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I'm about to give up on Nextcloud.
Installed with Snap, everything works fine except the external drive doesn't load at all even though the green checkmark is there.
Installed with command line, everything works for a few hours and then the site doesn't load at all. OCC commands say that Nextcloud is running fine, even restarted Apache and still doesn't work.
Spent all day on it yesterday to 2:30am.
Even tried using a Syncloud image, but wasn't able to mount the external drive at all.

Why doesn't this work?!

#nextcloud #question #technology #server #nas #computer #cloud #snap #ubuntu

El publico se renueva

Cloud temporal 100mb cada cuenta, para alojar tus archivos por un mes.
Y compartirlos con amigos.

user: reisub
password: reisub

user: guest
password: guest

#cloud #temporary

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