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To add to this post, there is a huge issue I am noticing with the lack of understanding with #decentralization and #federation means heavy emphasis on Freedom of Association. I don’t have to let you in my server, in my federated timeline, or even my personal timeline. I don’t have to allow everyone to follow me, you can request it. You don’t like the server rules? That’s fine join another or pull a Bender from Futurama and make your own #mastodon server

I find it funny an #ethereum dev got booted from a #Mastodon server and was making a stink. They did not RTFM how this place works before joining the network and especially before they picked their server. I could have seen that coming a mile away with Octodon’s about section.

While I myself may be into #cryptocurrency, this should be a great lesson that many in the space don’t understand what true #decentralization and owning your data means. This is also why I have my own server w/ friends.

A ver si ahora otro Millonario compra Meta (instagram,whatsapp,facebook) y asi la gente deja de usar esa mini-internet centralizada y abusiva de 4-5 empresas de sillicon valley que vende sus datos y les saca "leche" en forma de datos como si fueran tod@ ganado digital, si eso es lo unico que entienden para que sin darse cuenta usen la internet de verdad como tendria que ser descentralizada y libre, pues ole! 😀 #Decentralization #Federation #Libre #realInternet

After the dotcom bust 20 years ago, there was a shift away from attempts to turn the Internet into a portal owned by a single company (AOL, Yahoo, etc) using incompatible and proprietary tech, in favor of open standards.

This spawned a heydey for things like self-hosted blogs, RSS and XMPP powered by Linux. People rejected lock-in and embraced the benefits and freedom open standards brought. Even Big Tech embraced these standards.

#federation #decentralization #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

So, are people worried about how Mastodon scales if there is a really truly for serious mass exodus from Twitter (or other sites)? I'm sure there's some good thinking and writing on this from ppl who have been maintaining this infrastructure (THANK YOU!) for years. Please send me links so i can educate myself, tysm ❤ #mastodon #fediverse #decentralization #decentralized #contentmoderation #twittermigration

In order to achieve true #decentralization of the #fediverse, one should not forget that there are hundreds/thousands of servers other than mastodon and these other projects also have their own lists from which to choose based on the size of the server and its health. E.g. #friendica

Do you notice slowdowns on your mastodon instance? Some lag when loading images? Please consider migrating your mastodon account to some smaller servers, many of them have decent resources available and using them instead, helps to achieve true decentralization. Help to make the network healthier! You can check this list of servers scored by health, security and software version --> #mastodon #decentralization #fediverse #health

Privacy Respecting # Opts + Why We Should Not... "Put All Eggs In One Basket"

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Currently, there are over 85,000 servers in #xmpp federation. XMPP is largest federated network in the world

There are no physical problems for scaling the XMPP network, earlier in the 200's years the XMPP federated network was much larger

Federation is not beneficial for large companies, as it will cause a leaving users to small servers, #decentralization and the destruction of the monopoly

#jabber #fediverse #facebook #whatsapp #telegram #matrix #signal

Few people know that #whatsapp is closed #xmpp server.

Number phones these are ordinary XMPP ID's, but no federal connection.

#facebokdown #whatsappdown

Maybe now is the time to join the XMPP open Federation? or
In addition to WhatsApp, there are many other XMPP messengers with open source and federated communication.

#facebook #instagram #instagramdown #foss #opensource #decentralization