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#AntennaPod, the popular #podcast manager for Android, has released its latest version, 3.0.2. The free and open source app now boasts a range of new features and improvements, including a new home screen and Material Design 3.

Aquí otro cliente satisfecho con #AntennaPod desde hace mucho tiempo. 💖

So, I quite like following #RSS feeds (Using #FreshRSS and #AntennaPod for podcasts), and I changed the way I consumed them a bit lately, so I wrote about it now. Day 27 of #100DaysToOffload

Alright so I made a tag for some #Spanish podcasts I added on #AntennaPod. It would be nice to be able to give a custom cover for them or at least like a mini gallery view generated from the podcasts with that tag :blobcatderpy:

Also pinning tags to the top of my subscriptions or something like that would be appreciated

@mahmoudajawad I don't think there are any uris for specific bits but maybe there are

Here is how an episode with chapters looks on #antennapod
Screenshot of chapters in podcast episodes

Me gusta #AntennaPod como gestor de podcast. Una interfaz sencilla, muy limpia y ordenada.
Por cierto los números que se ven son los capítulos pendientes por ver así que....a ponerse al día.

Ahorita escuchando @securiters capitulo #8

Gracias a @ultimosfeed me entero que #PocketCast pasa a ser #SoftwareLibre en sus aplicaciones móviles.
Un gran gestor de Podcast que junto con #AntennaPod tienes multitud de funciones y configuraciones.
¿Cuál prefieres?

#ActivityWatch to track both android and laptop usage

#Antennapod has built-in stats

Simple Scrobbler can scrobble local music (and whatever is in the notification media player)

#Anilist to keep track of read manga and anime

#Bookwyrm to track my read books

Pueblo Vista Mixtapes : Lofi hip hop and Chill beats to relax / study / sleep: Sunday morning coffee ☕ Lofi Hip Hop Mix #81

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