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We are working for safer roads with our road safety proposal.

This package includes measures like an EU-wide digital driving license, zero-tolerance for drink-driving, and stronger cross-border enforcement rules to make our roads safer for all.

With over 20,000 people losing their lives on EU roads last year, these proposals are critical to achieving Vision Zero - zero deaths on EU roads by 2050.

Read more about our proposal →!J8QqFv

#RoadSafety #VisionZero
A mockup of the digital EU Driving license showing what it could look like.

June 2022 --> February 2023. The kid has grown two inches. The trucks have grown even faster.

This is not fine.

#RoadSafety #VisionZero #VehicleSize #Trucks #RegulateVehiclesNow
Photo of an 8 year old girl dressed in hot pink, standing in front of the grill of a red Chevy Silverado parked on a sidewalk. The top of the hood is several inches above the girls head.
A photo of a nine year old girl, in a striped dress, standing in front of the grill of a black Chevy Silverado. The top of the hood on this truck is even higher above the girl's head, despite her recent growth spurt.

The sight lines of a Silverado, F250, Ram, and 2500 are all worse than an M1 Abrams Tank.



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