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Items tagged with: brutaldon

Hace ratito anduve desde #brutaldon con #symbian. La verdad que tuviera desarrollo todavía... Sistema libre de Google y con apps que en su medida se movían bien #nokia808

For days #brutaldon is down, so I can't access to the fediverse from #symbian momento #brutaldon no funciona, asi que no puedo usar el fediverso desde #symbian

well, in fact instances of mastodon and pleroma too, but there are also web clients that allows to log in, like #brutaldon, that allows to have the fediverse on symbian. I'm able to log in with symbian on Friendica, but I'm not able to comment, seems to be an error in that part, so I was looking something to make it work. I saw an app called #gravity, but it doesn't seems to work anymore

I was thinking for symbian, there are web clients for microblogging that allows me to enter to mastodon or pleroma, for example, #brutaldon

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