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Items tagged with: autumn

#Warburton is beautiful this time of year.

This is a pic of a public garden aligning the #YarraRiver on a cool #autumn day.

Cloudy, overcast and around 15 degree’s C (60F). Pretty cold, but I’m welcoming the change of season with open arms given the obvious ‘visual’ spoils on offer!

That’s #MountVictoria in the background.

#altext first image.

#urbanflora #flora #gardening #garden #melbourne #aesthetichedonist #flowersofmastodon #gardeningAU #gardening #narrm #victoria #Australia #makesmehappy
Foreground shows lush light green grass, with a myriad of greens, yellows and a bit of red which are trees in the distance (about 100 metres away) looking autumny! Closer to the right and left of shot are branches of lush gum trees and a hazy dark green mountain in the background, with grey whispy cloud cover for the sky.

A stunning photo from future world. #autumn leaves fall on an old cottage in the Forest #japan
UC is a cottage with traditional Japanese sliding door. There are orange red leaves on the roof and surrounding the cottage. In the foreground is a large rock that could possibly be used as a seat with moss and more leaves. A tree partially (north side) covered in moss leans toward the centre in a protective stance. It feel like the forest is looking after the cottage.

Some photos of fog a few days ago #fog #autumn #seattle
Fog lightly engulfs trees with yellow and orange leaves. Some light beams are faintly visible. Two curving tree trunks are on the right side of the frame and branches and leaves fill the rest. Light beams illuminate the fog.
Fog surrounds two tree trunks and shrubs and leafy trees in a forest.

Es mi cumpleaños y el cielo me dio este regalo.
#amanecer #sunrise #autumn

Hello #Mastodon my first toot, a wee #Autumn photo from the Ullapool to Stornoway ferry #photography #scotland

It's been raining for days (not complaining here, after this summer we need it badly). But Monday's sunshine certainly made for a nicer afternoon walk. #autumn #forest #walk
Sun casting shadows trhough the trees on the ground like columns Golden green light through leafs, reddish brown columns of tree.
Green backlight through conifers. Photo from back in September, but I found it fits the mood.

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