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Anarchist Library: **Ricardo Mella - The New Utopia**

"Author: Ricardo Mella - Title: The New Utopia - Date: 1890 - Notes: Published in Segundo Certamen Socialista. Honor a los Mártires de Chicago. Grupo 11 de noviembre, Barcelona, 1890. Original translation. - Source: Retrieved on 23rd May 2023 from a translation of FOUR WORDS Allow me first of all to present my apologies to the Ateneo Obrero de Tarrasa, for replacing the title I had imagined for the subject I am dealing with with another of my own. I am one of those who smu…"

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Can we stop using mental illness as a label when talking about police brutality and white supremacy?

No, they aren't psychopaths. They're racists.

They aren't sociopaths. They're racists.

They aren't narcissists. They're racist.

If you label them as being mentally ill, you're:
a) being shitty towards those of us with mental illness

b) giving them an excuse for their bullshit.

Please stop it.

#Disability #audhd #autism #adhd #Ableism #racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #AbolishPolice #AbolishPrisons #Abolition #anarchism

The oppression of one is the oppression of all, and we cannot violate the liberty of one being without violating the freedom of all of us.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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Anarchism is "stateless socialism."
-- Mikhail Bakunin

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PM Press: **Peace Is War**

"By Gilles Dauvé Copy to a new draft “Small countries, such as Belgium, should be well-advised to rally to the side of the strong if they wished to retain their independence.” (Kaiser Wilhelm II to Belgian King Albert, November 1913) “It may even be true that none of the States concerned ‘wanted’ war: it is …"

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Portrait of Emma Goldman with her quote, "If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal."

🎧 Listen to A Radical Podcast EP 1: Anarchism in Japan 🎧
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Title: A Radical Podcast EP 1: Anarchism in Japan Caption: Dive into the history of Japanese anarchism and its impact on art, literature, and culture. The Cultural Impact of Japanese Anarchism Caption: Explore how Japanese anarchists inspired generations of activists and influenced art, literature, and culture.
Pioneers of Anarchism Caption: Discover the key figures who championed direct action, workers' rights, and women's liberation. Listen to A Radical Podcast EP 1: Anarchism in Japan - A Radical Podcast logo

#introduction - Hi everyone, I'm a PhD candidate in history and a union member. Apologies in advance for the excessive hashtags, but I #amwriting a dissertation about the history of capitalism and environmental inequalities in the computer industry. I've done research on the history of #anarchism, #abolition, #leftist movements, and #environmentalism.

I usually post about #labor. Also a fan of #starwars, #scifi, and #shitposts.#histodons @histodons

"A banner dropped in Eugene, OR this past February read “Against Cop City and Its World.” These words have come to echo throughout Atlanta and across Turtle Island, indicating that the struggle extends far beyond the construction of this particular police facility. But what exactly is “the world” of Cop City?"

#StopCopCity #Tortuguita #Anarchism #Anarchist

Kudos to whoever did this in St. Catharine! If I was picking _one_ person for folks to read, I wouldn't start with Marx, but still.

Thanks for the new background pic!

#graffiti #stcON #stcatharinesON #NiagaraON #radical #marx #LandBack #Anarchism


Libcom: **Test article**

" test Submitted by Steven. on April 1, 2023 Copied to clipboard blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah Comments "

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Content warning: Eugenics; U.S. Anti-Immigration Law, 1910

…hearts & their absurd defiance 🐐
(day 4 of #anarchism and goats)
ALT TEXT: Colored pencil drawing. Two goats jump towards each other in play, off opposing hill sides ,- small valley. Behind them, a radiant sunset and smattering of the landscape —a lake and trees and more hills. Text reads: “I cannot help myself, nor would I want to— My heart bleats for the beauty of this planet.” The A in heart is the anarchist A symbol

Riot diary: the greek #train collision, part one

"As a frequent rioter in #Athens I try to resist writing these sorts of english-language “reportbacks” — what’s the point? Seems like an existential ego trip, a dog pissing on a fire hydrant: ‘I was HERE! I EXIST!’

In this case, I feel there hasn’t been much english-language anarchist coverage of the popular response to the Feb 28 2023 train collision in #Greece. "

#riot #Repression #policeviolence #anarchism #antireport

Alfredo's Fight is Our Fight!

"Two translated statements from the Italian Anarchist Federation & the Sicilian Anarchist Federation, members of the International of Anarchist Federations."

#AlfredoCospito #anarchism #Repression #italy #41bis #AlfredoLibero #antireport #abolishprisons

yeah, the kids are alright! 🐐💥

(day 2 of #anarchism and goats)
Colored pencil drawing. 3 baby goats (kids) in a meadow underneath a sun with the anarchist A shining above. They all wear anarchist CNT FAI caps and bandanas around their necks. Described from left to right— first goat stands up on it’s back legs excitedly with rainbow flag bandana. second goat stand proudly,m with trans flag bandana. third goat is more shy , black bandana, looking away. Floating banner above them reads: “YOUTH LIBERATION.”

