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IMHO #briar would be a great application to have installed as a backup for exactly the reasons you discussed...principally it's ability to keep communications going during emergencies/internet outages. If deployed in small communities for example it could effectively create a meshnet in case of emergency. It's really amazing at what it does. I'd love to see a #tromlive in the future with some of these developers😀

Question to #Briar user:

How much battery percentage does Briar consume for you?

(if you could specify your phone model, OS, and usage habits that be great! Thank you!)

#Briar in a nutshell:
(image description available )

to get it, or to read more about Briar, go to:
A comic with 3 images. In each image you see in the background cops siding against protester.<br>In the front a person with a red scarf and a smartphone in their hand. <br>In the first image the smartphone shows blocked access, and the person says: <br>"Damn, the government just shut down the internet." <br><br>In the second image the smartphone shows the logo of Briar, and the person says: <br>"Oh Yeah, that's why I have Briar." <br><br>In the last image the smarphone shows a picture of a cat, and the person says: <br>"No Regime can ever take funny catpics away from me."

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