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This is so beautiful. It's the first time I see Africa with reliefs I love it!

#map #africa

Many also injured as overturned petrol tanker exploded in west Kenya when crowds thronged to collect the spilling fuel.

Community members left reeling after days of violence and looting caused rampant destruction and more than 200 deaths.

In his first remarks on the protests, the king calls them 'satanic' and says they have taken the country backwards.

This is so beautiful. It's the first time I see Africa with reliefs I love it!

#map #africa

This is so beautiful. It's the first time I see Africa with reliefs I love it!

#map #africa

Hospital resources pushed to limit as violence, looting grip parts of country already struggling to cope with pandemic.

In first visit to area affected by weeklong unrest, president says 'anarchy and mayhem' will not be allowed to unfold.

Regulator accuses outlet of advancing agenda of a 'terrorist' group, in a move decried by media rights organisations.

The agency says the rise is a warning sign that hospitals in affected countries are reaching a 'breaking point'.

The mobilisation follows Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's warning that his forces would repel any attacks by their enemies.

South Africa calls up army reserves to assist police in quelling deadly unrest after the jailing of ex-President Zuma.

Looting and violence engulfing South Africa for days ebb ahead of an expected surge in soldiers on the streets.

Many citizens have banded together to scare off looters as South Africa reels under its worst unrest in decades.

At least 1,146 people died attempting to reach Europe by sea in the first six months of this year.

South African forces fail to contain looting and violence in which more than 70 people have died over several days.

More than 70 people killed, 1,000 arrested over five days as authorities fail to stop spiralling violence and looting.

Worst unrest in decades triggered by the jailing of South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma.

More than 30 people killed in spiralling unrest triggered by the jailing of South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma.

Recent tensions exacerbated violence against women in Somalia. Only political inclusion can help improve the situation.

Army deployed in two provinces to quell growing unrest after former President Jacob Zuma jailed.

Deployment of troops comes after six people killed in days of protests in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Activists Sera Farista and Keitumetse Fatimata Moutloatse on their fight for climate justice and human rights.

Shops looted, roads blocked as protesters march through Johannesburg decrying the jailing of South African ex-president.

Police make 28 arrests on charges including public violence, burglary and contravention of COVID-19 restrictions.

Gov't says deployment at request of Mozambican authorities aimed at restoring state control in conflict-hit province.

South Africa is battling a severe third wave of coronavirus infections, spurred by the Delta variant.

The rejection came a day after the former leader turned himself to police, but still challenged his sentence.

Security Council session comes after Ethiopia informed Egypt and Sudan it has begun the second phase of filling GERD.

Telling Zimbabwe's story as it has never been told before, Petina Gappah writes about her country's struggle for change.

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