"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings."
- Ursula K. Le Guin

#anticapitalism #anarchism #feminism #IWD #IWD2019
Artisitic depiction of Ursula K Le Guin's face as a celestial object, ringed with stars, overlooking snow-capped trees.

Unicorn Riot: **Israeli Forces Kill 11 Palestinians and Shoot Over 100 During Raid on Nablus**

"Nablus, Occupied West Bank, Palestine – At least 11 Palestinians were killed on Feb. 22, 2023, in a large Israeli army incursion into the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Three of the dead were elderly and one was a child. More than 100 were… The post Israeli Forces Kill 11 Palestinians and Shoot Over 100 During Raid on Nablus appeared first on UNICORN RIOT. "

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Libcom: ** launches new theme!**

" As part of our rolling upgrades to version 5, we are very happy today to be launching a new theme, developed in collaboration with the Yalla web development cooperative. Author Submitted by libcom on February 23, 2023 Copied to clipboard This is a major step in the ongoing upgrade which we have been working on since 2018. We launched a basic functioning version 5 of the site in March last year, and since then have been making minor improvements and working on a visual overhaul of the site. Thanks to suppor…"

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"An update on the uprising in Iran from our sister organisation the Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum."

#Iran #IranRevoIution #Anarchism #antireport

Libcom: **Correspondence with a Cybernetician**

" From Internationale Situationniste #9 (August 1964). Author Guy Debord Submitted by Fozzie on February 17, 2023 Copied to clipboard Abraham A. MOLES – judging by his letterhead: Doctor of Letters (Phil.), Doctor of Science (Phys.), engineer, assistant professor (University of Strasbourg), Professor of the E.O.S.T.1 – has addressed, on the 16th of December, 1963, this Open Letter to the Situationist Group: Sir, I learned about the Situationist Group through my friend and colleague Henri Lefebvre.2 The significance of the te…"

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Update about the health condition of Alfredo Cospito on the 71st day of hunger strike

"On December 29th, 71st day of the hunger strike to the bitter end against 41 bis and life imprisonment without possibility of parole, the antagonist radio station Radio Onda d’Urto broadcast a speech by the doctor who is regularly visiting anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, imprisoned in the Bancali prison in Sassari. We report a partial transcript of the speech and, at the end of the update, the recording of the broadcast (in italian language)."

#AlfredoCospito #41bis #Repression #italy #anarchism #FreeThemAll #abolishprisons #antireport

Legendary PTSD level with the amount of abolitionist posers.

#abolition #anarchism #FTP #1312
Graphic of the Sun asking the Heart “revolution or apocalypse?” The heart answers  “I thought we had more time to choose.” A bird then expresses “you don’t.” There’s a flower in pain and a dead bee.

The Magonista rebellion began #OTD in 1911. Led from Los Angeles by anarchists Ricardo and Enrique Magón, a band of about 30 rebels took over Mexicali, Mexico, without resistance, emptying the jail and taking government funds. A small library and some anarchist communes were set up during the 6 months that the rebels campaigned in the region.

Today's art is from this article:

#history #rebellion #Magon #Mexico #anarchism #ToWeRi #Jan29
A painting showing Magón, wearing an early 1900s suit, holding a staff in the air and pointing at a scroll on the ground in front of him. He is surrounded by townspeople, including one who is a half skeleton, and there are mountains and a blue sky with clouds in the background. A thin plant with white flowers frames the left side, and a bowl with corn cobs is at the bottom left.


"22nd January, Portland USA. VIA: Scenes “Answering a call for retaliation against the murder of Tortuguita, we burned a large excavator in Portland yesterday night. Tortuguita died trying to kill a cop in defense of the Weelaunee forest. Never let this be forgotten. With these flames we honor their bravery. With smoke we send a … Continue reading "LARGE EXCAVATOR TORCHED IN RETALIATION AGAINST THE MURDER OF TORTUGUITA.""

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Anarchist Library: **William Gillis - Calling All Haters Of Anarcho-Capitalism**

"Author: William GillisTitle: Calling All Haters Of Anarcho-CapitalismDate: 1 April 2007Source: Retrieved on 28 January 2023 from Roderick T. Long has a wonderful article on Market Anarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism that you absolutely need to read.[1] But if I just put it in a link, chances are you won’t follow it. So I’m going to make things even easier for you …"

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AK Press has made the following ebooks available for free for the time being:

- "The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition" by William C. Anderson

- "As Black as Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation" by Zoé Samudzi and William C. Anderson

- "Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America" by Kristian Williams

@bookstodon@abolition #abolition #ftp #acab #anarchism #books #reading #bookstodon #BlackAnarchism

Anarchist Library: **Locusts and Wild Honey - Living with Surveillance**

"Author: Locusts and Wild HoneyTitle: Living with SurveillanceDate: January 8th, 2023Source: Retrieved 1/15/2023 from Lots of chatter here and there amongst supposedly anti-social residents of the imperial core; anarchists, goths, progressive Christians, tattoo artists, idealistic farmers, student revolutionaries. Do we want digital “anonymity” or not? Or, less dramatically, should we have Instagram? Should we have Facebook?…"

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