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I already predicted (in private #crypto circles and with friends) that the #BTC experiment in #ElSalvador would go awry and end up being a net loss in PR for crypto in general.

This is my new prediction:

Before the end of this year, we will have evidence that at least one relevant person or organisation with an anti-bitcoin agenda in the short term (ill-)advised the Salvadorean government or their contractors, or actively worked on this new legislation or its technical implementation, with the goal of damaging the reputation of #bitcoin, causing a price drop, or delaying/preventing endorsement or adoption by other governments or by big companies.

This could be (eg): a financial regulator or watchdog in a developed country with an interest in preserving the status quo, an investment fund trying to groom the market before going all in, a “whale” who is short (even privately) on BTC, a large bank with an interest in boycotting, some resourceful think tank or non-profit with a strong conservative or progressive bent, etc.

Extracción de una cantidad fija de euros. 10 minutos para enviar la cantidad de criptomoneda fijada en función de la tasa de cambio indicada a la dirección especificada. Comisiones no explicitadas. Sólo informan de *su* tasa de cambio. Las comisiones de las que habla el recibo son las que tú pagas por hacer la transferencia de criptomoneda a la cuenta de la empresa propietaria del cajero, como en cualquier transacción de criptomoneda.
#shitcoinsclub #btc #tron #ltc #eth #atm #criptoatm

Precio «per determinar». «Consulta disponibilitat i preus als nostres comercials.» #btc #bitcoin #gpu

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