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Thinking of trying Pathfinder? Send this Humble Bundle link to your gaming friends so everybody has everything they need:

Then send them here for a lesson on building a Pathfinder character in about a quarter of an hour, and comparisons of various character races between 5e and Pathfinder.

#opendnd #rpg #openrpg #pathfinder #dnd #ogl #orc

En unas horas tengo mi primera partida de #LaLlamadaDeCthulhu como DM, y aunque es con gente con la que tengo confianza porque es el grupo con el que he estado jugando a #DnD estos meses, igualmente me siento un poco nerviosa porque es la primera vez que mastereo nada 🙈. Ya os contaré qué tal ha ido ☺️

#rol #mastorol

Woke up and chose chaos.

Hey instead of all migrating to the second biggest name in town try some of these: Savage Worlds, ICRPG, Cypher System, Blades in the Dark, Knave, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mausritter, Worlds Without Number, Genesys RPG, Burning Wheel. Among countless others I haven't even had a chance to try!
#freednd #ogl #orc #onednd #dnd5e #dnd

Wizards of the Coast Breaks Its Silence on Dungeons and Dragons' Open Game License

After facing a week of constant backlash online, the Hasbro subsidiary finally breaks its silence.

#DnD #dndmemes #DungeonsAndDragons
#hasbro #WOTC

Announcement! :verified_mastodon: :boost_ok:

We have been officially approved to be listed on under the #Gaming category! :1up: :controller4: :blobcatgamer:

We’re super excited for what this means for our servers continued growth. Thank you all SO MUCH for your ongoing support!

#VideoGames #gamer #RetroGaming #Tabletop #DnD #GameDev #Developer

In 1981 I got some money for my birthday (I didn’t often have money, we were a poor family). I went to the only wargames shop in my local town, & they had a game on display that cost exactly what I had. I bought it, thinking it was a board game. Took it home, opened it & exclaimed to my mum: “I’ve been ripped off - this game hasn’t got a board!” After my initial irritation, I read the red book in the box.

The rest, as they say, is history. #DnD #Basic, #Moldvay edition was my 1st #ttrpg 😊
DnD Basic and Expert, plus other stuff from 1981-83, from my games library

Doing another #introduction post because I changed instances so bear with me if you've already seen this!

Hello! I'm Holly. I'm a bookbinder that makes leather bound journals. I love all things #Fantasy, #Scifi, and #TTRPG, so my books all look like spellbooks and most of the are #DnD inspired.

I'd love to connect with other binders, TTRPG fans, and craftspeople!

#Bookbinding #Art #MastoArt #Craft #Witch
Brown leather journal with an astrolabe design.
Green leather journal with a round door on the cover that looks like a hobbit door.

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

:d100: :d20: :d12: :d10: :d8: :d4: :d6:
La instancia a la que me he mudado se llama
:d20: MASTOROL:d20: y de trata de lo que creo que es la primera instancia dedicada a los juegos de rol en mesa en español.
Ahora mismo parece ser que somos poques, ¡venid a hacernos compañía!
:d100: :d20: :d12: :d10: :d8: :d4: :d6:
#rolenmesa #rol #DnD #MundoDeTinieblas #DragonesyMazmorras #d20 #rolenespañol #LaLlamadaDeCthulhu #Pathfinder
Eddie Munson Stranger Things

A small collection of my favourite swords from the last few #swordtember's. Thinking of writing up some stat blocks for them and putting them out into the world for #dnd5e but will see if I have time. #ttrpg #DnD #MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #artist

Since I have finished my Inktober, let me share it with you guys, all in one thread.

Hope you enjoy!

#MastoArt #Inktober2022 #DnD #ElvenStory

My purple sets are now listed on Ko-fi!

These "first dibs" will be listed here fora week at a slightly lower price than what I'll list them on Etsy for!

Any sets that don't sell within the week will be moved over to etsy!

While I still have a few other sets I'll be listing, these are all my (non mini-dice) purples! Resin-pouring season is officially OVER so I won't be making more until next summer!
#dnd #dnddice #dice #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #dicegoblin #ttrpg

:artblackcat: First post on mastodon! I mainly do fantasy and D&D fanart, I made this for my homebrew Witch class for 5e, a shadowy familiar buddy.
#dnd #witchcraft #dndart
A shadowy creature comprised of a serpent, a cat and a raven, all with glowing yellow eyes.

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