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My first cat that was "mine", who we got in 2001. His death was in a traumatic way, and until recently I didn't think we had any pictures of him, until I found one on an old blog. I wanted to show it, but for privacy reason obviously not, so I redrew it with some creative liberties and different kind of colors.

#PixelArt #MastoArt #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A pixel art image of girl with a ponytail sleeping with her arms around a content fluffy white and cream cat. They are on a horrible 80s floral couch.

Since it’s still #caturday here…Luxray was my foster & she got adopted in October of 2022. Leah Theresa is STILL being fostered & in need of a forever home! #NYCACC #cats #nyc #adoptdontshop
Profile pictures of two adoptable pretty black cats at animal care centers of nyc; the top, 5 year old Luxray, is listed as ‘no longer available.’ The cat below is 4 year old Leah Theresa.

Flora’s unconventional, but she knows a comfortable spot when she sees one. #Caturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon
A brown and beige cat reclines atop the back of a brown chair.

En este #caturday os propongo un reto: encontrar al segundo gato de la foto 👀 (en la segunda imagen Dean os da una pista)

#caturday #gatos #gatosDeMastodon #catsOfMastodon #TKZmascotas

Un gato negro y blanco tumbado sobre un sofá. A su derecha, a la izquierda de la imagen, se aprecia un bulto sospechoso debajo de la funda que cubre el sofá.
El mismo gato negro y blanco tumbado en el mismo sofá, solo que ahora está mirando fijamente ese bulto sospechoso debajo de la funda.

The cat bromance continues. Molesley was in the ER last weekend, but seems to have made a full recovery. #MastoCats #Molesley #Spratt #Caturday

What to do about a cat that is pulling the hairs from it's tail?

It's Formiga's adoptiversary!!! 5 years ago today I brought a skinny little cat with a belly full of worms home from the park and it was the best thing I've ever done 🖤🖤🖤 #AdoptDontShop #caturday
My cat, Formiga. Best cat

Ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet ...
#evenietsleuks #cat #caturday
Kat achter luxaflex, alleen zijn koppie steekt door d elamellen.
Ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet, ik ben er niet ...

Buenos días, y feliz #caturday

La obra de hoy se titula «No me quites mi juguete, que nos conocemos», y está firmada por Siete y Audrey.

Spoiler: al final se lo quita.

#CatsOfMastodon #gatos

Un gato negro está tumbado sobre una manta de frío para mascotas, con un juguete con forma de caramelo con su clásico envoltorio entre las patas. Frente a él hay una gata blanca, esta tumbada en una cama más propia del tiempo otoñal. Tiene una de sus patas sobre el caramelo con el que está jugando el gato, al que mira con admiración.

#buenosdías de domingo
Que perecita de finde me espera ya desde hoy. Así que lo empezamos desde el final para ir descontando días 😁
El #oraculodelcacao muy pobre. Ha sido remover con la cucharilla y a tomar por culo la espuma. A cambio os dejo a la nena que sin haber soñado la alarma me mira como diciendo : ande coño vas que en tres días has dormido 10 horas.
Ella sabe q si me levanto se acabó el plantarme el culo en la cara para que sólo respire pelos. Pero yo sé que lo hace con amor 🫶
#caturday #catsofmastodon
Gata persa blanca de pelo largo y ojos azules tumbada en la cama y mirándome con cara de sueño

Nanners was quite happy with the laptop purchase. She particularly liked the free cat bed it came in. #Lenovo #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday
A picture of a cat sitting inside and open cardboard box with a Lenovo laptop box posed in front of it. The cat is looking up at the camera with gold eyes and appears relaxed and content in the box.

Paver Volkov gives us this unsettling 2022 shot he entitled “A cat defending its human in war-torn Ukraine".

#caturday #WarInUkraine #RussiaInvadedUkraine #RussianWarCrimes

It’s the anniversary of our bestest cat sitting on my wife’s lap at the cat cafe, deciding that we were going to take her to our place back in 2017. We are so happy she chose us! #CatsOfMastodon #CATURDAY #CatBoss #tuxedocats
An incredibly happy grey tuxedo kitten, relaxed and sitting on a lap knowing that she had a new home…


#caturday, #tendresse

Hey, #Caturday people! have these old cat redraws I did in the past 😀

#PixelArt #Art #Cats

A Pixel Art Redraw of a cat staring at the camera with a cheeky smile, while saying "hehe" A Pixel Art Redraw of a kitten sitting in a loaf position, staring away from the camera. They're probably angry.
A Picture of a cat staring at the camera with a cheeky smile. You can hear them say "hehe" in your mind. A Picture of a kitten sitting in a loaf position, staring away from the camera. They're still angry.

Found while walking this afternoon.

Tags: #cat #caturday #nap #gato

An orange colored cat sleeping on a motorcycle seat.

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