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Third place in #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year 😛oty: (you've probably seen this one before)

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.

Attribution: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; image processing by Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI) / public domain

Full results:😛icture_of_the_Year/2022/Results

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons #PublicDomain

Young stars form in 'The Pillars of Creation' as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope’s near-infrared camera.

The votes have been counted, announcing the 2022 #Wikimedia #Commons Picture of the Year 😛oty:

Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Little egret (Egretta garzetta) and Gadwell duck (Mareca strepera) in Taudaha Lake, near Katmandu, Nepal.

Attribution: Prasan Shrestha / CC-BY-SA 4.0

3,600+ voters selected this picture first out of 1,102 featured pictures and 55 other finalists!

See the rest of the results:😛icture_of_the_Year/2022/Results

#POTY #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons

 Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Little egret (Egretta garzetta) and Gadwell duck (Mareca strepera) in Taudaha Lake, near Katmandu, Nepal.

New Pepper&Carrot "Episode 38: The Healer" is now published online!

#PepperCarrot #krita
#MastoArt #CreativeCommons #Webcomic

A digital painting cover artwork of Pepper&Carrot Episode 38 : The Healer. Pepper is in clothes of a healer in foreground while a group of adventurer fight a giant monster in the background. The scene happens over a dark landscape of old fantasy gothic bridge in the dark.

Acceso al conocimiento vs Copyright [Jorge Gemetto, Patricia Díaz y Jaime Dávila - FLISoL Mvd 2023]

Voting in the Seventeenth Annual #Commons Picture of the Year contest is open now! 😛oty:

Editors are selecting the best featured picture over the previous year from Wikimedia Commons (a free media repository and sister project to Wikipedia).

You need to have made at least 75 edits before Jan 1 to be eligible to vote ( can help you check)

If you haven't seen them yet, check out last year's results:

#POTY #CreativeCommons

advertising is more or less unacceptable on fedi/masto, but would you tolerate a #CreativeCommons netlabels* focused mastodon instance full of accounts that post mostly about new/old netaudio music releases and other 'promo'? (no commercial-only record labels allowed, and usual CoC-abiding)

:boost_anim_sleeping: (plz boost!)


  • yes to netlabels instance (75%, 80 votes)
  • no, I'd block it or similar (2%, 3 votes)
  • i don't know / care (21%, 23 votes)
106 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

Hello Fediverse! 👋

#Wikipedia :wikipedia: is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration and using a wiki-based editing system called MediaWiki. -- or so says our Wikipedia article (

Follow for cool facts, behind-the-scenes details on editing processes and tips on getting started contributing!

#Introduction #FreeCulture #FreeContent #OpenKnowledge #wiki #CreativeCommons

Explore more than 600 million creative works Openly Licensed Images, Audio and More | Openverse #CreativeCommons #OpenSource #images #edutooter #EdTech | @edutooters@rickweinberg

El Smithsonian ha dispuesto alrededor de 4 millones de imágenes para que el mundo las pueda ver, descargar, compartir y reusar con toda libertad.

#CreativeCommons #OpenAccess #Educación

Hermoso final para la historia del Poema final de Minecraft (Minecraft's End Poem) que desde hace una mes es parte del dominio público ya que ni Mojang ni Microsoft tuvieron munca los derechos de autor del poema.

#minecraft #creativecommons #copyright #poem #microsoft #mojang

The Annual New Years Show is ancient tradition (11 years is a lot in Internet Years).

It's where all the #FLOSS, #FreeCulture and #CreativeCommons #Podcasters and #podcast listeners get together to celebrate each and every timezone entering the new year.

Due to the weirdness that is international time zones, that's 26 hours.

Listen or chat recordings will be released next year


The VidCommons #PeerTube instance is in need of adoption by an organization capable of supporting it, both financially as well as people-wise.

VidCommons is an instance dedicated to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain content that I've been funding and maintaining for years. It's intended to provide new instances with something to watch from a singular source, with licenses that encourage resharing and remixing.

If you're interested in talking about it, please read this thread and reach out.

:funkwhale: | Liberando las Ondas #2

Hoy en #LiberandoLasOndas os traemos a un grupo consolidado de la escena #CreativeCommons gallega: Fanny & Alexander. Tras 'Lusco e fusco' (2006), 'Finais dos 70s, comezos dos 80s' (2007) y 'Alfaias' (2009), la banda vuelve con 'A túa ausencia neste ar' (2022). Fanny & Alexander es uno de los grupos más representativos del Netlabel "A Regueifa", pioneros en licencias libres y plataformas abiertas.


