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This surveillance deep dive covers many aspects:
The Police Web – 37,000 Requests – Facial Recognition – Berla: Data Mining #Automobiles – Operations and #Tactical Planning – #LicensePlate Readers – #CellPhone Data – #Cellebrite and Phone Extraction – Minimal #Oversight – Resources

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I just made an app for KaiOS for aNONradio. It is based in some other radio app that i have modified. It allows to listen to the radio in the background and with the phone blocked/screen off. It started as a personal project for me to listen but it maybe serves for others as well. Feel free to download it and use it! --> You can watch a video on how to load webapps into KaiOS very easily, the video is in spanish but steps are in the description --> #anonradio #kaios #app #cellphone #sdf

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