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I think that that might be on the menu! They are preparing some tests that will probably include something related. 😁 @briar Am I right? But I' don't know when that will happen. 😁 In the meantime I'm using Element for that. I am still waiting for an opportunity to test #Tox...

I like Briar a lot, it's security and ethics. Open Source, peer-to-peer can use tor and Bluetooth mesh. I'm looking for something to tempt my family away from WhatsApp but I'm tied between as it is also peer-to-peer but has video chat and data sharing. Do you know if Briar is planning this in the future? #tox #briar


I've been using Briar to communicate with family and I really like it. It is a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging app and you can even create private groups, forums and blogs with it! The messages are stored securely on your device and not in the cloud. You can connect with your friends through Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth. There's no voice, video or file exchange support, though. It's only a great and secure text app. I really like it! Have you tried it? What are your thoughts about it?


#messaging #security #privacy #Briar

#Briar in a nutshell:
(image description available )

to get it, or to read more about Briar, go to:
A comic with 3 images. In each image you see in the background cops siding against protester.<br>In the front a person with a red scarf and a smartphone in their hand. <br>In the first image the smartphone shows blocked access, and the person says: <br>"Damn, the government just shut down the internet." <br><br>In the second image the smartphone shows the logo of Briar, and the person says: <br>"Oh Yeah, that's why I have Briar." <br><br>In the last image the smarphone shows a picture of a cat, and the person says: <br>"No Regime can ever take funny catpics away from me."

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