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Buenos días MastodonLand
(Sí, otra vez es Lunes 😭)
#Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A thing I like about cats is that they have no filter.

If a cat loves and trusts you, it's not because they are inclined by breeding to do so. It's because, despite their innate narcissism, they have decided you are worthy of attention.

If a cat thinks you are a good person, and worthy of a snuggle, it is in spite of them. It is begrudging. It is beyond earned.

If a cat loves you then you HAVE to love yourself. It's practically an order. You have been found worthy. It's not your choice. #cats

Black kitty snuggled into my side

This little guy is clearly running illegal SQUIRREL software on CAT hardware, but I'm still sharing it for #caturday.

#cat #cats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #humor #humour #funny #squirrel

a grey and white tabby cat hunched over, holding a yellow ball in the same posture as  squirrel with a nut

Good morning Fedi friends! I couldn’t come up with just the right caption for this #caturday photo… what do you think??

#cats #cat #catsofmastoeon #fedicats

Two cats, one laying on top of the other on a cat tree platform

¡Buenos días de sábado, personitas! :gif_pikachu_hi:

¿Cómo estáis empezando el día? Por aquí Sasu y su nuevo mejor amigo os desean un feliz #caturday y que disfrutéis mucho del finde :gif_cheer:

#gatosDeMastodon #catsOfMastodon #gatos #cats

Sasu, un gato negro, tumbado encima de una maleta verde puesta de lado, con un pequeño peluche de Winnie The Pooh entre sus patas delanteras

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #MasahisaFukase (深瀬 昌久) in Loc.: #Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵 1979 - Title: "Biba! Sasuke" - #Art #Cats #Streetart #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #CatsOfMastodon #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove
Photography. A black and white photo of a dark cat hanging from almost invisible white curtains, at the very top of a window pane. She has her arms and legs outstretched and seems to have discovered something interesting outside in the garden. (By the way, the window next to it is a bit open).
Info: It is the fabulous cat, named "Sasuke, the Second", of the artist, which he photographed for a photo book while hiding, climbing and playing. The cat also accompanied him everywhere on trips until he fell into a coma for 20 years (in 1992) after a fall and died in 2012. Sasuke was about thirteen years old when the accident occurred.

Blueberry (West Midlands, UK) does not like being locked out of the bedroom, but also has proved he cannot be trusted around cans of paint while the humans redecorate. This does not stop him complaining.

#cats #cat #CatNews #CatsOfMastodon

A cartoon of a black cat tentatively about to dip his paw into a can of violet paint.

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