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Items tagged with: decay

I have a folder of "Boat Textures" I've taken in Isleworth. They have a lot of detail and make great background wallpaper for the phone or computer desktop. Some of them even have a bit of moss.

#Photography #Textures #Decay #Maritime #Mosstodon #Wallpaper #Rust
The side of an industrial boat. The top half of the picture is old white paint, peeling to reveal red beneath, with gray green striations and a few rusty screw along a vertical seam. The bottom half is faded beige yellow paint covered in vertical gray green mossy striations. In between the two sections is a decaying red and black stripe. The side of a metal boat. Crumbling gray and beige paint above. Towards the bottom a stripe of dramatic orange rust. Bright green moss or mould at the bottom just above the water line.
Faded red and green metal, chipped layers, stenciled yellow text partially obscured reads "KEE." Gray metal going rusty with many splotches of dripped paint, rust, and decay.

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