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Items tagged with: cc0

I found the best description of any sound on Freesound 😛

#Freesound #Audio #CC0

El museo Smithsonian abre más de 4,4 millones de imágenes digitales (incluidos algunos 3D) a licencia #CC0 (básicamente, la capacidad de hacer con la imagen lo que te dé la gana). “¿Qué vas a crear?” reza la web.

HEY EVERYONE! i just released another #PixelArt drop on my Patreon (the post is public, no need to join, although support is greatly appreciated :BigBlobhajHug:)!

That's 4 more #CC0 backgrounds for everyone to use however they like 😀

You can use them in your #GameDev project, or as a wallpaper (4k versions included)
cover art for the pixel art pack

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