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Alguno no lo habrá mirado, pero este ajuste lo reinicia #Amazon cada 24 horas para forzaros a aceptar sus cookies publicitarias y las de terceros en sus apps. Da igual cuántas veces lo ajustéis, que está diseñado para saltarse vuestras preferencias y que parezca que tenéis libertad de elección.
Los ajustes de permisos de cookies de Amazon indican que puedes cambiar tus preferencias en cualquier momento, pero en verdad obligan a cambiarlas en todo momento pues se reinician a diario para obligar por fatiga a que aceptes absolutamente todas las cookies.

2024 es un año excelente para cancelar la suscripción #Prime de #Amazon.
Pagar mensualmente para ver publicidad de una compañía que ni siquiera respeta la GDPR, menuda estupidez.

:verge: Amazon is sticking ads in Prime Video shows and movies unless you pay more

#notícias #Amazon #PrimeVideo

I have a chapter in Jungle-tastic Tales about how pre-Columbian societies in the Amazon were more complex and larger than previously thought.

Here's a new article about it:

"The vast network of interconnected settlements shows that the Amazon was much more populated during the pre-Columbian era than previously suspected".

#jungletastic #amazonRegion #kidsBook #history #amazon #precolumbian #southAmerica #archaeology #histodon

#qotd What's a book that taught you something incredible?

Image of Indigenous people in the Amazon region on a canoe. Title of article: Reshaping History: Rediscovering A Thriving Amazonian Civilization (1250-1500) Through Satellite Imagery And Field Exploration

Deals on Kindles may seem attractive, but don't forget Amazon is one of the most devoted peddlers of DRM. We prefer books we can loan to our friends, free of restriction and prying eyes. Read more about how to live DRM-free: #EndDRM #DRM #BoycottAmazon #Amazon

Now available to preorder from #Amazon, #Smashwords, #barnesandnoble, #kobo etc!

More retailers will be added shortly.

#qotd What new releases are you excited about?
I'm excited about new music from Sugababes and Emeli Sande!

#somerset #unsungWomenInSomerset #books #readingCommunity #upcomingBook

Unsung Women in Somerset is a book of real-life women who lived, loved, worked and struggled in Somerset. From pre-Roman to modern terms, we meet women with courage, kindness, innovation and even some who smashed the rules!

Through 23 chapters, we meet most women through a short story, followed by historical notes about the woman and a chapter bibliography that shows the meticulous research that has gone into the book. Most chapters also include a Quick Tribute section that briefly mentions other interesting women from the same century.

Meet the woman who had two funerals.
Meet the African princess who survived and thrived despite the odds. 
Meet the woman who voted... before it was legal.
Meet the openly gay artists whose generosity touched their neighbours. 
Meet the queens and saints and "witches" and workers and much more!

These are the unsung women of our county. This is the history of Somerset like never before.

El lado del mal - Tutoriales para poner un Segundo Factor de Autenticación en tus identidades digitales #latch #2fa #TOTP #identidad #Amazon #Google #Facebook #GitHub #Instagram

Esta claro que #Amazon alias #AMZ alias #GAFAM viene no solo endureciendo sus politicas respecto de la atencion al cliente, sino que ademas ha empeorado sus canales de comunicacion y feedback.
Ejemplo de ello son:
- elimino el "envio gratis" de todos los productos que se envian por sus propios canales
- censura e impide a los clientes dar sus feedback sobre los productos en mas de un idioma
- quito la opcion de apoyar a #ONG y proyectos sociales
- las pequeñas empresas son castigadas con draconianos costos por usar los servicios del portal AMZ
- el sistema de evaluacion de productos ha sido drasticamente cercenado
- el proceso de reclamacion contra terceros se ha vuelto muy engorroso

Aunque la empresa aumenta mes a mes sus utilidades, trabajadores, terceros, y los clientes estan siendo cada vez mas esquilmados.

Lamentablemente la competencia lo hace peor y no ven la tremenda oportunidad que estan perdiendo a causa de las malas politicas de esa empresa.