:fediverse: #FediversalMusic

tengo una banda, un dúo de dos, que se llama cassenders para el portero (el portero creia que éramos hermanos y de carpenters a cassenders por nuestros nicks)

tenemos un funkwhale y nuestra música es gratis y con licencia creative commons

#music #música #creativecommons #rock #electrónica #indie

Auf der Suche nach einem guten #Musik Mix zu #Weihnachten, welcher #CreativeCommons lizenziert und daher GEMA-Frei ist und sowohl traditionelle als moderne Weihnachtssongs beinhaltet?


Ich bin seit einer guten Stunde am querhören und da sind viele sehr gute Stücke dabei

New here and interested in new free #music? On @clongclongmoo you can find almost daily tips for new free releases from very different genres and styles from all over the world. Almost all of them are offered under a #CreativeCommons license.


Esta joya en forma de página web, es la más increible colección de obras de #arte que yo haya descubierto en internet.
Grandes colecciones de todas las corrientes pictóricas y todas ellas descargables en archivos de gran definición.
Obras de dominio público con una licencia creative commons haciéndolas disponibles para su uso para cualquier propósito sin restricciones adjuntas.

#art #painting #creativecommons
Après Un Déjeuner; Bords De La Seine (1918)
Daniel Ridgway Knight (American, 1839 - 1924)

#UnDiaComoHoy nace el activista y programador Aaron Swartz.

Diseñador del proyecto Open Library.

Ferviente defensor del acceso al conocimiento.

Ayudó al desarrollo del formato de fuente web #RSS la organización #CreativeCommons y el sitio #Reddit

¡Gracias por todo hermano! ❤️

After some fundraising, this became the "Pepper & Carrot - Episode 6: The Potion Contest" animation, which was the first of the series to be animated in 2017, and a sort of proof-of-principle for the production process:

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: 4.0
#CreativeCommons #FreeCulture #OpenMovie

Since then, he has diversified a bit. You have a few options if you'd like to support Pepper & Carrot today, including some that are very #FreeCulture and #FreeSoftware friendly.

This is a business/funding model that is completely compatible with free #CreativeCommons licenses, and widespread free sharing of the content...

For me, "Pepper & Carrot" is a flagship for how Free Culture art ought to work.

@davidrevoy started drawing the first cartoons in the series as a kind of relaxation project. But then they got popular, and he started doing it more seriously.

And then he set up a fully free-software, self-hosted web comic site for it. All under a #FreeCulture #CreativeCommons #AttributionOnly license.

#PepperCarrot #WebComic #SelfHosting #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Pepper & Carrot, Episode 3: "The Secret Ingredients" (English version). For those who missed the premiere yesterday:

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: 4.0

#PepperCarrot #OpenMovie #MorevnaProject #DavidRevoy #CreativeCommons #FreeCulture #Animation #CreativeToots #MastoArt

Sabías que puedes proteger tus obras usando licencias #CreativeCommons

Para esto es importante conocer las condiciones de uso que deseas permitir sobre tu obra.

BY (Atribución)
NC (No comercial)
ND (No derivada)
SA (Compartir igual)


Sounds of the Forest is an interesting project (we would love to see for gardens as well):

"We are collecting the #sounds of #woodlands and #forests from all around the world, creating a growing soundmap bringing together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands.

The sounds form an #OpenSource library, to be used by anyone to listen to and create from."

Screenshot of the Soundmap showing the locations in which a sound has been recorded

The Dvorak Zine, creo que es una fanzine tipo comic sobre el teclado dvorak licenciado con Creative Commons #teclado #creativecommons #cc #dvorak #qwerty #keyboard #layout

Le escribí a la gente de Datysoc en abril, diciendoles que existe mastodon y el fediverso y les conté del proyecto. Hay gente de formación docente, artistas, psicólogos, etc. Me respondieron que se iban a sumar pero nunca los ví. Les escribí de nuevo el otro día para ver si podemos lorgar que al menos algunas de las charlas y webinarios que dan y que suben a YouTube, las suban en alguna instancia del fediverso, no tiene porque ser la nuestra. Basta con que sea en una y nosotros le damos redundancia a los videos. Hay muy buen material, pero veo que solo circula en las redes privativas de corporaciones. Yo se que acá somos 3 gatos locos... pero a la larga vale la pena, no? #fediverso #redeslibres #creativecommons #datysoc #datos #sociedad

Este puente he disfrutado de #, un juegazo de @mojon_twins para # con licencia #.
Te animo a probarlo.

RT from Sketchfab (@Sketchfab)

Free # 3D model download: 'Graffiti Railway Tank' by yrdoes 👉 #

Original tweet :

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Sabías que puedes proteger tus obras usando licencias #

Para esto es importante conocer las condiciones de uso que deseas permitir sobre tu obra.

BY (Atribución)
NC (No comercial)
ND (No derivada)
SA (Compartir igual)


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