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NEW - for my friends here in Germany and Europe - I opened a shop at Art Heroes!

NEU - für meine Freunde hier in Deutschland und Europa - ich habe einen Shop bei Art Heroes eröffnet!
Kostenloser Versand nach DE von hochwertige Drucken meiner Bilder auf Leinwand, Alu-Dibond, Poster und mehr.
Noch habe ich erst wenige Bilder hochgeladen, aber es werden laufend mehr. Schaut einfach mal vorbei.

#MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #FediGiftShop #cats #InteriorDesign #BuyIntoArt
Black cat is an acrylic painting in contemporary square format painted by artist Karen Kaspar. A black cat is hiding in a meadow. You see the head of the black cat with green eyes. The background is painted with bold expressive brushstrokes in shades of green, yellow, orange and ocre.

A cute little church nestled among a few houses and trees with Mt. Baker rising in the background made for a nice sunset image. You never know what you find when driving around on back roads

"Fir Conway Church and Mt Baker Sunset"

#ayearforart #Buyintoart #Springforart #WashingtonStateBeauty #PacificNorthwest #photography #MastoArt #landscapephotography
A cute little church nestled among a few houses and trees with Mt. Baker rising in the background made for a nice sunset image.

A little bit taste of the tropics on a chilly winter day! (At least chilly if you are in the Northeast US).. This an abandoned lighthouse on Paradise Island outside the port of Nassau in the Bahamas. Paradise Island used to be named Hog Island until it was bought by a private investor and renamed.

#lighthouse #Bahamas #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #desertedisland #mastophoto

Prints Available
An old lighthouse sits on a small deserted island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters in the Bahamas.  You can see Atlantis Resort in the distant background.

Sol Duc Falls

Olympic National Park seems to be a magical place where greens are brighter, greener, richer, fuller, and just plain beautiful.
Throw that in with a fabulous hiking trail with small streams and rapids along the way and it magical.
This image shows the Sol Duc River with the rapids and waterfall. See the full image here: #AYearForArt #BillGallagherPhotography #OlympicNationalPark #SolDucFalls #SolDucRiver #PacificNorthwest #Waterfall #Nature #SpringIntoArt
Sol Duc Falls

This image was captured above the Sol Duc Falls from the ridge that crosses over the river.
The top left of the image shows the Sol Duc River as it tumbles over rapids as it approaches the fall. 
Center left of the image the falls start in 4 separate sections split at the top by moss covered rocks. The water collects at the bottom of the image and flows under the ridge where I am standing. 
In the canyon where the water collects there are a couple of downed trees at different angles. The trunks of these trees are moss covered as well and they have been stripped of all their branches. 
On both sides of the river and falls there is a lush green growth of moss, ferns, bushes and trees.

This image brings lots of memories! While taking images at Liberty State Park, I was caught in a quick moving summer storm. In my hurry to pack up, I didn't shut my camera bag well. Running for cover, my camera bag came open spilling my camera and lens on the pavement. Lens was messed up. Camera was ok. I was still upset but later caught this image! After the storm comes the rainbow!

#AYearForArt #NYC #rainbow
#SpringForArt #LibertyStatePark

Prints available
A rainbow seems to lead right into the heart of New York City.  This image was captured from Liberty State Park.  The Hudson River is in the foreground.  Ellis Island can also be seen.  Stormy clouds show in the sky show the storm that had just moved out of the area.

And one more from Colonia in Uruguay. Famous old street leading to the town square. #AYearForArt #Uruguay
Old town street in Colonia Uruguay

More impressionistic digital art paintings of Colonia in Uruguay. This is the busy town square in the old town with people eating at sidewalk cafes. #AYearForArt #digitalart #Uruguay
Main square in Colonia in Uruguay with people eating at sidewalk cafes

I love visiting the gardens at the North Carolina Museum of Art when the flowers are in bloom to catch all the different beautiful butterflies that visit the area.

