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“On many early microcomputers, BASIC was more than a language — it was also the operating system of the machine, the interface between the electronics inside the beast and the gawk-eyed neophyte at the keyboard.”

⸺ G. Michael Vose

From page 298 of Byte Magazine Volume 09 Number 04 (1984 April) - "Real-World Interfacing"

#basic #basicProgramming #retroComputing #vintageComputing

Here's a fun find. Scripting HTTP requests with #BASIC (using #FujiNet).

59 years ago today, the first computer program written in #BASIC was run.

The easy-to-learn and -use #programming language revolutionized #computing. A decade later, #BillGates would co-found #Microsoft to develop and sell the BASIC interpreter for the #Altair 8800, the first commercially successful desktop microcomputer.

More from when #Dartmouth celebrated BASIC’s fiftieth anniversary:

#ProgrammingLanguages #ComputingHistory #retrocomputing #coding

Video interesante en inglés, sobre la historia del hacking de las calculadoras Texas Instruments --> #texasinstruments #calculadoras #calculator #hacking #programming #gaming #games #assembler #basic

#UnDiaComoHoy nace el científico de la computación Thomas Kurtz

Profesor de matemáticas

Co-desarrollador del lenguaje de programación #BASIC

Junto a J. Kemeny desarrollaron el Dartmourh Time-Sharing System y el lenguaje BASIC.

Ganador del Premio IEEE Computer Pioneer Award 🏆

#UnDiaComoHoy fallece la pionera informática Mary Kenneth Keller.

Co-desarrolladora del lenguaje de programación #BASIC

Primera mujer en recibir un PhD en Ciencias de la Computación.

Fundadora del Departamento de Ciencias de la Universidad Clark de Iowa.


I got my copy of #VisionBASIC (BASIC compiler for the #C64) in the mail and I must say the quality of the package and materials is phenomenal. The box is very sturdy and the manual is just beautifully designed and constructed.
There's so much great stuff in the manual, especially the inline machine language support and text, bitmap, SID, and sprite support commands. #basic #commodore #retro #gamedev #asm
An opened software box titled Vision Basic with two 5 1/4 floppy disks labeled Vision Basic and Spreditor and a USB thumbdrive. There is also a spiral bound manual open to a page titled Chapter 16: sound commands.

Looking through this collection, it looks like you can use at least the following programming languages to write programs in #DOS :
#C #rexx #prolog #asm #ada #basic (several BASIC dialects, some compiled even) #forth #Cpp #pascal #modula2 #lisp #smalltalk #fortran #cobol #logo #perl #python

In 1981 I got some money for my birthday (I didn’t often have money, we were a poor family). I went to the only wargames shop in my local town, & they had a game on display that cost exactly what I had. I bought it, thinking it was a board game. Took it home, opened it & exclaimed to my mum: “I’ve been ripped off - this game hasn’t got a board!” After my initial irritation, I read the red book in the box.

The rest, as they say, is history. #DnD #Basic, #Moldvay edition was my 1st #ttrpg 😊
DnD Basic and Expert, plus other stuff from 1981-83, from my games library

#UnDiaComoHoy fallece la pionera en el campo de la programación Mary Lee Woods 👩🏻‍💻

Programadora de #BASIC #Fortran y otros lenguajes.

Formó parte del equipo que desarrolló programas para los computadores:

🖥️ Mark 1.
🖥️ Mark 1 Star.
🖥️ Ferranti Mark 1.


Hoy en la serie #MujeresSTEM conoce a Mary Kenneth Keller

Pionera informática y religiosa católica, fue co-desarrolladora del lenguaje de programación #BASIC

Y un día como hoy en el año 1965, se convierte en la primera mujer en obtener un doctorado en informática en Estados Unidos.

Content warning: Sistema de Tiempo Compartido de Darthmouth

Pionera informática y religiosa católica.

Primera mujer en obtener un doctorado en informática en Estados Unidos.

Co-desarrolladora del lenguaje de programación #BASIC

Primera mujer en acceder a la universidad Dartmounth.

Conoce a Mary Kenneth Keller.


Informático y profesor.

Fue uno de los desarrolladores del lenguaje de programación #BASIC

Pionero en el uso de los computadores en el área de la educación.

Presidente de la academia Dartmounth College.

Trabajador del Proyecto Manhattan.

John Kemeny, nació un día como hoy.

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