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O Valley of Plenty!

(A reminder that it is your patronage and donations that keep many Instances on the Fediverse alive.)

#Krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #TheWitcher #CreativeCommons

A digital painting cartoon parody of "The Witcher" with a mastodon-ified Geralt and Jaskier in the street of a castle (with the banner of the Fediverse). Mastogeralt is on a horse, happy, while mastoJaskier sing ahead of the horse, just walking and playing the luth. In the large audience (painterly) we can recognise Ai or Pleroma. 

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

The Overturned Cauldron of Magic Potion

This is a remake of an old sketch. I did it to try out the new brush presets while drawing the upcoming episode.

#krita #sketchbook #MastoArt
#creativecommons #ArtWithOpenSource

A black and white sketch of Pepper, then a very young witch, in a scene where she is disgusted and discouraged after knocking over a magic cauldron almost her own size. The scene takes place afterwards, at a time when she no doubt imagines having to clean up and start all over again. That particularly thankless moment after any such disaster... Carrot, curious by nature, looks at the viscous liquid spilled on the floor. 

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, David Revoy.

We are pleased to announce that our #Inkscape #ArtistOfTheMonth for August 2023 is Boxcutter. 🎉

Please join us in congratulating Boxcutter on their soda can Illustration.

Think you have what it takes to be Artist of the Month?

Submit your artwork to our website gallery at


Artist of the Month contest banner. The banner contains the words 'Artist of the Month 08-2023 Boxcutter' and a graphic of two soda cans.

Character study of the GoToSocial sloth, a future new member, when I'll be drawing the group of mascots of the Fediverse.

Directly inspired by the GotoSocial logo by @Anna − CC-BY-SA 4.0

#krita #ArtWithOpenSource #MastoArt
#GoToSocial #Fediverse #activitypub

A digital sheet of concept with four time the same character: a tiny cute sloth. First post is happy with a little heart nearby their head. A pose expresses surprise. Another full body pose shows the sloth in a three, curious. Last pose is about the sloth eating leaves and being happy excited about it.

I made a new avatar generator for Peertube mascot squid-like characters.. 😛t:

You can play with it here:

It's a personal contribution to the Peertube-plugin-livechat (WIP, link to the plugin on the generator page).

#krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource
#peertube #avatar #generator

28 randomly generated colorful and cute squid avatars. Some plays guitare, other have headset, bonsai tree, laptop, with many accessories and gears that make them all unique.
In the center, Sepia, the official mascot of Peertube blends into their new group of friends.

Here is the painting process of the illustration I posted today. Painted and created with the built-in Krita recorder.

Source file and high resolution wallpaper:: (3840x2047px, license: CC-BY 4.0)

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #video #process

Here is the process of how I painted "My Neighbor Mastodon"

📦 Source file:
( 5440x2900px , license: CC-BY 4.0 )

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 3

Thanks, thanks, *thanks* for being more than 25K to follow my art here!

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita

A digital painting artwork depicting a giant mastodon playing a sort of ocarina on a branch, under the moon light of the 'teapot' moon (a moon from Pepper&Carrot webcomic). On the branch, also seat Pepper, a young witch and her cat Carrot. They both also play ocarina. The scene is a parody of a still from "My Neighbor Totoro" by Studio Ghibli.

License: "My Neighboor Mastodon 25K" by David Revoy, with fair-use parody of "My Neighbor Totoro", − CC-BY 4.0 ( source: )

🐧 I wrote a new blog entry listing all the changes I made to turn the Lenovo Yoga 370 into my mobile GNU/Linux digital painting device. It's long because it contains detailed instructions for beginners. I hope it is helpful.

Ps: not sponsored or an adv: the machine is from 2019.

#linux #krita #MastoArt #ArtWithOpensource #Fedora #KDE #thinkpad

A photo of the Lenovo 370 Yoga device, running Fedora 38 with a digital sketch of Pepper penciled on the canvas of Krita. A photo of tweaks and DIY I do on the top of a Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus.
- Dots of varnish to feel the buttons
- I removed the metalic part at the end.
- Textured tape.
A photo of the Lenovo 370 Yoga device, running Fedora with a digital quick painting of Carrot in Krita done in the train. The keyboard on screen is 'onboard' and the system settings shows the Fedora logo. A terminal windows has 'Hello World!' written on it.

#Kdenlive 23.04.2 is out with many bug fixes and enhancements to #Whisper and #Vosk subtitling engines. Also resolves various issues related to timeline sequences, project archiving, subtitle display, motion tracker, color wheel effect, and rendering.

#videoediting #artWithOpenSource WithOpenSource

Kdenlive logo with the version number "23.04.2" over a white background.

Want to showcase your :inkscape: Inkscape artwork?

Let's show the world 🌏 what can be done with Inkscape!

Share your ✨ best works ✨ (digital art 💻 , physical objects 👕 , printed items 📜 , ...) with the Fediverse with the hashtags #MadeWithInkscape and #artwithopensource and fill up the Inkscape cup!

A realistic empty white cup. Above it the text 'What can you make with Inkscape?'

