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Submitted a #FediverseIdea for a #FOSS Rescue bot.

Inspired by @mitexleo tooting about the reel2bits #Fediverse app where 3 years of an open request for help didn't yield anyone taking over the great work of @dashie

#Reel2bits: Self-hosted Soundtracks and #Podcasts sharing, with #ActivityPub federation.

(Note: fediverse-ideas is a new initiative for posting fedi-related ideas that may inspire people to start projects for)

#3GoodThings for #newcomers:

1️⃣ Variety of third-party apps to extend your Mastodon experience:

2️⃣ Great tools to discover users to follow:

3️⃣ Many other #ActivityPub projects to join:

#MastodonTips #FediTips @3goodthings

#GreatApe is coming!

What is it?

A streaming peer-to-peer audio/video social network for the Fediverse that's compatible with #Mastodon, #Calckey, #Friendica, and others via #ActivityPub!

Along with and others, I've building this app for years -- it's been in the making for a long, long time!

We're doing an upcoming beta test and are looking for volunteers who want to make some #Fediverse history!

To apply for this test, visit this link and submit your email:

What we really need in the #SocialWeb, as the next iterative progression of #ActivityPub and its implementations like #Mastodon etc. IMHO. to store all posts and pictures etc *per user*, not per instance or account. This would radically reduce the scope of an implementation and allow for frictionless migration between instances. This does NOT necessarily need any change to the standard. It's an implementation detail, AFAICS. #SocialCG

One of the things I am slowly learning is to stay at a healthy distance from the german fundamentalist mastodon apolegetics (and their loud opponents). Who oppose everything and are always negative. #ActivityPub and the other protocols of the social web are bigger than that weird group. No matter how loud they are. I trust @gargron to stay pragmatic and see the opportunity we really have now to make real change.

Actively pushing against others to adopt your protocol is how you ensure that your protocol won't "win." I'm a firm believer that a decentralized protocol will be the future of social networks/feeds as we know them. I don't know if it is going to be #ActivityPub or #ATProto or something else. But I believe a decentralized protocol will be the future. But the winner will be the one that centralized-acting services adopt. That's a good thing for everyone. It means users have data portability. 🧵

For the protection and privacy of its users, will not federate with any #ActivityPub instance released by Facebook. #admin #fediverse #Meta #Barcelona

I barely just finished posting about #Google's responsibility in killing off #RSS (and in what sense exactly) <> that Meta aka #Facebook confirms its upcoming #Instagram #Twitter competitor codenamed #Barcelona will “interoperate with #Mastodon” (i.e. will support #ActivityPub)


#Barcelona, #Meta's Twitter competitor, will be ready by summer.

And lest you believe #ActivityPub integration was just some rumour, think again. In a slide, Meta confirms that Barcelona will indeed be decentralized and will be compatible with Mastodon.

Everyone who thought that AT protocol would easily win over ActivityPub, and that #Bluesky would kill Mastodon just because a few influencers joined doesn't understand the sheer marketing power and pull that Meta has at its disposal.

But believe me, I'm not exactly cheering on Meta here. Generally, where Meta goes, shenanigans happen. I simply don't think Meta is capable of releasing a product without dark patterns.

Nevertheless, I don't think the Fediverse is even close to preparing for what will happen once Barcelona starts federating.

We should all be taking Barcelona very seriously.

Perhaps most significantly, though, the new Instagram text app will have an element of decentralization as well. “Soon, our app will be compatible with certain other apps like Mastodon,” Instagram’s slide says. “Users on these other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with your profile and content if you’re public, or if you’re private and approve them as followers.” (Presumably that compatibility will come through ActivityPub, which Meta has been exploring alongside other tech companies.)

I submitted a PR to update MacPorts' Portfile for snac to 2.32 here:

CI/build bot checks passed!

It's up to someone else to merge it.

