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Sorry, Daisy, but you're going back to Amazon 🙂

#cats #catsofmastodon

Daisy, a ginger and white cat sitting in a cardboard Amazon Prime box. She's staring at the photographer with a 'you wouldn't dare' expression.

Antennas connected...✅
Transceiver powered up ✅
Amplifier in line ✅
Digital signal transmitting ✅

Lazy ass cat blocking everything ✅

Cat sprawled in front of radios.

Día frío y húmedo. Pachónidas prefiere ahorrar energía.
Gato blanco y negro dormitando en sillón gris.

#catsofmastodon #chatsdemastodon #chat #cat #nature
Les chats placent chaque patte arrière directement dans l'empreinte de la patte avant correspondante, minimisant ainsi le bruit et les traces visibles.
Démonstration 👇

Latte has a nasty habit of coveting what his brother Felix has. Felix is in a box? Latte will kick him out. Even if we have boxes for both of them, nope, Latte wants the one Felix has.

Felix is too good-natured to fight him over it and will just act antsy until Latte leaves or he just gives up and finds another spot.

I found this, though. A rare moment of peace... but...for how long?

#blackcats #cats #catsofmastodon #blackcatsofmastodon

Two black cats (Felix, top) (Latte, bottom) sharing a cardboard box.

Lydia was not ready to be awake at 5am this morning.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A close-up view of a grey striped tabby with very wide pupils, looking concerned.

Cat is sleeping like she's doing a slow-motion dive in a John Woo movie.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Cat sleeping on her wide with back legs extended and both front legs pointing back along her body.

#Caturday - Eclipse had his first visit to his Uncle Matthew in Burlingame - he did great on the 45 min drive, settled in nicely exploring all furniture options and belly rub opportunities - and stayed on my lap the entire drive home. @cat_news #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCatRanch

Dad...I'm too tired to turn knobs and flip go ahead and play radio ...I'm taking a nap !

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Neighborhood kitty Roxanne was all pissy that I woke her up just now until she realized I had whitefish salad with me.


#NYC #Photography #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Sunday

A photograph of a tortoiseshell colored, female adult cat named Roxanne laying all cute on the sidewalk along Broadway in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. No people are in the scene.

I got up to refill my drink, and my seat was stolen! Time to go back for a snack. My lap is going to be very occupied as soon as I sit, and Elsa has an attention span for attention. #catsOfMastodon #cats
A very fluffy black and grey tabby lays on a tan couch next to a geometric patterned throw pillow. She looks directly at the camera with yellow-green eyes and perked ears with giant tufts. Her extreme floof tail wraps around the front of her in an impressive display. She has one paw laying out front of her and the other tucked under her. She is very serious about getting a lot of attention.

It must be a hard life being a tiny cat.


A small grey cat snuggled up in a blanket, she is wearing a red collar

Thank you so much for the $25 and $100 donations for shelter!!! 💖

Can anyone match either of these? 🙏🏻

After rent our most urgent goals are our pain, psych, & seizure meds ($200 for both of ours), groceries ($100), our storage unit + late fees ($100), and our phone bill ($55)! 😟

Please keep boosting, y'all rock, thank you so much!!! 🥺

#Crisis #SurvivalFund #Autistic #MutualAid #Eviction #Shelter #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Needs #Medical #Groceries #Hungry

Fluffy grey-brown cat relaxing on an empty cardboard box with several packed boxes behind him. One front leg is hanging down casually as he looks up curiously with handsome green eyes.

I hope Dallas kicks in a little bit for the cable bill this month 🤣
Dallas the cat watching TV

When Puffin guards the steps from her third floor cat hut, passing by is a gamble; you might get a "meep" requesting pets, or a thwap from her mighty paw declaring that it is play time and you are the prey.


A brown tabby cat with a white chest sits in a sheltered part of a cat tower at the top of a flight of stairs. She is looking at the camera, which is photographing her from the bottom of the stairs.

Been volunteering for 3 campaigns and running around so much, I almost forgot it was

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Photo #TinyJoyYYC #yyc #abelxn

Grey white tiger tabby "helping" me decorate a Defend Alberta Parks sign with pipecleaner hearts!

