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There’s a huge imbalance in #workdeaths, yes. In my country (🇪🇸 #Spain), last year there were 751 work-related deaths, of which 696 were men (source: last available official report by Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social).
  • 1,165% more #men than #women die at work.
  • Men are >12× more likely to die at work than women.
  • Of all people who die at #work, >92% are men.
#feminism #gender

/cc @namark

"La Verdecita presenta..." es una webserie audiovisual que narra diversos aspectos que incluyen los orígenes, la asociación, el modo de producción, la soberanía alimentaria, el ecofeminismo, entre otros.
En este primer capítulo "La comercialización", conocemos qué es un circuito corto y cómo llegan los alimentos desde la tierra hasta nuestro plato 🥬
Disponible en
Santa Fe - 2021
#documental #documentaryfilm #webserie #agroecología #agroecology #soberaniaalimentaria #mujeres #women #mujeresrurales #ruralwomen #ecofeminismo #ecofeminism

In Tunisia, Ghofrane Binous, a 25-year-old Black woman from a working-class neighbourhood, runs for national elections.

101 East travels to Nepal to meet the Sherpa women defying tradition to conquer the world’s highest mountain.

Photographs of more than 80 Muslim women put up for sale on an app are triggering outrage and calls for action.

How women betrayed by their own governments, religions and cultures are fighting injustice.

Honduran court finds David Castillo guilty of being a collaborator in 2016 murder of Indigenous activist Berta Caceres.

Maia Chaka becomes first Black woman named to NFL's officiating staff

Maia Chaka is the latest trailblazing woman in the NFL.

Chaka was added Friday to the NFL roster of game officials for the 2021 season, becoming the first Black woman in league history to be named to the NFL's officiating staff.

"I am honored to be selected as an NFL official," Chaka said in a statement. "But this moment is bigger than a personal accomplishment. It is an accomplishment for all women, my community, and my culture."

#MaiaChaka #Women #NFL #Football #Sports

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