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Bueno, este descafeinado que es el segundo. Al final para el primero encontré un conocido, para este me quedo tomándolo con el Fediverso #coffee
Café con leche

Coffee could disappear from shelves by 2050 as climate change concerns grow

Most at risk are coffee beans, cocoa and other foods grown in hotter climates which, Fairtrade Ireland has said could become "extremely rare" and "expensive treats" within the next 30 years

#ClimateEmergency #pollution #ecology #environment #ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe
#ClimateChange #Climate #Coffee

Mornin' :stormtrooper: <img class=_swirl:" title=":coffee_swirl:"/>

image source:

#coffee #StarWars
Darth Vader pictured extending his arm towards you, holding a blue coffee mug with a black heart in the middle and the words "Come to the dark side, we have coffee" written next to him.

This is amazing. NASA commissioned a microgravity compatible espresso machine for the International Space Station (to make ISSpresso, obviously), and to stop the astronaut having to drink espresso from a closed container with a straw, a bunch of NASA volunteers designed the Space Cup, so the crema bubbles could be seen and the coffee smelled even in microgravity. And I've just been sent one in the post. That's Samantha Cristoforetti drinking from it in the ISS cupola. #ISS #Space #Coffee
pointed plastic cup with lip - a space cup
Astonaut Samantha Cristoforetti drinking from the space cup in the International Space Station

Para nuestra taza de #café necesitaremos muchas plantas como este bonito cafeto 🌿

#coffee #plants #plantsofmastodon #photography #fruits

Para los que somos viciosos del #cafe, aquí uno de nuestros adversarios: el #hongo que provoca la roya del cafeto.
#fungi #pathogens
#CoffeeLovers #coffee

From the vaults of Sillybot Incorporated: Combat Coffeemaker Mark I. Dark roasted coffee is really a weapon. Of course it use pods because war is a total waste. #drawing made with gel #ballpen on blue denim #paper #blueprint #machine #robot #coffee #illustration #cartoon #schematics #industrialdesign #mastoart #illustrator #art
Drawing of a robot combat coffee maker with mechanical legs. It has a huge water tank on top, a side rail pods feeder, a cup ejection system, a milk tank and technical info. Drawing is made on a blueprint style. Detail of the cup ejection system. A spring loaded hand that throws the cup upon the sleepy enemy.
A more close view of the drawing with the design card in front. Detailed view of the coffee pods feeder and milk tank

Bueno, mi suegra me regaló para navidad, una cafetera de vacío Cona, creo que es de los 50s, por el modelo. Probé con el café que tenía, que no se si es el molido adecuado, pero quedó muy bueno. Me sentí todo un químico en el laboratorio de Marie Curie #café #coffee #cafetera #vacío #vacuum #cona

It was a long day of roasting for the upcoming week. I have to make sure my son’s have enough coffee to work with for orders over the next few days without me at the shop. The week of the Park opening for winter is always a balancing act between our family business and my seasonal guiding job. I will be training guides on the ground tomorrow so it means my first day back in Yellowstone for the winter season. #Winter #Yellowstone #Coffee #Foodie #Nature #FamilyBusiness
Closeup of coffee being discharged from a red coffee roaster into a stainless steel cooling bin where the roasted coffee is finished.
Coffee being discharged from a red coffee roaster into a stainless steel cooling bin where the roasted coffee is finished. In the foreground you can see the Destoning unit which removes small rocks that sometimes remain after green coffee processing at the farm.

Open yourself up to the idea that #Bach wrote a comic mini-opera about #coffee and café culture. A German friend sent me this excellent performance of the Coffee Cantata. I thrust it into your timeline to push back the darkness. Tea drinkers are excused.

When you’re late making your morning coffee, maybe making it extra special is alright (even if the latte art isn’t up to grade).

#coffee #cappuccino #latteart #homebarista
An espresso portafilter full of untamped coffee. A cup of espresso with a nice golden crema on top.
Espresso extracting into a small white cup. A small cappuccino with some haphazard-at-best latte art on top.

🌞 MOIN, Ihr Koffeinjunkies*innen☀️😁
🔴 Platsch💦 und schon hat Giulia den Kaffee vergossen. Schlimm? Nein... bei Ihr wird es wunderschön. ☕
🔴 Splash💦 and Giulia has already spilled the coffee. Is that bad? No... with her it will be beautiful.☕
➡️ Artist: #BERNULIA #GiuliaBernardelli #Mantua Italy 🇮🇹
☕#streetart #mastoart #art
#coffeepainting #Coffee #foodart #Kaffee #BuonGiorno #Bonjour #GutenMorgen #GoodMorning

Recomiendo este café cerca de Tres Cruces, Mon Amour, Av. Italia y Berro # # # #

Me regalaron por todo lo que hice en la casa # # #

After months of working from home, I went to the #office again today, to welcome a new apprentice to our team (she's quite cool, btw). One problem arose, though. The #coffee machine hasn't been used for months and was out of order. The portable stove broke when switched on. NOCOFFEEREDALERT!!1!

Call it coincidence, luck, destiny - another colleague had a pressing iron in one of his desk drawers...

#Problem. #Solved.

PS: We're the IT department. #GNU / #Linux #sysadmins. Why are you asking?
An electric pressing iron turned upside down to heat an italian espresso cooking can.

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