While I appreciate all the votes in the poll, I hope you all understand that I cannot actually play favorites among my cats :nekolove:​

Fortunately I had exactly 7 squeezy-treats left in the box so everyone could get one. Well, except for Eleanor, so she got some of her favorite treats for being a good supervisor.

(Also note: Lydia, ever the independent, declined to come inside, so she'll get hers this evening.)

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Seven "Delectables" liquid treat packets arrayed in the foreground with four tabby cats and one black pomeranian in the background. The cats were trickling in for dinner. Mina (left) and Petunia (right) share another treat plate. Mina the grey classic tabby is head-down locking the plate while Petunia the striped tabby has come up for air, and to lick her nose clean.
Primrose (right, striped tabby) and Sumie (left, grey classic tabby) each licking up a mound of goopy treat from the edge of a paper plate. These two showed up on my doorstep together and still pair off as the two oldest.

More tabbies are visible behind them. Vincent (left, striped tabby) and Simon (right, also striped tabby) are very sweet brothers and they are both licking their treats from the same plate. Simon's tongue is visible. While Simon is a very good-sized boy, Vincent is simply massive.

Another tabby is visible behind them, as is Eleanor the dog. She is a very good dog who knows that she's not allowed to steal anything from the cats' plates (so she makes sure only to do so when she's certain no one is watching).

Primrose is celebrating her win in the poll by taking a nap in the afternoon sun. I'll have to hand out treats later when it's time for dinner.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A close up view of a striped tabby cat with her eyes mostly closed, face turned to the camera. A striped tabby cat with her mouth wide open in a yawn, revealing her top teeth as she is viewed in profile.
A striped tabby cat beginning to yawn with her tongue in a delicate curve and her whiskers lit up by the afternoon sun, with her head turned to the left. A striped tabby cat flopped down on a cat bed in a window. Her eyes are open but she is staring wide-eyed into the void.

Bonus poll: Which of the cats from this thread should receive extra treats for being so sweet and good-looking?

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

  • Simon (12 votes)
  • Vincent (10 votes)
  • Petunia (13 votes)
  • Lydia (11 votes)
  • Mina (10 votes)
  • Sumie (10 votes)
  • Primrose (15 votes)
Poll end: 2 days ago

And finally, Primrose, the mother of all the other rascals!

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Primrose the striped tabby standing in long grass with her tail curled in the air and looking to the left.
Primrose the striped tabby in the grass under a tree enjoying the shade and looking to the left. One of her kids is visible behind her.

Sumie is the eldest sister, from an earlier litter than the others. She loves to roll in the grass.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Sumie the grey classic tabby laying in the grass in the sun. She has bits of grass all over her.
Sumie the grey classic tabby on her back as he rolls in the grass, showing off her pale fluffy belly.

Mina, meanwhile, tends to look surprised as her default expression. She also decided that backyard time was the perfect time to clean her toes.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A grey classic tabby in a sunny yard looking into the camera with wide eyes.
Mina the grey classic tabby with her back toes splayed in her face while she licks them while sitting in a sunny yard. Her big brother is looking concerned behind her.

Lydia was doing her best to look like she was having no fun. She has resting "concerned" face.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A grey striped tabby sitting in a sunny yard and looking like she is enjoying none of it.
A grey striped tabby sitting in the shade looking like someone just told her that lunch was delayed and it'll be another two hours until she can eat. There are some lens flares in the foreground with the sun behind her through an oak tree.

Next up is Petunia, the littlest and fiercest sister.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Petunia the striped tabby stalking toward the camera through grass while looking to the left.
Petunia the striped tabby abruptly changing course and turning to flee, caught in mid-leap. She is trying to dash toward the top-right.

So let's have an appreciation thread for all the other cats too. First up is Vincent, Simon's bigger brother. Vincent isn't the biggest fan of posing in the sun, but he hangs out with me in my office frequently, and likes to jump in my lap when I'm least expecting it.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A striped tabby cat stalking through overgrown grass by a fence in a backyard. Vincent is stepping forward and looking to the right.
A large striped tabby viewed closer up in a backyard, looking to the left.

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