#snac #MacPorts #ActivityPub #FediVerse #Mastodon #ANSIC #OpenSource #MIT #NoDataBaseNeeded #JavaScriptーfree #NoCookiesEither #NotMuchBullshit

I'm glad to announce the release of version 2.32 of #snac, the simple, minimalistic #ActivityPub instance server written in C. It includes the following changes:

New user configuration switch to drop direct messages from people you don't follow, in order to mitigate spam from Mastodon open registration instances.

When updating user information (e.g. the display name or the bio), the changes are also sent to the people being followed (so they have an updated description about who the user is).

Mastodon API: account search has been implemented, so mention completion works from apps; new support for blocking users (this operation is called MUTE here).

If you find #snac useful, consider buying grunfink a coffee:

It's a fundamental question for #ActivityPub implementations. Are direct messages the same as "normal", public posts, just with a limited number of recipients or are they maybe not posts at all but instead a completely separate thing?

Technically one would think the first option. But from my admin and user perspective it would be the second one. Moderating what is visible on the public/home/federatd timeline is part of my admin job. But interfering in private communication definitely isn't. 1/2

I'm glad to announce version 2.31 of #snac, the simple, minimalistic #ActivityPub instance server written in ANSI C. This time it's mostly bugfixes contributed by fellow developers:

Fixed webfinger and curl issues, which crashed snac while trying to follow Mitra users (contributed by Poesty).

Use named semaphores instead of anonymous ones, to make it work under MacOS (contributed by Saagar Jha).

Fixed semaphore name conflicts (contributed by Poesty).

Fix warning in ugly pointer substraction (contributed by Saagar Jha).

Added user-agent to webfinger queries (contributed by Poesty).

Mastodon API: implemented notification type filters, fixed (partially) the issue with mentions without server.

If you find #snac useful, consider buying grunfink a coffee:

Recuerda, puedes dejar Instagram y pasarte a @PixelFed 😊. Llevo activo en Pixelfed desde abril de 2022 y estoy encantado, además que puedo compartir las publicaciones aquí.

La web funciona muy bien y por ejemplo aplicaciones para Android como @PixelDroid ayudan aún más en la experiencia.

Mi cuenta de Pixelfed es @Perugorria 🙂

#Pixelfed #ActivityPub

Página principal de Pixelfed.

🚫 Competition
✅ Community

I've said it before, what sets the #fediverse apart is our community and #activityPub compatibility.

No matter what platform you join, we all win.

Pixelfed post that says:

We're going to keep registrations closed (on until further notice, though you can feel free to DM us for an invite.

Also consider joining instead, they have a vibrant community of artists and dedicated admins/mods that keep the community safe and healthy. 

We ❤️ and understand if you decide to make it your home instead of!

Jetzt sind ja so unfassbar viele #neuhier ins #Fediverse gekommen, da lohnt es sich doch mal wieder eine kleine Grafik hervor zu kramen, mit der die Größe und Vielfalt des Fediverse angedeutet werden kann. Das Netzwerk in dem Ihr Euch jetzt bewegt, besteht bei weitem nicht nur aus #Mastondon sondern aus ganz vielen verschieden Projekten, die meist über das #ActivityPub Protokoll mehr oder weniger gut miteinander kommunizieren. Alleine meine kleine #Friendica Instanz kennt schon 30 verschiedene Projekte und das ist noch lange nicht alles.

Eine Übersichtsgrafik des Fediverse

Und auf diesen Seiten findet Ihr noch mehr Infos und Links zu anderen Plattformen:

#Diaspora #Pleroma #Hubzilla #Pixelfed #Lemmy #Misskey #WriteFreely #Funkwhale is counting 3.000 installations of the #ActivityPub Plugin so far 🎉

Decided to try out #Calckey (@stefan)

It still feels a bit beta imo, but it’s easy to see why the design is more likely to have mass appeal – especially once it becomes a bit more stable.

I’m not yet motivated to move anywhere yet, mostly because @ivory has greatly improved the #Mastodon UX for me.

But overall it’s great to experiment in the #fediverse. You get to see the magic of #ActivityPub in action: the simple idea that the apps we choose should not bar us from talking to each other.

A new version of #fediverse software #Friendica was released today: v2023.04.


