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It's like your own custom climate science algorithm...

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It's the #InternationalBiodiversityDay!
Industrial agribusiness boosted by generous subsidies produces plenty of #meat. Meat production requires large areas & takes space from wild nature.
So let's eat less meat, and help to revive #biodiversity!
#BiodiversityDay #forests #beef
A man eats meat in the middle of the clearcut forest. Waitress asks "have you considered biodiversity, before you order?" 
Man replies, "Um no, can I have it for dessert?"

Nouvel article de Ornithomedia ! Quels sont les principaux facteurs d’échec de la nidification des oiseaux dans les nichoirs ?

Lien :
#ornithomedia #news #biodiversity #science #ornithology

Fungi season is upon us & I'm enjoying replacing last years' photos with new ones of both the tops and undersides.

I'll never identify them all (150+ species so far) but at least this makes it easier to work out which are the same species and which are different.

#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Fungi #Mushrooms #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Biodiversity #Nature

Two photos of a tiny mushroom with a thin stalk growing on a piece of wood. One photo shows the top of the cap, and the other shows the underside. Most of it is white, but the top of the cap is dark blue in the centre fading to very pale blue around the edges. At the base are small blue balls which are young instances of the same species. Photos of some small brown fan-shaped fungi, taken from above and below, growing from the side of a log. The tops are smooth and toffee-coloured with a tiny patch of white fluff where they join the log. From the underside you can see a tiny stem that connects to the wood. Its gills are a paler colour than the tops.
Two photos of a cluster of mushrooms with thin stems growing out of a mossy log. The caps and stems are brown, with the center of the caps being darker, and the gills are white. Two photos of tiny bright orange fan-shaped fungi with short stems growing from a piece of wood. The first shows the tops of the fungi which look slightly velvety. The second shows the underside which, instead of gills, has a series of teardrop-shapes holes arranged from the stem out to the edges and looking like they were 3D printed.

"The project will offer education and support for students, businesses and entrepreneurs to create a local biodiverse economy."

Sounds exciting!

#amazon #science #museum #environment #biodiversity #climate #brazil #southAmerica

The Museum of Amazonian Science offers global hope and sustainability
An environmentalist’s ambitious project includes the Museum of Amazonian Science in Brazil and fulfils his vision of powering up the local bioeconomy and saving humanity

I built a mini JohnsonSu bioreactor this morning to have biologically rich compost ready for this time next year. It has an outer skin of wire mesh covered in mypex. This is placed on a pallet and downpipes with air holes drilled in them are placed over the gaps in the pallet.

Then add each layer of compostable material and regularly water it as you go. I alternated wood chip layers with grass cuttings and garden weeds.

Tomorrow I’ll remove the downpipes to leave air holes where they were in the pile to allow air flow throughout.

I’ll monitor the temperature over the coming days. It should build to above 55°C and above for at least a few days then start to fall.

When the temperature drops below 27°C I’ll add two or three hundred worms from my worm bin. Then it’s a question of keeping it watered.

#Compost #JohnsonSu #Allotment #GrowYourOwn #GYO #Gardening #Gardens #Compostodon #Allotments #SoilHealth #Soil #SoilLife #Biodiversity #Fungi
Layer of garden weedings and glass clippings inside the bioreactor. Downpipes in place have air holes drilled in them for air flow Circle of wire mesh wrapped in mypex is placed on top of a pallet to form the shape of the bioreactor
Mini JohnsonSu bioreactor full with downpipes in place for the first 24 hours Layer of wood chip over the previous layer of grass and weeds.

Peeling back the layer of hay there are small strands of white fuzz appearing on the surface of the bran inoculated with IMO#2. It’s not heated up as high or as fast as I was expecting but it was up to 25°C this morning after unexpected overnight rain and a low outside temperature of 5°C.

#KoreanNaturalFarming #KNF #IMO #Biodiversity #MicroOrganisms #Gardening #SoilHealth #RegenerativeAgriculture #SoilBiology #Soil
You can just see strands of white fuzz showing on the surface of the inoculated bran underneath a top layer of hay

I had a go at making some IMO#3 today.

Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) are captured & cultured by burying a box of cooked rice in the ground surrounded by leaf litter and fungal matter. White fuzz forms on the rice , this is IMO#1, add this to brown sugar and ferment it & you have a refrigerator stable IMO#2.