Soñaba con llegar a esta cifra, y ahora que lo he logrado, ¡sigo sin poder creérmelo! 🤯
Sé que será una cifra ridícula para muchos, pero para un autor como yo, autopublicado e independiente, sin más apoyo que el de mis lectores (el más importante, todo sea dicho), lo siento como un gran triunfo.
#libros #escritores #lectores #amazon

A todos nos ha pasado: compramos algo por Amazon y un buen vecino nos informa que él lo compró por 100 euros menos. #amazon #keepa

El actor #AdamDriver ha lanzado críticas directas hacia los titanes del streaming #Netflix y #Amazon por su actitud en la huelga

I can't find the #Amazon chat customer support... Do they removed it? :flan_shrug:

"Amazon rainfall has not changed appreciably, when averaged over the year. But the dry season, when rain is needed most, is becoming longer, especially in the northeastern Amazon, where dry-season rainfall decreased by 34% between 1979 and 2018

By the time 2015 long dry season ended, fires had scorched one million hectares of primary forest in the eastern #Amazon an area the size of Lebanon, producing as much CO2 as Brazil releases from burning fossil fuels in a year."

Otra copia de #tiktok de la mano de #twitch #amazon 👇 con su producto #clips

Our first Discovery Feed experiment starts rolling out to select users today

This limited experience will help us train our algorithm & get your feedback

Feature Clips after every stream to get discovered in the Feed, even if you're not in the experiment

Why does the EU parliament depend on #MicrosoftOffice and is still using the potentially compromised #AzureCloud infrastructure due to the #Storm0558 hack?!

– Because it's easier to trust #Microsoft without asking any critical questions. Additionally, from a user's perspective it's inconvenient to learn the fundamental concepts of using word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software rather than getting product training.

This already starts in elementary school and #Google, #Apple, #Facebook, and #Amazon are no better. #BigTech will always find a way to lock-in and exploit its users while putting their digital identity and assets on the game.

#PublicMoneyPublicCode should be a law.

Pink #Amazon River Dolphins of #Venezuela #Brazil and Ecuador are legendary for their playful intelligence, don’t let them disappear. Fight for them and use your wallet as a weapon #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via @palmoildetect

Cuando escribí mi primer libro, Juegos de seducción (esta semana lo podéis encontrar a 0,99 € en #Amazon), que terminaría convirtiéndose en una saga, incluí en la historia muchas canciones que tienen un especial significado para mí. Una de ellas es "Fly me to the moon". ¿Por qué es especial? Por el ending del anime "Evangelion". Sí, soy una friki 🖖

Deals on Kindles may seem attractive, but don't forget Amazon is one of the most devoted peddlers of DRM. We prefer books we can loan to our friends, free of restriction and prying eyes. Read more about how to live DRM-free: #EndDRM #DRM #BoycottAmazon #Amazon

#Amazon Web Services acaba de lanzar varios cursos gratuitos de inteligencia artificial generativa para profesionales y no conocedores del tema 👇🏼

In yet another sign of the increasing scarcity of #IPv4 addresses, citing a pricing increase of 300% for new addresses, #Amazon Web Services (#AWS) will introduce a charge of $0.005 per IP per hour for all public IPv4 addresses starting from February 1, 2024.

#WebHosting #CloudComputing

Cuando te llega el mensaje de que tu pedido está en reparto y no puedes salir de casa.
#pedido #shein #amazon #humor #memes
Marilyn Manson mirando por la ventana

If you folllow me, I doubt I need to say this, but just in case - do not pay for your #groceries by scanning your #palm. Ever. Don't even think about it. #privacy #Amazon

The primary drivers of #deforestation in the #Amazon — and other biomes in #Brazil such as the #Pantanal and the #Cerrado — are #agribusiness and #meat consumption.

A survey released by the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) showed that #cattle pastures occupied 75% of the deforested area on public lands in the Amazon. Other causes of deforestation include the construction of new highways, logging roads, dams, and mines.

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