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My niece: How did you all survive?
Hold my beer.

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Can any #bike people out there in the fediverse help me with this - I need a new bearing for this rear wheel, but I don't know what terms to use to get me the right thing. The axle is 9mm and the inside or the freewheel is threaded and 34mm.

The original broke and fell out while I was riding, and I couldn't find it.

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Tell politicians cycling matters - cartoon for Cycling UK.

You can join in the Cycling UK action here:

I'm building a library of diagrams like this - you can see them all here:

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Cartoon: Tell politicians cycling matters.
There's 20 points, each illustrated with a mini cartoon. (I haven't described the detail of each cartoon, as it will make this unbearably long, but they are fairly straightforward depictions of each point.)
The 20 points:
Keeps people healthy and protects the NHS
Makes people happy
Tackles climate change
Gives people freedom and mobility
Is better value than motorways
Boosts workplace productivity (fewer sick days)
Is great for mental health
Appeals to all age groups
Required less parking space in towns
Creates jobs through cycle tourism
It's what the public want
Saves you money
Is a sociable activity
Increases life expectancy
Cuts air pollution
Connects people with the countryside
Supports local business and high streets
Frees public transport for those that need it
Makes more efficient use of road space
The view from the top of the hill is amazing
Text underneath says 'Help us save England's cycling budget - '

IV Marcha Cicloturista MTB “Reserva de la biosfera de La Siberia”

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Ruta MTB de hoy por la sierra de Cáceres. Una pena que tuviesen cortado el paso al santuario de la montaña, ya que desde allí hay muy buenas vistas a la ciudad. # # # # #

My good firiend and New Leaf Journal colleague, @VictorVGurbo , names all of his video game protagonists "RICHARD NIXON." Knowing this, my attention was arrested when I saw a "NIXON" truck driving down Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn on July 9, 2021. Fortunately, my Motorola Moto e6 was ready to go, and I captured the moment on camera.


For those of you interested in the area, the building directly across the street on the left side of the photo is Brooklyn Borough Hall, the civic center of New York City's largest borough. The building across the street at the top of the photo is the Brooklyn Municipal Building. Sadly, despite these magisterial buildings, the area has fallen into some disrepair the last couple of years.

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Lo siento, that sucks ! 🤬#Bike theft is a big problem in France as well...


Fahrradfahren - Public Domain

Weiße Rose

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#Tousled #Crane on #Tour


Wenn Du niedergeschlagen bist, wenn dir die Tage immer dunkler vorkommen, wenn dir die Arbeit nur noch monoton erscheint, wenn dir es fast sinnlos vorkommt, überhaupt noch zu hoffen, dann setz dich einfach aufs Fahrrad, um die Straße herunterzujagen, ohne Gedanken an irgendetwas außer deinen wilden Ritt!
Immer noch aktuell, der #Spruch vom ollen Arthur Conan #Doyle und ich mag ihn, den Spruch (-:

Bleibt senkrecht und gesund!

@Kathryn Barr and I were out for a walk today in the new #snow and ran into our friend Jamil, who has a new snow #bike or rather delta #trike.

#cycle #cycling #biking #triking

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