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#Briar de momento
⤴️ Discreto, fácil, bonito y limpio, funciona en ice-cream
⤵️ Sólo comparte fotos, se atasca en ice-cream (al menos en el mío)

Liebe Leute. Mal eine Frage an all die, die Dienste wie google, twitter oder facebook inkl. aller Tochterunternehmen nutzen und parallel dazu im fediverse unterwegs sind und z.B. Messenger wie #briar, Protokolle wie #matrix oder #xmpp verwenden.

Was ist euer Eindruck der letzten Monate, was das Verhalten eurer Kontakte angeht. Sind das alles HardcoreUser die nur auf z.B. whatsapp schwören oder schauen die auch über den Tellerrand und sind interrssiert auch was anderes anzuschauen?

... Und wenn sie über den Tellerrand schauen: sind es weniger/mehr geworden?

Danke für eure Rückmeldungen

IMHO #briar would be a great application to have installed as a backup for exactly the reasons you discussed...principally it's ability to keep communications going during emergencies/internet outages. If deployed in small communities for example it could effectively create a meshnet in case of emergency. It's really amazing at what it does. I'd love to see a #tromlive in the future with some of these developers😀

#Briar in a nutshell:
(image description available )

to get it, or to read more about Briar, go to:
A comic with 3 images. In each image you see in the background cops siding against protester.<br>In the front a person with a red scarf and a smartphone in their hand. <br>In the first image the smartphone shows blocked access, and the person says: <br>"Damn, the government just shut down the internet." <br><br>In the second image the smartphone shows the logo of Briar, and the person says: <br>"Oh Yeah, that's why I have Briar." <br><br>In the last image the smarphone shows a picture of a cat, and the person says: <br>"No Regime can ever take funny catpics away from me."

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