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I've created a set of Science Tusky emoticons for the #ScienceMastodon community that can be used for free by instances!

Had a lot of fun making these - if you want to use them, please send me an email via my website and I'll send you the transparent versions.

Set includes:
- Chemist x2
- Physicist
- Computer Scientist
- Geneticist
- and starry eyed scientist

#science #scicomm #art #illustration #mastoart #mastodon #chemistry #scientist #researcher #physics #biology #computercience
Science tusky icons! Chemists, Physicist, Geneticist, computer scientist and more

Carnivorous oyster mushrooms can kill roundworms with “nerve gas in a lollipop” - Enlarge / Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) serenely growing on a ... - #molecularbiology #chemistry #mushrooms #nematodes #science #biology #ecology #toxins #fungi

I've loved this cartoon ever since I first saw it.

#Science #Biology #Physics
A cartoon with two scenes. Both with rabbit next to a river under the Sun with birds flying in the sky mountains in the distance and trees and plants growing close by. But the second panel shows the same scene with piles of equations over the scene. Maxwell's equation, Gravitational formula (Newton and Einsteins) Napier-Stokes, in the water Evolution trees,  presevaton of momentum,  Some QM pile of chemical formulas... I may have missed/misread a few..

Bottom scene is labelled "This is how scientist see the world"

=== Introduction Post ===
I am Arya, a Libre Software Enthusiast and Student from Chennai, India.

My interests are #freesoftware and related tech, #history , #geography and #biology

I am also the system administrator of ~vern, a tilde ( which is focused on free software and offers over 75 services.

I don't post here frequently but you can find me active on the ~vern matrix room (

All other contact details can be found at

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