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Reviews like this make the blood, sweat and tears working on this adventure game while being an underpaid social worker in the US ghetto worth it. And yeah, let's make cyberpunk PUNK again!
#cyberpunk #indiegame #indiedev #scifi #SteamSummerSale #Steam

Neofeud is Twelve Minutes, but more cyberpunk, indigenous-left, and takes place in more than one room!
"Hands down the best point and click adventure game ever" - Neofeud reviews like this always make the 3 years of blood, sweat and tears working as a solo-dev worth it!
#cyberpunk #indiegame #indiedev #scifi #AdventureGameFriday #Steam #IndieGameDev

Neofeud is a #cyberpunk game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of post-human trillionaires in floating palaces above endless planetary slum.
Grab Neofeud 1 & help this #indiedev finish NF2! (pictured)


🐧My Penguin Tier this month 😉

😁 Special collab with was so awesome! Do you like me in new look with Signora cyber punk? 😜

#Cosplay #THICC #ThiccThighs #Cyberpunk #GenshinImpact #GenshinImpactCosplay #Signora

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Neofeud is a #cyberPUNK game where a social worker for homeless robots, an ex-con & a socialist princess fight a cabal of post-human CEO / Kings building Fully Automated Luxury Space Fascist Capitalism.
Grab Neofeud 1 & help me finish Neofeud 2! (Pictured)

Neuromancer (1989) para DOS - o primeiro sistema operacional da Microsoft - é um jogo baseado no livro homônimo de William Gibson.

Dá para baixar o ROM e rodar em uma DOS-Box ou a versão emulada em JavaScript online.

Para quem não sabe, a trilogia de livros cunhou vários nomes utilizados hoje na computação - incluindo “Microsoft”!

Ainda não avancei muito, mas pretendo jogar este.


#JogosRetrô #VideoJogos #TeleJogos #JogosOnline #ROMs #Emulador #DOS #Neuromancer #Cyberpunk #WilliamGibson

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