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When disposing of old lead-acid batteries, keep in mind that the price of lead is currently €2.20 per kg.

Most of the weight of a lead-acid battery is lead. So four 27kg 100Ah batteries are worth over €200 in resources, minus a little for extracting and disposing the rest.

So don't let anyone fool you into paying for battery disposal. If they get to collect it for free, you're doing them a big favour.

#Battery #LeadAcid #Recycling #Lead

An Extension to Change Battery Indicator Icon in GNOME Shell #news #battery #gnome_extensions

In my #battery install I'm making progress! Cable is now where it needs to be (I found an only cable route in could follow) and boards are down for the batteries. I'll finish today by tidying up the cable run. No batteries will be installed today (as expected!). 😃
Meter cupboard in the background with me holding the cable, that is now where it should be, in my hand.
My loft with insulation on the floor. Two chipboard panels have been cut and screwed in place to hold the batteries. It sits close to the inverter which is currently installed.

Check Your Battery’s Health from the Command Line with Battop #apps #how_to #battery #battop #command_line #rust #terminal_apps

Check Battery Status on Ubuntu Using This GNOME Extension # # # #

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