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How can something immaterial like software have an #environmental footprint? What do ecolabels have to do with software design? Why do we ❤ Free Software today and every day ... also because it is sustainable software?

We explore these and other questions in #KDEEco's new measurement handbook "Applying The #BlueAngel Criteria To Free Software: A Handbook To Certify Software As #Sustainable".

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Cover image for the KDE Eco handbook. The text reads: "Applying The Blue Angel Criteria To Free Software: A Handbook To Certify Software As Sustainable. A KDE Eco initiative". The KDE Eco logo is displayed below: A blue K with a green gear wrapping around it and at the top one of the gear's cogs begins sprouting a leaf. Below this is the website URL The cover's background image is a reference to Plasma's current login screen. (Handbook cover and KDE Eco logo designed by Lana Lutz.)

Some e-waste statistics:

- "fastest-growing waste stream" (World Economic Forum)
- In 2016: 44.7 million tonnes generated = 4500 Eiffel towers
- By 2021: 57.4 million
- Less than 20% is collected/recycled
- 70% of landfill toxic waste is e-waste
- Production of smartphone = 80+% of CO2 emissions over a device's lifetime

When the right to repair includes software we can fight software-driven hardware obsolescence and bring these numbers down!

#Sustainability #UpcyclingAndroid #BE4FOSS #FEEP

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