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No se para que inventamos la tercera luz de freno como sistema de early warning, si ahora cualquiera con una SUV caga todo y no ves un carajo. Deberian estar prohibidas, son de otro lado donde en barrios residenciales de EEUU donde hay pocas casas por manzana y ademas tienen estacionamientos y calles más grandes. Aca la gente las quiere meter en pleno pocitos... o en el estacionamiento de Tres Cruces, por favor, es insultante y desmoralizante. Más info --> #car #suv #autos #ciudad #tránsito #uruguay

Whats new is old and old is new I think.

General Electric Charging Station and Electric Car In Garage of GE Treasurer Samuel Whitestone

General Electric Company 1911

Source, Science museum of Innovation & Science

A Runabout type electric car is plugged into a GE mercury arc rectifier charging station. The charging station is in the garage of Samuel Whitestone, GE Treasurer.

#car #electric #historic
Photo of car from 1911 plugged into elec charger in a garage.

Some sort of flying #vehicle from BR, an associated Motoretto company.
This series, created for true fans of classics scifi films is built over a cheap Motoretto engine, but covered with a gorgeous cardboard paper body design.

#Ballpoint #doodle #car with digital color overlay.
A cartoon blue flying car inspired by the iconic Blade Runner film police car.

We've built streetscapes that centre and prioritise cars before everything else. And then we wonder why kids don't play outside anymore, why they can't be independent.
Entire parks, playgrounds, homes and other amenities have been demolished since the 50s to make space for parking and motorways and service stations.
The cult of the #car has robbed us even of childhood.
Older folks wonder why don't kids go outside anymore?
The outside they built:
Picture shows a wide road full of cars and with no space for people at all.

This culture of anger that #CarCulture encourages has a very high cost. Lives are lost everyday inside and out of cars, but we've convinced ourselves that this is the only way to live. There's nothing we can do and these lives must be sacrificed in the altar of the #car.

Cars ruin cities. Cars ruin public transport, our health and our very lives.
Simpsons meme format. Willie the janitor says
Cars and cyclists are natural enemies.
Like pedestrians and cars.
Or public transportation and cars.
Or walkable cities and cars.
Or cars and other cars.
Damn cars, they ruined everything.

Space for cars can never be enough because of the natural rules of geometry and maths.
You cannot move that many people in their individual boxes. It is inefficient, wasteful and really at some point just plain impossible.
The #car is quite unique in the way that it is a mode of #transport that really quickly becomes worse the more people use it.
Aerial photo of a road next to light rail. There's a traffic jam and a train passing next to it. Numbers have been added to reflect the occupancy in each vehicle. All cars stuck in traffic have either a 1 or a 2 above them. The train has two carriages, each with 145 people in them.

My good firiend and New Leaf Journal colleague, @VictorVGurbo , names all of his video game protagonists "RICHARD NIXON." Knowing this, my attention was arrested when I saw a "NIXON" truck driving down Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn on July 9, 2021. Fortunately, my Motorola Moto e6 was ready to go, and I captured the moment on camera.


For those of you interested in the area, the building directly across the street on the left side of the photo is Brooklyn Borough Hall, the civic center of New York City's largest borough. The building across the street at the top of the photo is the Brooklyn Municipal Building. Sadly, despite these magisterial buildings, the area has fallen into some disrepair the last couple of years.

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