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I'm considering not using #Neocities to host my #blog since they have site stats. After my experience with using #WordPress and getting distracted by the analytics I feel like I want to have a site with zero stats so I can focus on the #writing. Not sure where I would host it though since I'm #learning how to #code HTML and CSS and Neocities makes it really simple to upload the files. I looked in the settings on Neocities and it looks like I can't turn off the site stats.

The announcement about ActivityPub and while @pfefferle isn't mentioned, kudos to him for all the hard work you've done so far! 😁

The install instructions are specific to of course. On a self hosted sure you probably already know how to install it!

#WordPress #WordPressCom

Wow, this feels kind of exciting!

Here's list of companies that have recently signaled that they will be integrating a product with #ActivityPub:
- #WordPress
- #Tumblr
- #Flipboard
- #Meta

Plus several well-known entities are adding #Mastodon servers to their offerings:
- #Mozilla
- #Medium

The wonderful thing about an open network is how the network effects benefit *everyone*. Every Mastodon user increases the potential audience of #pixelfed, and so on.

It's a lovely thing!

seems that the WordPress space on Mastodon has grown a bit again :wp_heart: time to call for new members for the community list.

if you know someone on Mastodon with at least one community badge on or have WordPress peeps in your network, please share!

I need:

✔️ mastodon handle
✔️ page
✔️ languages you toot in


#WordPress #Mastodon #Fediverse #Community

💥 owner Automattic acquires an ActivityPub plugin so blogs can join the Fediverse

#mastoadmin #wordpress #fediverse #activitypub

Wenn #Wordpress es via #Plugin möglich macht (s)eine eigene Instanz im #Fediverse zu betreiben, dann ist das der Gamechanger schlechthin. Die Hälfte aller Webseiten im WWW setzt auf Wordpress.

Coole Neuigkeiten am Morgen.

Now I'm back on #Jekyll (and have been for a few months) here's how my workflow for producing content has changed over #WordPress.

The week before last I had the opportunity to deliver a "flash talk" at a work meetup. I opted to present a summary of what I've learned while adding support for Finger and Gopher protocols to the WordPress installation that powers (I also hinted at the fact that I already added Gemini and Spring '83 support, and I'm looking at other protocols).

The presentation is a shortened, Automattic-centric version of a talk I'll be delivering at Oxford Geek Nights tomorrow. If you're in or around Jericho, Oxford tomorrow, come say hi!

Read more or watch at:

#finger #Gopher #Gemini #Spring83 #WordPress #Automattic #Oxford

My current log of #blog posts ready to be shared the upcoming week.
Gaming, health, a mix... All things of #MyLife.
The link is
If you're interested.
English isn't my first language and I often make typos due to bad thumbs. But if you're OK with this and still interested, please do have a look!
I appreciate all feedback, as long as given with respect. Thanks!

#AmWriting #WordPress
List of upcoming posts in WordPress/Jetpack for my blog site.

I started a #podcast with my partners, Chris Hinds and Steve Jones! The first episode is available today. Tune in for conversations on #a11y, #wordpress, and craft beverages.

Listen or read the transcript at

#webdevelopment #agency #podcast #accessibility

I'm on step 3 of this guide and it dawned on me how much I dislike self-hosting now looking at all the rest of the steps.

#WordPress #SelfHosting

Mostrar artículos relacionados en medio de un post de Wordpress #informática #novedades #wordpress

I wrote a #Wordpress #blog about a #hacking group bust you don't hear much about when computer underground #history is discussed, the excellently named Nihilist Order and their downfall & legal peril in 1986. #histodons

I created a #Wordpress, I'm going to get a domain for it, configure plugins and populate an "about" page soon but for now here is my first post, about the histories of "hacker" and "cracker" in US print media.
#histodons #hacking #history

Hoy #11Enero el programador estadounidense Matt Mullenweg está celebrando su cumpleaños 39.

Matt es conocido por ser el co-creador de uno de los sistemas de gestión de contenidos más usados en la actualidad #WordPress

¡Happy Birthday Matt! 🥳🎂

@RL_Dane@joel what kind of fediverse integration are you thinking?

If you want a way for people to follow and interact with your posts via activitypub, my recommendation is #WordPress with an activitypub plugin.

What happens when your blog post is shared on Mastodon?

Plus some tips to help it survive.

