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“Electric cars are still cars. The focus on electric cars stands in the way of truly transformative change: better public transit and better laid-out cities that encourage active modes of getting around, such as cycling.”

Fewer (& smaller) cars, less driving, more choices, better cities.

#cities #urbanism #cars #EVs #bikes #transit

Never forget, multimodal streets (aka “complete streets”) are simply more efficient, because they move, hold & serve more people within the same space. Whether you think streets are just for moving people, or are for a LOT more, they’re just better.

Via NACTO #citymakingmath #cities #streets #CompleteStreets #cars #bikes #transit
Graphics comparing the stats for car-oriented streets vs multimodal streets. The latter outperforms the former.

Can any #bike people out there in the fediverse help me with this - I need a new bearing for this rear wheel, but I don't know what terms to use to get me the right thing. The axle is 9mm and the inside or the freewheel is threaded and 34mm.

The original broke and fell out while I was riding, and I couldn't find it.

#bikes #help

There's bike infrastructure, and then there’s Dutch bike infrastructure.
#Hovenring, the World's 1st suspended bike path roundabout (although some Norwegians I know dispute that…)
#cities #BikeLanes #urbanism #bikes #Dutch

Here’s the thing — If you HAVE to drive, or even just WANT to drive, it’s in your best interest for public transit, walking & biking to be as attractive as possible to EVERYONE else. It means everyone else can take up a lot less space to move.

If everybody drives, nobody moves.

#cities #mobility #cars #bikes #transit #urbanism #transportation #cityplanning

I didn’t realize that the Dutch fought for their bike lanes. There’s a lot of history within this that I’m currently naive about but excited to learn!

Here’s the article I’m starting with — How the Dutch got Their Cycle Paths:

#bikes #urbanism
Black and white image of Dutch cyclists laying down on the road with their bikes in protest against the domination of cars. 

This is considered one factor as to why the Netherlands has such a superb cycling infrastructure.

Never forget, a 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for ALL ROAD USERS. And painted bike-lanes? No safety improvement at all. As for sharrows, it’s safer to NOT have them. Via #StreetsblogUSA, read their article. #bikelanes #bikes #cities #transportation #mobility #sharrows #infrastructure #urbanplanning

Kia ora toot friends. (Hello in Māori language)
Tonight I am bringing some #transport, #bikes, #cycling, #urbanism and #antiCar #memes.
I hope you enjoy them and are radicalised like I am. Once you start seeing how we've been trapped by #carDependency you cannot unsee it again.
Let's fight for space for people, cities that are walkable, accesible, clean, green and safe.
Of course, please contribute your own memes to the thread and also radicalise your family, workmates and friends!
Cartoon illustration of a traffic jam, all de angry looking drivers are hares (rabbits) glaring at a happy looking tortoise passing them all while riding on its red pushbike.

🌌 New themed servers in #Fedi network (3/3): - for techies and tech-curious people - for passionate technologists - for #Kubernetes, container and #cloud native enthusiasts - for people who like #bikes, transit, and walkable #cities - for bike and pedestrian #infrastructure - for #rail enthusiasts


Hoy hemos salvado la vida 😅, no iba a ser bonito todo con la bici. De momento rasguños aunque me duele hasta el alma, sobre todo las muñecas, por lo que quizá pasemos reconocimiento por el hospital.

Buena forma de estrenar equipación 😅 el cullotte bien pero el maollot se ha hecho un par de agujeros.

# # #

La ruta (acortada, que tras la caida pillamos camino mas corto a casa) --»

Another day, another Strida ride. This time 10 miles round trip to my former college town, Oxford, Ohio. Hopefully tomorrow I can make the journey again and explore the first branches of its future belt line multi use trail system. @dctrud@snowdusk__@claudiom@cfenollosa@stug@jirka@darkstar@kelbot@robert588@pizza_pal@publius@apiziali #bikes #fedibikes @mastobikes

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