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Toi, tu payes, pour que lui puisse amarrer son #yacht géant

#Politique #Impôts #France

This would freak me out too 😳

On a modern yacht in the middle of the ocean with a broken rudder, send out a call for help, then out of the misty past THIS, the Götheborg out of Sweden, comes to rescues you ... Wow!

[The arrival of the Götheborg on the scene was rapid and surprising, as we did not expect to see a merchant ship from the East India Company of the XVIII century. This moment was very strange, and we wondered if we were dreaming. Where were we? What time period was it?]

What a beautiful ship 😍


#SailingShip #Yacht #Ocean #History

A replica of an 18th Century three-masted East India Company sailing ship with sailes furled takes a modern yacht in tow.

Ich habe gerade gesehen, dass es offensichtlich auch einen #schiffssamstag gibt. Da mache ich doch glatt mit ...
Das Foto wurde in der Marina von Palma de Mallorca aufgenommen.

#yacht #palmademallorca #langzeitbelichtung #longexposure #mywork #myphoto #leica #leicacamera #leicat

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