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Today, 46 Years ago the first #bbs goes online.

On February 16th 1977 in Chicago (IL,USA) Ward
Christensen and Randy Suess are about to finishing the last steps before switching the #CBBS #online.

The CBBS was the first Computerized #bulletin #board #system and would not only mark the Milestone for the Onlineage. It also allowed to invent and grow subcultures like the #demoscene. If your computer had a modem attached to it you could explore the world though it, since you're no longer physical bound to a location to do so.

In the upcoming years of #bbsing the #ansi char set would spark a whole #ArtScene that is still
present and activ today. The #ANSIart Scene. Even the exchange of text messages and files would break out of the local BBS. Tom Jennings created the #fidonet which was no less than a network that spans the world and allows the communication beyond all borders.

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