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#introduction Greetings, everyone, from the Mistigris computer art collective! We started releasing artpacks in area code 604's #BBS PC underground scene in 1994, full of #ANSIart, #ASCIIart, #MODmusic, #EMags and other good stuff, extending into the early Internet (first homepage on Geocities, many hours whiled away on the IRC) but drying up and evaporating by the turn of the century in the transition from the BBS/CLI to Web/GUI paradigm.

Then we stewed in nostalgia until hosting a reunion for our 20th anniversary in 2014, which got us back on track to releasing artpacks again -- now with representation from vintage #textmode art fellow traveler forms such as #PETSCII, #ShiftJIS and #teletext!

Mostly we organize through our Discord (invite at ) but are always happy to represent wherever the creative techy folks are to be found!
Mistigris floppy diskette design by PiquANSI Mistigris teletext screen drawn in the style of a printed circuit board, drawn by TeletextR
Mistigris ASCII art screen in the style of Ghost's album art for Opus Eponymous, drawn by Publius Enigma Mistigris logo drawn graffiti-style using a typewriter by Lord Nikon

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