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Anyway, please respect the mug's request. #comics
Panel 1 of 2: a steaming mug rests on a table. Printed on its exterior are the words "Don't talk to me until I've had my beans." A speech bubble from the right says, "Ha! Like coffee beans."
Panel 2 of 2: Zoomed out, a character on the left has picked up the mug and holds a spoon in the other hand. With a quizzical look, they say, "Coffee?" The one who asked the question looks confused and perhaps a little disturbed.

Estando de visita en Barcelona, ir a Norma Comics es una visita obligada 😋 #comics #manga Espero acepten American Express 😄😜

#MyAdventuresWithSuperman - Official Trailer (2023) Jack Quaid, Alice Lee
This looks like a oriiiiii.. noooot origin story per say. More of a #YearOne story, I guess. It takes place during Clark's first days in Metropolis at the Daily Planet. The art has an #anime inspiration. Produced by some #Florpus, #VoltronLD, and #SheRa alumni.

I'm definitely down for this Lois. This one is on point.
#Animation #AdultSwim #Max #Comics #Superman @comicstodon

'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' co-writer Christopher Miller shared the Chinese poster for the film, which is seemingly inspired by the classic Chinese novel 'Journey to the West', depicting the different Spider characters as the story's heroes, with Miles Morales as Sun Wukong surrounded by the Four Heavenly Kings, Erlang Shen, and Nezha.

'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Chinese Poster Is Absolutely Incredible'

#Marvel #movies #comics #AcrossTheSpiderverse

Poster for Across the Spider-verse drawn in classic Chinese art style, featuring several different characters from the film, dozens in the background and some taking center stage. Miles Morales is in the center, surrounded by Spider-Gwen, Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099), Spider-Wman (Jessica Drew),  and Spider-Punk among others.

complete #comics #daredevil #marvel
A grid of six comic books, Daredevil 1-6, 1964-65. Yellow suit swashbuckling in all.

Le Coffret Collector Limité Marvel Spider-Verse est disponible (Limité à 3000 exemplaires)

Amazon :
Fnac :

Il contient 7 Albums

Infos :

Couverture du coffret illustré par Art Adams.
#comics #panini #marvel #spiderverse

Here’s a handy one panel guide to global temperatures with some accurate data interpretations 🌋⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon ⁠ #academia #science #research ⁠ #errantscience

James Gunn anunció dentro de su hoja de ruta para reiniciar el DCU una nueva película de Batman, The Brave and the Bold, y ¡PODRÍA TENER YA DIRECTOR! #cine #series #comics

Hello! Time to do an updated #introduction. I've been here a while, and usually I make comics about happy trolls, and about angry widows. Currently I study data analytics because money has to come from somewhere. Here I toot my sketches, my adventures in animation, and about the account's _real_ star, Alea the Black Cat. I retoot interesting facts, art I like, and helpfull toots. Technically I'm also writing a book about Viking gardening.
#comics #art #DataAnalytics #animation
Alea the Black Cat looking up from a fold in a blue blanket. A drawing of a Viking Age guide pointing to a small, fenced off area behind him.
Guide: Here it is! We don't pray or sacrifice at this place, neither is it sacred to any god. This is the ONE mundane spot in the entire Uppland.
The troll Ängsull offering you a bouqet of roses she totally didn't steal from the iron pot behind her.

NICAL-EL CAGE: En una declaración bomba a Esquire Middle East, Andy Muschietti, director de #TheFlash, reveló que Nicolas Cage tiene un cameo en la película como #Superman. Cage iba a interpretar al hombre de acero en la cancelada Superman Lives de Tim Burton hace 25 años.

No esperabamos esto.

#cine #peliculas #comics #superheroes #Batman #Superman #DCComics #DCEU

Considering how big of a factor voter apathy is on a worldwide scale, and the difference that *could* have been made, this never stops being relevant.

Cartoon by Nick Anderson.

#vote #democracy #elections #comics #cartoon

Cartoon depicting a large crowd of people divided in two groups. One group, the smaller one, wearing shirts with the words 'I voted' on them, the visibly larger group of people have a speech bubble showing them collectively saying "We didn't vote because it won't make a difference!".  The words "Two thirds of eligible voters didn't vote" are written at the bottom.

Friday pickups- I had a coverless Super Mouse comic as a kid and I remember being confused and bemused by it so I popped $2 for this one. #Steranko cover and #RossAndru inside Doc Savage was a go. #RichardCorben on Hulk? Yes please, and a random Catwoman comic with an #EricSchanower story seemed interesting.

#Comics #Comicbooks #comicbookcollection

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