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Once a #lawyer, now I dye #yarn and design/make #knitwear inspired by the #Alps where I grew up. Happy to discuss any custom order with you.
Based in #UK after a stint in #Italy but grew up in #France
I love #nature #walks #mountains #baking #books #cycling
Passionate about #SocialJustice #FairJustice and interested in #institutions #climate
Volunteer #AppropriateAdult making sure #VulnerablePeople and #minors are treated fairly in #PoliceCustody

Join me on our sunrise hike that we did a couple of weeks ago: 5:30am on top of a mountain, looking down into the valley, some shreds of clouds, softly in the trees. The buildings of the valley with most of the people still asleep. The ethereal mood up there was just ... priceless. Enlarge the photo, lean back, embrace the silence.

#hiking #wandern #sunrise #photography #landscape #landscapephotography #mountains #alps #alpen #mindfulness

The photo captures the ethereal beauty of a mountain landscape bathed in the soft light of 5:30 am. From the vantage point at the mountain's peak, the viewer is treated to a breathtaking panorama of the Alps. Multiple layers of majestic mountain ranges unfold in a gradual progression, each one fading into the distance, creating a sense of depth and scale that's both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Veils of clouds gently weave through the valleys below, like delicate threads connecting the peaks. These shreds of mist lend an air of mystery, accentuating the rugged contours of the terrain. Nestled in the lower left corner, a cluster of small traditional buildings adds a touch of human presence, a testament to the harmonious coexistence between civilization and nature.

The color palette of the photo is dominated by shades of blue and a hint of violet, mirroring the serene hues of the early morning. The tonal quality brings a sense of tranquility, highlighting the quietude that often graces such moments. The sky itself is a canvas of cloud formations, a bed of cotton-like billows that softly diffuse the light, enveloping the scene in a dreamlike ambiance. This captivating image is a reminder of the unspoiled beauty and the profound serenity that dawn bestows upon the world.

Si vous avez aimé mes photos des Alpes de la semaine dernière, ce petit voyage 100% ferroviaire dont la vidéo montre le parcours devrait vous plaire ! Vous pourrez le suivre à travers quelques photos, au même rythme que ma précédente pérégrination.

Stay tuned !

#voyage #suisse #alpes #carte
#travel #switzerland #alps #maps

Guten Morgen! Was war gestern schön was hat euch gefreut? Es sind die kleinen Dinge die zählen. Wenn ihr mögt, lasst eure #diekleinendinge hier.

Hier: Beeindruckender Blick von der Nordkette aufs Karwendel. Auch wenn ich jetzt wieder weiß warum ich so lange nicht am Hafelekar war - ich mag meine Berge lieber etwas einsamer. #mountains #hiking #alps

Bergpanorama mit schroffen Gipfeln aus Kalkgestein.

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