#AYearForArt #butterfly #insect #naturephotography
A beautiful monarch butterfly with wings that are mostly orange and black with white spots on it perched on top of a zinnia plant that is pink and has yellow petals

A little Wednesday LOVE. 😀 A lot of people say they support the arts. But what does that mean? I know what it means to artists! If you can, today, support the arts! Share our work with others. Say something nice to an artist. Make a purchase even if it's just a sticker for a few dollars. You just made an artist's day! We thank you! #ArtMatters

MORE: #art #artist #artists #mastoart #mastadonart #fediart #artwork #love #heart #AYearForArt #romantic #color #arte
Colorful heart by artist Sharon Cummings.

The back of the #Sunflower is quite pretty and this one is looking towards the field of Sunflowers. You can't look at bright yellow Sunflowers and feel sad.Their big, bright faces seem to be smiling at you on a summer day as they slowly turn towards the sun
See it here
#FlowerFriday #flowers #FlowerArt #FlowerLover #AYearForArt #SpringForArt #YellowSunflowers #nature #FlowerPhotography #photography #FlowersOfMastodon #artwork #ArtBooster #wallart #walldecor #art
The back of a Sunflower with green and yellow petals in close up and sunflowers background.
The back of the yellow Sunflower with yellow and green petals and sunflowers background canvas print on aqua wall with aqua shelf, clock, containers and ornaments.

I took a walk on the beach of Padre Island National Seashore in south Texas and saw so many sea stars aka starfish washing in with the waves. While I saw the beauty in all, this one captured my attention with the pattern it left on the sand.

#Coastal #beach #SeaStar #StarFish #echinoderm #seashore #nature #naturePhotography #minimalism #motion #photography #PhotographyIsArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #BuyIntoArt
A sea star aka starfish washed ashore while I was walking on the sandy beach.  It left a trail of movement on the sand behind it. Photography by Debra Martz

I love ferns, but sometimes they don't want to cooperate. I have a few different variations that I keep indoors. I need to figure out how I can paint some #moss that seems a bit more challenging.

#Ferns #WatercolorPrints #AYearForArt #greenery #IndoorGarden #gardeners #NatureArt #artistsonmastodon #FediGiftShop

I have a few online shops. I greatly appreciate your support.
This is watercolor painting in a rectangle format. It is on a white background. It features many different leaves and ferns. There's a lot of dark green towards the middle, and variations of green shade the painting is in a very loose style. There's also some yellow accents. The leaves of the ferns are translucent.

Freckles is the dominant mare in Tango's small band in the south Onaqui herd. She leads the group back for a second visit to the waterhole before they head back to the mountains for the evening. Tango, in the middle, is already muddy from their first visit.

Find It Here:

#WildHorses #MastoHorse #HorsesOfMastodon #Wildlife #Nature #WesternArt
#WildHorsePhotographs #Utah #Horse #Horses #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #Animals #Mustangs #Equine #Photography #PhotographyIsArt
A band of wild horses walks over a hill headed to the waterhole. The gray mare in front is the dominant mare in the band, Freckles.
Wild Horse Photographs by Fon Denton

Tantalizing temptress
The rich fertile forest
A warm seduction
Of delights
With a cool canopy
For respite
An irresistible earthy siren
Her woods woo me
Deep into piney curtains
And virgin bramble
A perfect penetrating thrill
Of discovery
A pathway to Zen


***I painted this with my hands. I am a human. 😀

#art #artist #artists #abstract #abstractart #mastoart #Mastoartist #fediart #artwork #poetry #writing #writingcommunity #AYearForArt #poet #poem #landscape
Green, yellow and earth toned abstract art titled Pathway To Zen by artist Sharon Cummings.  Poem accompanies artwork in post.

February Fun - Day 9

I'm a bit late today with posting. But the good news is,the dark clouds from yesterday cleared - still a bit foggy (hence today's picture), but there's brightness again 🙂
Hope you like the image, it is from a hike in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Germany, I suddenly had to stop, take a picture & declare "doesn't it just look like something out of a fairytale?"

#FebruaryFun #AYearForArt #photography #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #forest #fog #ArtBooster
A beautiful foggy forest full of green trees with steps made out of stones in the center of the image and a bent tree trunk leaning into the shot from the left hand side.

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