Congratulations go to Denis Kuznetsky for his “Isometric Madness” submission to our #Inkscape 1.3 About Screen Contest! 🏆 🎉

The artist shared that Inkscape is their “favorite program for drawing vector graphics.” ❤️

Description: Inkscape 1.3 About Screen Winner design "Isometric Madness" by Denis Kuznetsky features a game board with raised squares representing the different tools in Inkscape and a dump truck carrying large numbers, 1.3, in its payload, with the slogan “20 years together”.

We’ve launched #Inkscape 1.3 alpha0 for Linux, Windows & MacOS! (for real!)

Not recommended for users who prefer stable versions!

This one is for Inkscape users who can help with bug testing prior to the stable release.

The hunt for bugs 🐞 in 1.3 alpha0 is on!


242 Community Voters chose the #Inkscape :inkscape: 1.3 About Screen Contest Top 5 Finalists:

❤️ "A long journey“ by Chris Hildenbrand
❤️ "Contest“ by Djelita Abderrahmane
❤️ "Creative Growth“ by Chris Hildenbrand
❤️ "Isometric Madness“ by Denis Kuznetsky
❤️ "Portal“ by Milad Moosavi

Congratulations & thank you for voting and participating!

See them here:

#ArtWithOpenSource #InkscapeAboutScreen
Top five Inkscape 1.3 About Screen designs with the Inkscape logo and the names of the artists and titles of their works.

Calling #Inkscape artists!

Have an idea for our 1.3 About Screen Contest?

Submissions open until March 19, 2023.

See winner & entries from our last contest (for inspiration):

We can't wait to see what you create!

More info here:

Inkscape 1.2 About Screen being peeled back to reveal a white corner with the words "Your Artwork Could Be Next!" to launch the Inkscape 1.3 About Screen Contest.

This is our last Inkscape 1.2 highlight 💡 of the week, as Inkscape 1.3 is approaching and we'd like you all to make use of the features we showed you so far to participate in our About Screen Contest 😀 !

So, the final tip is:
Have already made use of the Clipart Importer in #Inkscape 1.2?

If you would like to help us make a new set of tips for Inkscape 1.3 to post over the course of the year, join us in


Calling all #Inkscape artists!

Enter your artwork in our 1.3 About Screen Contest:

“Celebrating 20 years of Inkscape!”

Submissions open from Sun., Feb. 5 to Sun., Mar. 19, 2023.

Find details here:

Inkscape 1.2 About Screen being peeled back to reveal a white corner with the words "Your Artwork Could Be Next!" to launch the Inkscape 1.3 About Screen Contest.

It's February, the month of love ❤️ !

For this month's Inkscape drawing challenge (not the About Screen Contest - this one is just for fun and learning!), we challenge you to design a plaque or badge for something you love!

Interested? Head over to the challenge page to post your artwork!
Multiple entries and chit-chat are encouraged.

See you there!

#inkscapechallenge #artwithopensource
A banner saying 'Design a Plaque or Badge For Something You Love' with the tip of a fountain pen with the word Inkscape and the number 20 engraved on it.

A friend has been running a dnd one-shot that has turned out to be a few-shot so far, so I made icons for the group! I've been having fun with this crew.

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen
Icon of Lina, a human warlock, framed in a decorative red and orange circle that resembles flames and curls of smoke. Icon of Beryl Rose, a dwarf fighter, framed in a decorative pink and pale gold circle with a cracked or shard pattern.
Icon of Malivory Foolsight, a human bard, framed in a decorative red and purple circle with a dripping and swirling pattern. Icon of Sparrow, an elf ranger, framed in a decorative dark green and red circle that resembles leaves and dripping blood.

Inkscape 1.2 highlight 💡 of the week:

Did you know that we added a new feature - a Live Path Effect called Tiling?

It allows you to create cool patterns quickly!

It can be tweaked interactively and it’s non-nondestructive.

Tutorial (8min):


Inkscape 1.2 highlight 💡 of the week:

Have you noticed the user interface improvements in the "Trace Bitmap" dialog in #Inkscape 1.2?


🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 2

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* for being more than 20K to follow my art here. It's fantastic.

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #HumanArt
A digital painting illustration being a parody of an iconic scene of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro"; but instead of Totoro it's a big Mastodon, and the two girls are replaced by Pepper and Carrot, the OC of my webcomic. The scene is a large view angle under rain at night on a bus stop, the sign has '20K' written on it and a sticker of a red heart symbol on the corner. Pepper has Carrot sleeping on her back, she is under an umbrella, waiting for the bus. She looks on her side, amused, and discover a large cartoony mastodon also waiting for the bus, and covered only with a large leaf on his head. He looks at her as if he was suprised she noticed him and even blushes a bit.

I'll do a 50min commented Krita live painting for the first edition of Creative Freedom Summit, a new virtual conference for creatives using open source tools! ☺️🎨

It will be next Thursday, January 19 at 8:30 am (EST) and it's free. More info:

Question: What should I speedpaint that day? **Wrong answers only** 😺

#CreativeFreedomSummit #krita #ArtWithOpensource #LiveStream #Matrix #Peertube

It looks like 2022 is over 👀

So, that can only mean one thing:

It's time for the January Inkscape Challenge!

Get ready to flex your imagination, as this month's challenge is to create an abstract design.

We're looking forward to seeing your artwork!

#inkscapechallenge #artwithopensource
Image with abstract lines in a whirl of colors and the text 'Create an ABSTRACT DESIGN'.

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