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This was taken at Ecovilla Gaia, a place heavily inspired by the Findhorn Foundation. While Findhorn thrives, Gaia does not exist in the same form, which I was sad to learn.

I took this when I was there learning how to build cob houses. It was an incredible experience.

Something about this photo feels magic to me, as did my time at Gaia.

#photography #analog #Fotografia #Gaia #Argentina #Art

A colour photograph taken on a very sunny day, with the colours exacerbated by the way the film was processed. The photo is of the front of a cob house, a house built of directly modelled mud, in the process of construction. It was taken quite close to the wall. There's a door opening on the left side of the photo and a window opening on the right. The door hasn't been installed yet, and of the window there's only the lunette. There's various pieces of wood in the wall, one poking out, used to step on in order to reach the top of the wall, others flush, either as decoration, part of the structure, or to be used to hang pictures or other stuff which would require nails or screws. The roof has not been installed either. Through the door and window we see some of the inside walls and the sky, almost entirely clear and impossibly blue.

I grew up with the story this #gif tells, of how the #computer cleared our desk. The agenda, the reminders, and so on. This absorption is practically complete, the pc ate the #analog world that surrounded it and was here long before it. Today I miss every one of those things. Not out of nostalgia, but for the focus and experience of each task being its own device. So I bought a calculator again and I'm even thinking about buying an old #ibook just for creative writing.


🎧 🎹 I've started a new youtube channel for just electronic tunes & lo-fi vids to go with them. Click on vid to go to channel. #music #electronic #electronica #productions #analog #analogue #digital #synth

So I was watching this video by @TechConnectify on his second channel and while I was watching it suddenly all fell into place. 🤯 This is the exact reason why I always preferred analog watches! The idea that the minute hand forms a kind of a pie chart never even crossed my mind.

It saddens me that many people are unable to read an analog watch. It truly feels like a lost art.

#analogwatch #analog #time #timekeeping #timepiece #watch

there are those days when you talk to #retrocomputing folks and love how hardcore they are about an #atariST 1040STf they've modded into a frankenbox

and then there are those days you meet an #analog #synth and #radio repair guy in a -30C back alley to do a deal on 100 dead vacuum tubes for an art project to build a physical #fallout water chip
Two boxes of dozens of vacuum tubes of various sizes and shapes. They remind you of sad light bulbs.
A screenshot of a water chip from the computer game Fallout. It is composed of three large vacuum tubes, a transformer, and a coiled telephone receiver cord mounted on a steel plate with a gold-plated connector edge.

The INTERNET is healing itself!

Please join us in 15 minutes at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PT for Vintage Comp-U-Talk w/ jasmaz. We'll talk about the #fediverse and how #mastodon works as well as the historic origins in #usenet

You may be surprised that #decentralized #federated discussions on the internet were the normal from the late 1970s up to the early 2000s.

Followed by 3 hours of Synth Battle Royale. Join us!

#community #radio #chat #talk #analog #modular #synth

New in the box Multitech dialup modems.

#analog #dialup #bbs #bbsing

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