosgames #dosgame #dosgamer

MS DOS programs

Released *The Return of Traxtor*, a new game for #DOS and your IBM PC/XT (8086, CGA and PC speaker).

Info & FREE download:

Level 04 of The Return of Traxtor. Shows 4 panels: on the left the score, on the center the blocks moving slowly to the bottom where Traxtor tries to match-3 to make them go away, on the top left there is the level, and finally on left bottom the blocks on the bay.

The background shows a space scene with stars and a few planets. All in glorious CGA 4 colors.

@dosnostalgic@foone An actual ISA card that offers HDMI based on the existing Graphics Gremlin card. #dos #retrocomputing #graphics

Spent the weekend with some #retrocomputing and #retrogaming vibes. Launched this little fella and wrote programs in #Python and #Qbasic to transfer files over COM port from my modern #Linux machine to this #DOS oldie. The speed is around 2kB/s, but hey, I can transfer games to it!

Maybe I should share the said programs at some point, maybe someone will find them useful. Retro #Programming, retro #Gaming, #nostalgia mood.

Hello, Fediverse!

Been a busy ol' weekend here on SharkaNet, but one thing I have enjoyed doing is taking a peek at something I've been meaning to do for ages, Conquests of the Longbow from Sierra Online, released in 1991.

I'm rather charmed by it. The VGA graphics are lovely, there's a humourous air to the writing that feels very fitting, and I dig its take on being a strategic adventure game.

#DOS #DOSGaming #Retrogaming #Retrocomputing #adventuregame #pointandclick #SierraOnLine

Released *Gold Mine Run!*, a new game for #DOS (386 33MHz, 4MB RAM, VGA, Sound Blaster optional).

Info & FREE download:


Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer Fan-Made Soundtrack v2.0 Released for ScummVM

@jameswoodcock releases version 2.0 of the soundtrack for use within @scummvm, a complete rework of his original efforts with a FLAC lossless version available for free.

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #pointandclickadventure #scummvm #soundtrack #dos #pc

Hi-res EGA ❤ Spectrum Holobyte's Vette from 1989 tempts you to take it out for a spin and enjoy the freedom of the open-world road.

Maybe not so much the roar of a PC Beeper engine.

#DOSGaming #DOS #Retrogaming #Retrocomputing

A high-resolution EGA screenshot of a garage with a side view of a red 1980s stock Corvette being put through engine tests.

Spending some time tonight with one of my favourite Sierra Online adventure games that flies under the radar beneath all the Kings, Space, and Police Quests.

That game is Manhunter: New York.

It's a shame because firstly, just look at that box artwork! It's one of my absolute favourite game covers. It captures the forbidding apocalyptic feel perfectly and feels like it could be an 80s action flick involving ninjas and post-WWIII crime-ridden cities, though the game itself is anything but completely serious and the premise sounds like schlocky sci-fi.

It's 2004 and 2 years earlier, alien eyeballs from space invaded Earth and subjugated mankind. Penned up in ruined cities and forced to wear LOOM-esque cowls and forbidden to speak to one another, humans eke out a dreary life. Some of them are picked out by the orbs to become Manhunters, agents and crime investigators for the Orb Alliance.

#Amiga #DOS #Retrogaming #Retrocomputing


Okay we gonna finish Alone in the Dark 2 tonight? After warming up with the final episode of Dark Ages, I reckon signs will point to yes. Streaming now! #Twitch #Streaming #Retrogaming #retro #Retrocomputing #AdventureGame #DOS #MSDOS

This is *amazing*: a #CrossStitch tribute to the legendary #TextAdventure game #Zork with two of its most iconic lines.

Be sure to click through for the heartwarming story behind it.

You can buy a PDF of the pattern (not the physical product!) from its creator here:

#gaming #VideoGames #Infocom #InteractiveFiction #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #PDP10 #PDP11 #TRS80 #AppleII #Apple2 #Commodore64 #C64 #Commodore #Atari #CPM #DOS #MSDOS #IBMPC

cross stitch picture of a house with the text:
>_ Zoomed-in “West of House” cross stitch in total darkness, the house and original text gone. In green glowing letters: “IT IS PITCH BLACK. YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE EATEN BY A GRUE.”
Zoomed-in “West of House” cross stitch in dim light. In green glowing letters: “IT IS PITCH BLACK. YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE EATEN BY A GRUE.”

MS-DOS game programmers had do deal with several limitations, In this article, we'll go over some of these obstacles and learn how we used the DOS/4GW extender & protected mode to unleash the power of 32-bit DOS.

#DOS #Programming #DOS4GW #RetroComputing #RetroGaming

It's the 29th anniversary of the first commercial Czech game for MS-DOS: The Secret of Donkey Island!

Many people have wanted an English release over the years, and today it is available to download, free! Check out for the file!

We're also streaming it, right now! If you want to avoid spoilers, stay away!

#DonkeyIsland #MonkeyIsland #RetroGaming #Retro #RetroComputing #AdventureGame #DOS #MSDOS #PointandClick

@dabbling_duck and I are creating a dungeon crawler for the DOS game jam! The game runs using VGA Mode 13h, which means being limited to 256 colours, 320x200 resolution, and working with non-square pixels - a real challenge for me. Here's one of my latest sprites, aspect-corrected for modern screens 😀)

#RetroGaming #GameDev #DOS #DOSGaming #GameArt #PixelArt

If you had any doubts about purchasing Might & Magic III, this dancing installer person immediately reassured you that, yes, you have bought a perfect game that loves you

#dos #dosgaming #retrogaming

@dosgameclub is playing 1990 #dos game Stunts in June, so we've been using its editor to make our own tracks.
I made Brooklands - home of motorsport!
Opened in 1907, it was the world's first purpose-built banked racing circuit.
Hard to get the skewed-oval shape historically accurate, as Stunts only does 90° turns. But I'm happy with the result, complete with start/finish straight, infield sections, correctly placed factory buildings and an overhead loop because, well, Stunts 😉
Screenshot from 1990 DOS game Stunts. A grey sports car drives along a banked track with a tree and building in the background. Black and white image of cars racing at Brooklands track in the 1930s. A vintage silver car at speed bounces off the surface of the banked track.
Screenshot from 1990 DOS game Stunts. Overhead view of track. Map of the Brooklands racing track, to compare with Stunts version. A smooth oval with a kink along one side, and start/finish straight through the middle.

White Lamborghini Countach - who did it better:
""Real Life"" or Stunts?

#dos #dosgaming #retrogaming

Photo of a white Lamborghini Countach sportscar at a carshow.
Screenshot of the Lamborghini Countach car information page from 1990 DOS game Stunts. 3D car model rotates above car info.

Pretty slick, USB4VC.

USB4VC is an active protocol converter that let you use USB keyboard, mouse, and gamepads on many different retro computers.

#vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #modernretro #retrofit #IBMPC #DOS #Mac #Macintosh #ADB #USB

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