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Gente que usa #YunoHost
Nem se vos passe pola cabe莽a fazer um apt autoremove. Desinstala depend锚ncias que s茫o necess谩rias ainda que apt n茫o o sabe.

Your're targetting the EU "market" right? ;) Report here:
And ask others that run #Yunohost or #Nextcloud in/for EU that run into similar #anticompetitive issues with #Google to do the same.

Si vous avez un #yunohost, ne paniquez pas ce weekend si les diagnostics automatiques sont dans le rouge : migration pr茅vues des services YunoHost :

Good news everyone !

We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 11.1 馃コ. It's packed with changes/features 馃構 !

- 馃Ω Replace the admin user with an "admins" group
- 馃摝 New "v2" packaging format
- 馃帹 Revamped app catalog now with logos, screenshots and more!
- 馃帥锔 Global settings now available in the webadmin
- 馃寵 Dark theme for the webadmin
- ... and this is just a summary of the summary 馃槄

鉃★笍 We strongly recommend to read carefully the release note before upgrading:

#FreshRSS was struggling after I imported almost 1.2K feeds to it. #Nextcloud broke after #Yunohost did weird things, and other shenanigans of #selfhosting with my #RaspberryPi.

All this and more, on today's #blog, day 31 of #100DaysToOffload :blobcatderpy:

@cristian si, #yunohost lo probe alguna vez para otra cosa (ya ni recuerdo), pero lamentablemente NUNCA consegui superar la parte de la ejecucion de la herramienta de diagnostico, puesto que siempre me aparecian los mismos 2 errores (ahora ya no recuerdo exactamente cuales eran...)...
Quisas esta vez sea diferente y la suerte este de mi lado.
Nuevamente gracias por recordarme que existe esta solucion.

Help needed. *sigh*

I'm trying to back up my #Friendica instance on #Yunohost. Installed version should be the latest: 2022.12

I get error messages, both via web and CLI:

Info: Backing up the MySQL database...
Warnung: mysqldump: Error 1412: Table definition has changed, please retry transaction when dumping table `workerqueue` at row: 0

Anyone out there been able to solve this? There doesn't seem to be a solution on or maybe I'm just missing it.

Thanks in advance.

@Friendica Admins

Folks running this on #YunoHost: the mastodon package was just updated from v3 to v4.0.2 (editing!) and upgrading your instance is super easy.

Hier nochmal f眉r alle. Wenn man sich #Yunohost auf einem Raspi ( am besten #Raspberry Pi 4, 8 GB RAM) installiert, kann man da drauf seine eigene Fediverse Instanz laufen lassen, das geht auch ohne gro脽e Vorkenntnisse

So I changed the auth type on #FreshRSS from HTTP to the usual default when installing manually (JavaScript) on a #Yunohost install, and now it invariable leads me to an error 403 when trying to login. The SSO no longer works and when I input my credentials the 403 makes presence.

Any ideas? #askfedi #askfediverse #boostplease
Screenshot of error on freshrss

Today I will update my server from debian 10 to 11. So, it can be that I am not available for a few hours (or days or weeks ;) ) I try it with live system, but can be good that I have to rebuild everything. So do not be surprised if I come as a new friend. #debian #server #yunohost

Per cert, 茅s perfectament possible ser amo i senyor del perfil propi si es t茅 una #Raspberry. Amb #Yunohost 茅s molt f脿cil tenir una inst脿ncia #Pleroma i comen莽ar a federar des de casa.

The context: I am self-hosting Friendica under #Yunohost, so I created a directory at: /home/yunohost.multimedia/petroskowo

Then I opened admin options (Firefox):

Once I click "Save and use", the response is a blank screen at

When I tried the same from my Android / DuckDuckGo browser, I get
"Page ... cannot be loaded, because ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE"

As usually with such cryptic errors my money is on access rights. ls -l shows

drwxrwxr-x+ 2 root               root 4096 Nov  4 18:28 petroskowo

but I do not know if and to what should I change it.

Do you selfhost your own email?

If yes, please share your software setup.

Boost is very appreciated.

#Email #Postfix #Dovecot #Thunderbird #Mailcow #IRedMail #Mailinabox #Yunohost #Selfhosting

  • Yes, I selfhost my own email. (47%, 9 votes)
  • No, I don't. (52%, 10 votes)
19 voters. Poll end: 7 months ago

recomendemos a los que tienen una pc de sobra usarla como servers ,usando # si quieren xd

驴Hay alguna forma de conocer si mi ISP o mi router esta de alguna forma bloqueando puertos y/o el acceso desde internet a mi PC?

#Pregunta #Linux #Ubuntu #ngix #Yunohost

On 1 #RasPi I installed #Yunohost to create my own #friendica instance

Unfortunately the diagnostic tool has shown several errors (not serious), such as:

- Some #DNS records are missing or incorrect for domain dominio.test (category basic)

- Some DNS records are missing or incorrect for domain dominio.test (category extra)

- Domain otro.test appears unreachable through HTTP from outside the local network in #IPv6, though it works in IPv4

How can I fix these errors?

If you're fairly comfortable with doing technical stuff on your own server, and you want to set up your own Fediverse instances, try taking a look at @yunohost which can be downloaded from:

YunoHost is a special version of Linux which makes installation of server apps and server administration much easier.

YunoHost currently includes support for installing these Fediverse platforms:


There are also lots of non-Fediverse apps available, see for a complete list.

#FediTips #Fediverse #SelfHosting #YunoHost

Son as 6AM. Bo momento para rematar de tarducir @yunohost ao #galego 馃槉

Finished galician (gl) translation of #yunohost core component. I guess next upgrade will include this work.

Nas pr贸ximas semanas engadirase o compo帽ente "core". Os outros compo帽entes xa foron engadidos ao repositorio oficial.

#yunohost #selfhost
yunohost weblate interface with galician language at 100%

And now I wait for #YunoHost to update their scripts, thanks so much

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