#WordPress #Blogging

I have to say I hate that clicking on most #RSS links of #Wordpress powered websites always downloads them to my
My file manager showing multiple .rss, .atom and other feed files

I have to say I hate that clicking on most #RSS links of #Wordpress powered websites always downloads them to my computer
My file manager showing multiple .rss, .atom and other feed files

I have to say I hate that clicking on most RSS links of #Wordpress powered websites always downloads them to my
My file manager showing multiple .rss, .atom and other feed files

Tu radio con Wordpress capítulo uno, el reproductor

En este primer capítulo de los tutoriales para crear la pagina de una radio con Wordpress, te enseñamos a montar un reproductor para tu radio online.

Código para abrir el reproductor en una nueva ventana desde un enlace de texto:
Texto que muestra el enlace
Código para abrir el reproductor en una nueva ventana al hacer clic en una imagen:

Más información en Liberaturadio

Sitting at Haus Coffee in SF. They have a nice outdoor area that’s great for working at. Today I’m editing an episode of the #PressThis podcast with Jason Bahl and @chris. This is a weekly #WordPress #podcast I do for WP Engine.
A table at a coffee shop. Outdoors on a nice day. There’s an open laptop with Descript on the screen. A cappuccino, yo-yo, and hat can also be seen on the table.

Gostas da #CienciaFicción ou #FicçâoCientífica?

@Hugo tem un #blog no que escreve relatos em #galego.

Também podes seguir o blog desde aqui. É tão fácil como seguir esta conta: @xandre.

As publicações do blog, que corre em #WordPress, são publicadas no #Fediverso usando o protocolo #ActivityPub.

Se queres fazer o mesmo no teu blog, comenta-me Hugo que estaria encantado de poder ajudar a quem o necessite.

Cómo añadir en tu WordPress un botón de compartir en Mastodon

Aprende en este post a añadir en tu WordPress un botón de compartir en Mastodon.

#Blogging #WordPress

Content warning: WordPress plugin update

This is a great concept for bringing the fediverse directly into WordPress and ActivityPub would be the ideal way to do it.

#WordPress #ActivityPub #OpenPress #OpenSource
Logo for Mike McAlister's OpenPress concept.

I'm making good progress on my #wordpress to #gemini plugin. Whenever a blog post is saved it generates a gemtext version, updates the gemlog index/home and the home page.

Shown here is Firefox on the left and Lagrange (gemini) on the right:
A screenshot with two browser windows side-by-side. One is a standard web browser displaying a HTML page, the other a gemini browser displaying a gemtext page.

If you have a #WordPress site, try a new free WordPress logging plugin we released a few days ago:

It generates a log file to track logins, failed logins, plugin changes, post changes, etc.

Pretty useful from a security perspective and adds visibility to what is happening within your site.

Feedback welcome!

It’s also worth mentioning that you can integrate your #Wordpress or #Drupal blogs into the fediverse, too! So, you can natively integrate your articles, and replies on the fediverse can show up as comments on them!


ℹ️ Tens un bloc de WordPress?

Pots convertir-lo en un servidor del Fediverse mitjançant un connector senzill. Això vol dir que les persones a Mastodon podran seguir-lo igual que segueixen qualsevol compte aquí.

Aquí tens més informació sobre com fer-ho:

(NOTA: això no funciona als blocs gratuïts allotjats per

#Konsells #WordPress #Fediverse

Como contaba en uno de mis toots fijados: desde 1996 ando por internet y #latinchat fue uno de los 1ros lugares que hallé para socializar.

Después en varios chats síncronos y asíncronos (#IRC, #peoplelink, #yahoo, etc), donde conocí personas de las conservo amistad hasta hoy.

Hice mi webpage en html puro en #LYCOS y luego en #GEOCITIES.

Terminé en #Blogger (la verdad #WordPress nunca me atrajo) y en ese inter pasé por #MySpace #Hi5 #Fb y #Twitter

Ahora henos aquí en #Mastodon


Ihr wisst schon das es ein Wordpressplugin gibt das euren WP-Beitrag automatisch zu euren Mastodonaccount verlinkt und so einen Tröt absetzt.

Das Plugin geht, das was am ende rauskommt ist nicht so schön, weil Mastodon keinen Teaser kennt. Aber funktioniert trotzdem.

#Wordpress #Mastodon
screenshot. worpdress mit einen link auf das wordpressplugin zu "Mastodon Autopost"

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