I added a tablespoon of IMO#2 to approx each 15 L of rainwater and mixed into bran until I had the right moisture level (i.e. when I squeezed the bran in my hand I had one or two drips of water between my fingers).

I used 35 kgs of bran. This should now heat up to 40°-50°C, will need turning to avoid going hotter. In a week this should be covered in white fuzz (IMO#3). 🤞

I’ll then add equal quantity of soil to the bran and again this should grow a white fuzz in a week. This will be IMO#4 and the end of the process. This can be stored and used as a biologically rich soil amendment.

#KoreanNaturalFarming #Gardening #SoilHealth #Soil #Allotment #Biodiversity
Ready to make IMO3. All you need is IMO2 and many litres of rainwater and kilograms of bran The wannabe pile of IMO3 covered in hay to help preserve the moisture level of the pile
IMO2 rainwater and bran mixed together in a pile 25 centimetres high with a soil thermometer reading about 13°C

Please leave the leaves. And make a vow: no more leaf blowers!

#Nature #Bees #Biodiversity
Cutaway drawing of a bumblebee queen hibernating inside a leaf-covered nest.
Text says:

Scientists Hope To Save Last Two White Rhinos From #Extinction

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya is home to the last two northern #WhiteRhinos left on Earth, Najin and Fatu. They are mother and daughter and cannot reproduce naturally, as there are no males left for them to mate with.

The last northern white rhino

#NatureServe, which curates #biodiversity data from across #Canada 🇨🇦 and the #United #States 🇺🇸 estimates that “40% of #animals and 34% of #plants in the #USA are at risk of #extinction, while 41% of #ecosystems are facing #collapse.”

Each extinction is forever, and can create an unfillable #functional gap in an ecosystem.

Collapse begets collapse - of ecosystems, #ecosystem #services, and #societies. We are collectively on a #dangerous track.

From the image heading: “The endangered dusky gopher frog, a darkly colored, moderately sized frog with warts covering its back and dusky spots on its belly, is shown in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters January 22, 2018. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service”

Highly important paper about projected changes in marine biodiversity under different climate scenarios. Based on information on >33000 species and scenarios for 7 environmental factors, Doro Hodapp and colleagues show that we need to expect massive turnover characterized by reductions in suitable habitat size and separation into smaller sub-areas.

#Biodiversity #RangeShift #Scenarios #HIFMB #ClimateChange #HIFMB
Graphical abstract of the paper by Hodapp et al. summarizing the main findings of the described paper.

RT @UNBiodiversity
Mysterious new species of bioluminescent fungus from the bamboo forests of Meghalaya.
@lifesciexplore @naturenomics
#newspecies #mushrooms #biodiversity #NorthEast

via @MongabayIndia

The Story of Palm Oil Is a Story About Capitalism
#PalmOil #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife #HumanRights #HumanRightsViolations #nature #biodiversity #Ecosystem #ecosystems

I love the miniature #landscapes of #nature. This image of a tiny #forest of pixie cups - a type of lichen which is a mutualistic relationship between fungus and algae - was taken less than 200m from my house in the Frontenac Arch... The living world is amazing!!!

#biospherereserve #biodiversity #lichensubscribe #mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi #fungus #mycology #natureconnection #naturephotography #macrophotography #pagan #animism @animism #fungifriday
A miniature forest of pixie cups, a type of lichen. Though they appear like odd branchless trees widening as they rise and with a canopy shaped like a cup or bowl, they are less than 2cm tall.

After urging world to abandon #coal, UK approves new coal mine
This development is coming a month after the global #climate change summit in Egypt and also at the same time as the UN #biodiversity conference happening in Canada.

To mark #LostSpeciesDay today, a special post — “A Bestiary of Loss” — images of 39 recently extinct animals and their stories, from the aurochs to the ivory-billed woodpecker: #biodiversity #extinction #art #illustration #history #histodon #histsci #zoology
Composite image of lots of extinct animals, mostly illustrations from historical zoological volumes.

Instead of using museums to get publicity for our current predicament, activists have occupied the private airplanes field at #Schiphol.

👇 (Dutch)

This is the type of target & action I can support.

When will our governments finally take responsibility and limit/prohibit private airplane trips? Including those made by the government & the royal family.

We are in a #climatecrisis!

#klimakrise #klimaatcrisis #biodiversity #duurzaamheid #sustainability #mobility

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