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Made a 3D interpretation of the openSUSE login splash screen in Blender.

(There's a bit of denoise flicker but it will do for now. Using Super Image Denoiser helped a bit. Really cool plugin.)

I currently have the QML file play it as an image sequence. If (anyone sees this post and) could help me out with how to play a video file in QML it'd be very appreciated. 😀

#openSUSE #linux #blender3d #kde

Afternoon mograph. Had a thought of an animation for the new #MartianGraphics, though I still think I'm not doing a new one for this version. I like the rocket mucho. But this was something to occupy me for a little bit.
#Blender3D #B3D #GenerativeArt #3DArt

Afternoon mograph. Just wanted to work on my text workflow, and what better phrase to play with?

The text curves were created in Affinity Designer, exported as SVG, then brought into Blender, where they were extruded, welded, remeshed, and eventually Geometry Nodesed.
#Blender3D #B3D #MotionGraphics #3DArt

People are doing some amazing things with #krita these days: a Python plugin that allows you to realtime have a #blender3d scene as a layer in Krita, manipulatable. Color me deeply impressed!

It's release day, folks! I've just uploaded a brand spankin' new version of Martian Graphics, dubbed New Horizons, which now features 77 custom Geometry Nodes, a handful of shaders, and tons of love! Come grab the procedural tools everyone* is talking about, for the cool price of whatever you want to pay!
#Blender3D #Blender #B3D #MotionGraphics #MartianGraphics

The Martian Graphics: New Horizons launch graphic, featuring a red rocket blasting up in a spiraling trajectory from the surface of an unnamed orange planetary body. The side of the rocket says MARS for some reason.

It's update time! I've just uploaded the newest version of #MartianGraphics — Warp Drive! There are frankly too many updates to list, but the major improvements include a rebuilt cleaner animation system, and the addition of several modeling tools.

This pack is available for whatever you'd like to pay, and updates will always be free.
#Blender3D #B3D #3DArt #GeometryNodes #MotionGraphics #Mograph #generativeart

{🎙️~ Never gonna run around and splat you! ~✨}

I apologize 🙁
#Splatoon #Blender3D #AprilFools

Mas #renders que hice a través del #tutorial de #blentuts de #olivervillar en #blender3d . Este es mi primer trabajo en #3d hecho con #modelado #hardsurface . Espero que les guste mis #renders . Cada dia me siento mas seguro a hacer los proyectos que quiero. #renderart #3dart #3dartist #3dwork #blender #blender3.4 #cyclesrenderer

A #MartianGraphics Moment: Just wanted to go over the 5 primary particle looping tools in the kit, how they differ and what they're for. In the animation, you can see all 5 on display, which I think explains them pretty well. The ones in blue are all using the same input particles, while the orange ones are generating their own.
#Blender3D #B3D #MotionGraphics #Mograph

Afternoon mograph. Experimenting with my Scrunch node some more, and just found this angle and motion pretty hypnotic and decided to share. I think that might also be useful as a way of constructing cubes that have higher mesh density condensed in particular locations. Might experiment with that a bit.
#Blender3D #B3D #MotionGraphics #Mograph #MartianGraphics

Afternoon mograph. I discovered that the mix node's factor can now be set to values over and under 1, which opens up some fun modeling options. Makes my cell-cluster shapes easier to make, too.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #MotionGraphics #MartianGraphics

Tutorial time! Tonight, I'm covering basic use of the #MartianGraphics TimeStep system, which is my method for making trails (without simulation). This will also cover the two main animation nodes in the pack, Animator and Sine Loop. The result will be something similar to the animation below.

Let's get goin!
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #MotionGraphics

Here's one thing I'm exploring today. That voxel remesher from the other day, with the right settings, produces a useful pattern on a cube... some folks in the audience will recognize that as a sub-d control cage for simple rounded cubes. You plug that into a Subdivision Surface node, and you've now got procedural rounded cubes with controllable corner sharpness.
#Blender3D #B3D
A Blender workspace, passing the default cube into a Voxel Remesher node group. The results, a cube with extra topology near the edges, is displayed on the right.

I just completed the challenge of the week in the Blender Telegram group and created a 3D shop with #Blender3D! from a reference, it looks cool and can't wait to see what the next challenge will bring. Who else is working in 3D modeling skills with Blender? #3DModeling #BlenderChallenge

Release time — I'm very pleased to announce my first lupe library, Rad Planet Vol 1!

With a total of 107 looping animations, this is a bright, colorful, and eclectic collection, priced at $20. The licensing terms allow you to use these lupes in any project w/ a budget under $250,000. For projects bigger than that, please contact me privately for terms.

#Blender3D #B3D #MotionGraphics #Mograph #MastoArt #Animation #abstract #DJ #VFX
A blue, Moon-like planetoid, lit brightly from above and behind. There are two vertical white bars near the edges of the frame. Orange text reads "Rad Planet Vol 1", and white text beneath it says, "Animated Lupes By Fidel Destro"

Afternoon mograph. A variety of things going on here, including animated chains by way of my Curve March group, some creative application of Exponential Scale, and a bit of exercise mixing procedural animation and keyframed stuff. In most cases (and here) that's as easy as adding a Math Add node after the Animator.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #MotionGraphics

Alrighty! Let's talk text workflow for motion graphics in Blender Geometry Nodes. Given the text tools we've got, these shots are what you might expect as a workflow — create text, turn it into a mesh, and voila! Well, this is less than ideal for 2 reasons: kerning, and mesh topology.

