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Setting up the Advanced Web Interface for Mastodon - Full use of wide screens

Have now figured out a way to make my laptop settings for the mastodon Web Client really sharp – it is using the FULL screen width, but without the madness of the multi-pane, 3 pulsating Feeds running simultaneously which is kind of the Default when you enable it.

I have prepared a Tutorial, with step by step notes, screenshots to help people wanting a similar setup.

#AWI #Mastotips #desktop #laptop #newusers #tips
A mastodon web client running in wide screen, fully occupying the area. Shows two wide panes, one with Local feed, the other with Notifications. The Toot Editor box is at the normal position, in the far left side.

Zeigt her Eure Desktops

So bin mal wieder am herumbasteln an meinen Desktop. Momentan sieht er folgendermaßen aus:

Die Fensterliste des XFCE-Desktops habe ich durch die 'Docklike Taskbar' ersetzt. Das ist schon recht weit in die Richtung die ich mir wünsche. Ein wenig besser sollten die Vorschaufunktion in Sachen Fensterbefehle noch werden. Und das Symbolthema will ich noch austauschen.

Wie sieht Euer Linux Desktop aus?

#Frage #Desktop #Linux #OpenSource #Raven #2022-09-24 @FediverseDE@Linux-Forum (DE)

And a new theme which has been in my git for some time, but which I hadn't published in pling site yet: "Mac OS Cheetah dark".

It's a darkened and tuned version of Mac OS X Cheetah theme based on Azurra Framework "Mac OS X" theme. It is a skeuomorphic, shiny, dark theme, with blue accents. Very easy on the eyes. Disabled elements have black text/icons, in order to perceive this status quickly.

It includes #, gtk2, # and # themes. Xfwm4 theme created from scratch.

You may notice that I have a strong preference for # themes: I don't quite like this flat trend that has established since a few years ago.

I have a few more themes, if you check my profile there!

# # # # #
Small preview of the theme
Big preview of the theme
xfwm4 preview of the theme

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