## Announcement

We are very happy to announce the availability of the new stable release of Friendica “Giant Rhubarb" 2023.04. The highlights of this release are

- The Mastodon compatible API of Friendica was improved,
- Drag and Drop functionality was added to the Frio theme for image attachments, and
- Christian Pöschl from usd AG reported a XSS fulnurability in a javascript dependency in the gallery of the Frio theme that was fixed.

## What is Friendica?

Friendica is a decentralized communications platform, you can use to host your own social media server that integrates with independent social networking platforms (like the Fediverse or Diaspora*) but also some commercial ones like Tumblr.


Official announcement:

#MycelialNetwork #ActivityPub #SNS #SocialWeb #FederatedWeb #FederatedSNS #Release #Update #Upgrade #Diaspora #Mastodon

Can #ActivityPub save the internet?

Excellent deep dive on the current state of the #fediverse and #mastodon, with a detailed history of the movement to #decentralize #social, and predictions about where we go from here.

Can #ActivityPub save the #internet?

"After nearly two decades of fighting for this vision of the internet, the people who believed in federation feel like they’re finally going to win."

#TheVerge is on a roll, social media platform wise. They published an interesting article on #ActivityPub, the underlying protocol of #Mastodon, #Pixelfed and many other #Fediverse thingies.

It goes into detail on the companies that recently joined the club in supporting it, the previous struggles on getting social media more open, and the current trends.

Still missing is the official presence of The Verge here on Mastodon though 😉

#️⃣ #Twitter #TwitterMigration

Really good article and thoughts on the relationship of Activity Pub and the internet

#fediverse #activitypub

Should I make a bot that posts stats from semi-daily?

#fediDB #activityPub #fediverse

  • Yes (52%, 57 votes)
  • No (24%, 26 votes)
  • Show Results (23%, 25 votes)
108 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

✨ Fresh, Fast, Fun.

The new FediDB is in public beta!

(API and Dev Tools shipping soon) #fediDB #activityPub #fediverse

Hi, everyone. I've just released version 2.26 of #snac, the simple, minimalistic #ActivityPub instance server written in ANSI C. This is a low profile maintenance version that includes just the following minor changes:

The OpenSSL code has been refactored to avoid using deprecated functions.

Added more aggressive filtering on unwanted Announce (boost) messages.

#FOSS community is so focused on tech concerns, that it often loses sight of non-technical objectives. #Fediverse is a perfect example.

Ask yourself: What's the key defining quality leading to success of our fedi?

Well, no. Though they're important, it isn't #ActivityPub or #Mastodon.

👉 "It's the #Culture, stupid!"

All our #grassroots efforts to slowly get where we currently are, created favorable conditions for true #Social to emerge.

And NOW we must protect that!

M'he adonat que #Forgejo v1.19.0-2 ja té suport parcial de #ActivityPub
- ja es pot consultar l'informació de nodeinfo:

- els usuaris de Forgejo ja son visibles des de aquí, per exemple el meu és:

informació nodeinfo d'un servidor Forgejo amb ActivityPub activat

Minimalist designed blog built from nextjs and tailwindcss supports activitypub. It even has comments with avatars which is an advantage over writefreely.

Github repo here:

#tailwind #tailwindcss #nextjs #markdown #blog #minimalist #activitypub #opensource #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed #misskey #pleroma #plume #writeas #social #foss #writefreely

From Mistpark to Streams: An attempt at a chronology

Our 3rd grant application to @NGIZero has been approved! 🎉

The grant will fund the following features:

- Federated Groups
- Account Migrations (pixelfed <-> pixelfed)
- Parental Controls + Roles
- Silo Imports (Import from Instagram)
- Portfolios (rss, ap, customization)
- Federation Improvements
- WebP2P Support
- Resilient Media Storage
- Improved Spam Detection

If you'd like to contribute too, visit - every dollar helps ❤️ #pixelfed #activitypub #fediverse

💥 owner Automattic acquires an ActivityPub plugin so blogs can join the Fediverse

#mastoadmin #wordpress #fediverse #activitypub

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