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Years ago, the buttons on this #Sanremo broke. I refused to pay $160 for a stupid plastic frame. I use a 3d printed frame now but at least I can say I've made lattes using Sanwa parts. #espresso #coffee #sanwa


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#Coffee and #computing, 2021-05-31. Tmuxing around on my Fedora laptop. ☕👨🏻‍💻
My black mug of coffee with milk and honey sitting on top of a white napkin with the points facing towards, away, left, and right from me. Behind it is my silver HP ProBook 4540s running Fedora 34 MATE. On the screen is MATE Terminal maximized and SSH'd to my Raspberry Pi model B running NetBSD. Tmux is running on it and split into 3 panes. Left pane is running Irssi and showing the TildeRadio IRC channel. Top right pane is SSH'd to SDF and showing the aNONradio COM room, itself in a Tmux session on SDF. Bottom right is SSH'd to where Lynx is displaying the OpenBSD 6.9 page.

Our Curious Relationship With Caffeine


#featured #lifehacks #adhd #caffeine #clubmate #coffee #redbull #hackaday
posted by pod_feeder_v2

After months of working from home, I went to the #office again today, to welcome a new apprentice to our team (she's quite cool, btw). One problem arose, though. The #coffee machine hasn't been used for months and was out of order. The portable stove broke when switched on. NOCOFFEEREDALERT!!1!

Call it coincidence, luck, destiny - another colleague had a pressing iron in one of his desk drawers...

#Problem. #Solved.

PS: We're the IT department. #GNU / #Linux #sysadmins. Why are you asking?
An electric pressing iron turned upside down to heat an italian espresso cooking can.

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