As you can see, Blender's automatic kerning isn't the best, and modifying it through Geometry Nodes is a pain. The mesh is messily constructed, and subdivides poorly.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #Tutorial
A Blender Geometry Nodes graph, displaying a text-to-mesh workflow, using the Text To Curves, a Fill Curve, and Extrusion (coupled with Flipping the original face around). Vertices are Merged By Distance to create a solid manifold mesh.

Blue arrows in the 3D window highlight poor automatic kerning.
A wireframe view of the resulting text, having been subdivided. This mesh has very uneven face density, and is a mixture of quads and triangles. Not great for deformation. Maybe nice for something SynthWavey.

Twitter is deprecating their free API next week; this probably means the end of the automated news and art sharing on Twitter of the BlenderNation and Blender Artists communities on Twitter. But fortunately you can follow them here too 😀


#twitterapi #blender #blender3d

#Lightfarm Are searching for a 3D Artist to work 100% remotely! Wanna work with them? Read and fill out the form at the following link. Good luck!

LightFarm use #Blender #b3d #Blender3d

please Share this 😀

After much hemming and hawing, I finally did it.... the Martian Graphics node pack is now up on Gumroad, available for absolutely whatever you might like to pay for it (but especially for $5,000,000).

#Blender3D #B3D #GeometryNodes #MotionGraphics #Mograph #Animation #Procedural #GenerativeArt

Listo el modelo y textura de mi Lobo Mecánico (Comisión).

Como reto, lo he pintado directamente en Blender creando brochas, mascaras y jugando con uvs.

#b3d #Blender3d #blendercommunity #OpenSource #SoftwareLibre #BlenderLatino #3dart #3drender #gamedev
Lobo - resultado final modelo y materiales Lobo - Visual de la malla
Lobo - vista del albedo Lobo - visual desde atras

Content warning: intentionally hypnotic, saccharine messaging, loopyness, slowly strobing lights

Just a minor corrections left to the rear suspension, tires and some other "invisble" details and... texturing!

#b3d #Blender3d #MastoArt
volkswagen t2a modeled in blender, concept by Alejandro Burdisio, nomad and mad max style volkswagen t2a modeled in blender, concept by Alejandro Burdisio, nomad and mad max style, side detail
volkswagen t2a modeled in blender, concept by Alejandro Burdisio, nomad and mad max style, military antenna detail

'Folded thoughts' by Tamás Török #b3d #blender3d #blenderart #blenderrender #blendercommunity

Rainy afternoon mograph. Exercises in perplexing motion, while I get back into the swing of things. The only kinda tricky part is the little glowing orbs that hang around the surface and wobble about. I'm capturing face normals, converting a random selection of those faces to points, instancing particles on them, then moving the instances a smidge outward using the normal (plus looped noise for the wobble).
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #MotionGraphics

Afternoon mograph. First of the new year, pretty much just playing around with timestep instances and curve march. I was originally using noise to animate the movement, but if you want things to look like they're following a path, the best option is probably to give them a path to follow.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #MotionGraphics

Happy birthday @Blender !

Today is Blender's birthday again. Happy birthday to this 29 years young program 😀

The screenshot was made on my old SGI Indy, because Blender was initially made by @tonroosendaal on an SGI machine.

#b3d #Blender3D #birthday #celebration
Screenshot of the Blender source code, dated 1994-01-02.

Here’s a similar yoyo design to the previous one I posted, with some differences that are mostly important to folks who play yoyo. The diameter is much bigger, the inner section is more open, the width is larger by a bit, and the steel weight rings press on from the outside, appearing to wrap over the aluminum. These changes would make it feel much different in the hand and in play.

This #yoyo was designed in #freecad and rendered in #blender3d with the help of the sverchok nodes plugin.
3d render of two bimetal (steel and aluminum) yoyos on a plain background. The yoyo shape has broad steel rings, rounded over the rim, with a drop into a slope before the bearing and response area. The cup of the yoyo has two concentric steps down into a little circular divot. The aluminum body is anodized with a pink to blue fade color.

Late night mograph. A friendly person suggested I make an animated banner, and I'm a very silly person, so I immediately went about updating the one I've got (made in Photoshop a decade ago), but with some additions and alterations. Gonna put the animation and the original still up here in the same post.
#Blender3D #B3D #Mograph #Photoshop #GraphicDesign

Working on a yoyo design that mixes different materials for an aesthetic effect - anodized aluminum and wooden rings. I want to work on it some more, but this captures the idea pretty well. Eventually, I might get this manufactured as a special edition design for the yoyo club here in Atlanta.

Yoyo design is my art and I am enjoying it more than ever

(#yoyo designed in #freecad and rendered in #blender3d)
3d render of a matte black yoyo with a shiny ball bearing, and wooden rings inset in the sides, on a diffuse blue surface, with soft lighting. The wooden rings show prominent grain, but it's done poorly because I'm not so great at 3d rendering materials yet

'Falcon Chase' by Jack Bowman #b3d #blender3d #blenderart #blenderrender #blendercommunity

I have added support for Mastodon, Sketchfab and ArtStation profile links to BlenderArtists!

More information here: #blender3d #artstation

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